simple hoops | solid gold - XS / S / Msimple hoops | solid gold - XS / S / M
Solid Gold
single diamond ring | solid goldsingle diamond ring | solid gold
Solid Gold
shiny mini hoops | solid goldshiny mini hoops | solid gold
Solid Gold
satin mini hoops | solid goldsatin mini hoops | solid gold
Solid Gold
tiny diamond necklace | solid goldtiny diamond necklace | solid gold
Solid Gold

tiny diamond necklace | solid gold

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tiny diamond stud | solid goldtiny diamond stud | solid gold
Solid Gold

tiny diamond stud | solid gold

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satin dot stud | solid goldsatin dot stud | solid gold
Solid Gold
satin disc necklace | solid goldsatin disc necklace | solid gold
Solid Gold
satin single ring | solid goldsatin single ring | solid gold
Solid Gold

satin single ring | solid gold

twisted ring | solid goldtwisted ring | solid gold
Solid Gold

twisted ring | solid gold

tiny twisted hoops | solid goldtiny twisted hoops | solid gold
Solid Gold
tiny stud | solid goldtiny stud | solid gold
Solid Gold

tiny stud | solid gold

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shiny ball stud | solid goldshiny ball stud | solid gold
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shiny ball stud | solid gold

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14 carat solid gold - valuable fine jewelry for every occasion

Sustainable solid gold - one thing leads to another: responsibility meets value meets beauty meets class. At fejn, we rely on 14K solid gold with a high purity factor. But what does that actually mean for gold jewellery? And what makes 14k solid gold so special? What does this statement even mean? The number in front of the word "karat" stands for the gold alloy, i.e. for the mixture of gold. Since pure gold would be too soft for jewelry processing and wearing the pieces, it is melted together with other metals. The designation "14 Karat Gold" refers to the so-called fineness of the gold. This is 58.5 percent for 14 carats. You will also find the corresponding stamp for the 585 gold value on our fejn solid gold jewelry. These are not only 14 carat, but also made from recycled gold As with all our jewelry, we attach great importance to sustainability with our gold jewelry with 585 value .

Solid Gold: 585, 725 etc. – Which number says what?

As explained above, the number printed on the jewelry describes the purity of the gold. Gold jewelery with a value of 585 corresponds to 14 karat gold fused with precious metals such as copper and silver. The 14-karat gold price here is around €31/g. 375 or 333 gold, i.e. 8 or 9 carats, is a little cheaper, harder, but also paler in color because there is less gold. In addition to copper and silver, zinc and tin are often melted here. 18 carat gold corresponds to 75 percent fine gold and 25 percent silver or copper. 916 (22 karat) and 999 (24 karat) gold are too soft for jewelry and are used in investment gold such as bars and coins. By the way: Strictly speaking, 333 gold jewelery cannot be called gold jewelery at all. According to the law, a minimum fineness of at least 375 is required to be allowed to speak of gold jewelry.

Gold jewelry 585: We rely on 14 carat gold

Solid gold jewelry with 14 carat is not only beautiful, but also has an advantage: gold jewelry with a value of 585 looks just as high-quality as higher-carat gold, but is much more resistant and at the same time more affordable than jewelry with more metals due to the higher percentage of other metals added Carat. This makes it particularly suitable for everyday use. So you can wear your favorite pieces for every occasion without hesitation. Even sunbathing or sports cannot harm the 14 carat solid gold real jewelery from fejn. In any case, it is worth buying timeless, valuable pieces of gold (585) instead of fashion jewellery. Unlike fashion jewellery, sustainable jewelery made of precious metals such as solid gold does not lose its shine as quickly, does not irretrievably tarnish or break and then has to be disposed of. Our 14 K solid gold jewelery is an investment for ever and therefore an absolutely sustainable purchase.

