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Ocean clean up - bracelets for a good cause

Cleaning the ocean piece by piece of ​​dangerous garbage, that is the goal of the global organization 4Ocean. Thanks to the many active and dedicated helpers, up to 2000 tons of garbage have been collected to date. The organization is already supported by thousands of people around the world.
You can also set an example for the protection of the world's oceans: by buying a bracelet you are helping 4Ocean to free the oceans and their coasts from a pound of garbage. To maintain the marine ecosystem for future generations. For us. Buying a bracelet helps the 4Ocean organization to remove a pound of garbage from the world's oceans and coasts. In addition, each color stands for a project that additionally supports 4Oceans: 


Color & Material

grey - in partnership with 'Save the Manatee' the gray bracelet helps to protect manatees.

coral - the Coral Reef bracelet supports the Coral Restoration Foundation in protecting and growing endangered coral species.

blue - in partnership with 'Whale and Dolphin Conservation', the blue bracelet helps protect endangered whales.

mint - the mint-colored bracelet supports the 'Great Barrier Reef Foundation' in protecting the reef.

khaki - the bracelet supports the 'Florida Atlantic University® Marine Research Lab' in researching and protecting the endangered leatherback turtle.

black - in partnership with 'Project Aware', the black bracelet helps protect endangered sharks.

red - symbolizes your commitment to face overfishing in the world's oceans.

orange-beige - supports the protection of endangered whale sharks.

turquoise-grey - the Dolphin bracelet symbolizes your awareness of the dangers these animals are exposed to from plastic pollution in the ocean.

The bracelets are made from 100% recycled materials.


Diameter approx. 5-12cm - length with adjustable clasp


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