Gold jewellery: Ladies love 585 gold

14-carat solid gold or yellow gold alloys typically consist of copper and silver in addition to 58.5% fine gold. The exact shade of gold can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, degree of hardness, or the exact color nuance and processing selected by the respective goldsmith. 585 red gold alloys also consist of 58.5% fine gold. However, the copper content is higher than the silver content. Sometimes there is even no silver included. Copper is naturally reddish, giving the alloy its typical reddish tone. Here, too, the red gold color can vary depending on the manufacturer, degree of hardness and the like. Rose gold is light rose gold. 585 white gold alloys also contain 58.5% fine gold. Here the silver color is created by the precious metal silver in a mixture with nickel (attention! You should always ask here! Except for us - because of course we don't use nickel!) or palladium. The same applies here: The white gold color can vary slightly. White gold jewelry is often plated with rhodium after manufacture. This creates an even shine.

Gold pieces made of 14 K solid gold for jewelry heroines

We make solid gold jewelry for women like you! Robust, timeless, simple and yet a real eye-catcher. In our 14 carat solid gold category you will find elegant ear studs, hoop earrings, rings and necklaces. Gold jewelry that lasts a long time and looks good at the same time. With the timeless designs from fejn jewelry you are always trendy. How nice is that? Would you like to buy gold jewelery with a value of 585 ? Then order your new favorite piece online in our fejn jewelry shop or visit our store in Cologne. Here our fejn colleagues and maybe even our founder Dagmar Krämer will advise you on the selection of your perfect new piece. If you decide to order in the online shop, your piece of 14 K solid gold will reach you by post and, of course, sustainably packaged. We use plastic-free organic packaging material. Only our foam inlays of our jewelry boxes contain plastic, which can be recycled. From two favorite pieces, our "Zero Waste" packaging is a great and environmentally friendly option. The deliveries of your 14 carat solid gold jewelery leave our warehouse after two to three days and are on their way to you. If a piece of jewelry does not meet the expectations, it can be returned within 30 days without any problems. In this case, the purchase price will of course be refunded.

Solid Gold: Anything that pleases is allowed

Not only is the material timeless, the designs of our sustainable real gold pieces also have no expiration date. While the trend in the 80s was more opulent bracelets, in the 2000s people wore charm bracelets with small, subtle pendants. Just before that, in the 90s, the necklace couldn't be tight enough - a short time later, long chains replaced tight chokers in fashion. Today everything that pleases is allowed in the jewelry world. And because we at fejn jewelry live sustainability through and through, our timeless designs are also visually your companions forever.

585 Gold: The right care for your jewelry

The good news: If real gold gets dirty, you can simply clean it with a solution of warm water and washing-up liquid or with a mild soap. To do this, simply place your 14 K solid gold jewelery in the warm bath for 15 minutes and let it soak in. Dirt particles can easily be removed from your favorite items with a soft toothbrush. For smaller and particularly filigree pieces of jewelry, such as rings, you should swirl the water around a bit. This is how you loosen the dirt from small indentations. After cleaning , you should rinse the 14k solid gold jewelry under clear water and dry it. Solid Gold achieves a special shine with a soft jewelry cleaning cloth. For the daily cleaning of your favorite 14 K solid gold jewelry, just cleaning with a soft cloth or a gold cleaning cloth is enough. After wearing, gently rub your solid gold jewelry with a cloth. The timeless pieces stay at their most beautiful when they are stowed in a closed jewelry box so that it is as airtight as possible.

Tips for caring for 14k solid gold in everyday life

In everyday life, keep your jewelry away from the water. Take it off when you take a shower, swim your laps in salt or chlorine water. In general, the jewelry is put on last and taken off first. Because: Cosmetics, creams and perfume do not belong on your jewelry - so avoid contact as much as possible. Even robust 14 K solid gold should be protected from light, stored dry and individually. Velvety small bags in a dark box are particularly suitable. In our online shop you will also find a very special way to store your precious 14 carat solid gold jewelry: our Furoshikis. A furoshiki is a 25x25cm square cloth. It is mainly used in Japan as traditional packaging and as a carrying bag - for gifts or clothes, for example. In our online shop or in our store in Cologne you will find many different designs. The towels are beautiful, individual and sustainable because they can be used again and again. We source our Furoshikis from a local Fairtrade factory in India, sustainably made from recycled sarees.