simple hoop - XS / S / M / L simple hoop - XS / S / M / L

simple hoop - XS / S / M / L

From $22.00
satin flat hoop - M / L satin flat hoop - M / L

satin flat hoop - M / L

From $33.00
gemstone hoops gemstone hoops

gemstone hoops

From $44.00
hammered black ring Ring gehämmert und vergoldet mit schwarzem Stein - black hammered

hammered black ring

From $44.00
satin band ring satin band ring

satin band ring

From $44.00
twisted hoop - XS / M Creole twisted hoop - gedreht aus Silber vergoldet

twisted hoop - XS / M

From $38.00
bold hoops - S / M bold hoops - S / M

bold hoops - S / M

From $38.00
birthstone bracelet birthstone bracelet

birthstone bracelet

From $33.00
twisted hoop - XS / M twisted hoop - XS / M

twisted hoop - XS / M

From $38.00
single pearl necklace single pearl necklace

single pearl necklace

From $66.00
Ring twisted an der Hand Gedrehter Ring twisted in Sterling Silber

twisted ring

From $44.00
Ring black curved mit schwarzem Stein, Handmodel Ring black curved mit schwarzem Stein vergoldet

curved black ring

From $38.00
Creole open hoop nachhaltig aus recyceltem Sterling Silber open hoops

open hoops

From $33.00
satin arm cuff satin arm cuff

satin arm cuff

From $49.00
small circle necklace small circle necklace

small circle necklace

From $66.00
chain necklace chain necklace

chain necklace

From $77.00

last seen

Jewelery gifts for your best friend - high-quality accessories for your loved one

Are you looking for a present for your best friend ? Then fejn is the place for you! Because when it comes to friendship, your better half is something special – just like our high-quality silver and gold jewelry. We offer jewelery that is as pure as your connection - because at fejn you shop without a guilty conscience. Whether rings , earrings, necklaces or bracelets: We not only rely on timelessly beautiful designs, but also on sustainability. Real and fairly manufactured jewelry does not have to cost a lot! At fejn you can find gifts for 30 euros and surprise your best friend with urban accessories. Also in the price range for gifts up to 50 euros we offer a lot of clean jewelery beauties. It is best to present the jewelry gift nicely wrapped in our Furoshikis . The noble cloths, which are popular in Japan, are not only reusable, but also sustainably produced.

Personal and special - the ultimate gift for best friends

Finding a gift for your best friend is anything but easy. It should be personal, heartfelt and special. fejn offers many gift ideas for your best friend and, thanks to the large selection of jewellery, caters to every taste: Whether it's clean designs for the wrist, such as our shiny arm cuff, or necklaces with a filigree heart look, such as our open heart necklace in gold or silver or rose gold. You are guaranteed to match the style of your best friend with our jewelry. fejn offers many gifts for €50. On special occasions such as a milestone birthday or the announcement of a pregnancy, a few euros more can be spent on gifts. Even with group gifts, the budget is usually a bit higher. In these cases, our pieces of jewelery up to €70 are the ideal choice.

You and your best friend prefer a minimalist price range when it comes to gifts? Of course, fejn also has treasures forsmall purses . With just a few clicks, the beauties end up in the shopping cart and are ready for dispatch within two to three days. Gifts from fejn are also perfect for last-minute shoppers and spontaneous gift-giving occasions.

Nice birthday presents for the best

The most beautiful day of the year! When your best friend celebrates her birthday, it's sometimes even nicer than experiencing your own day of honor. Of course, to make the day perfect, a special birthday present for your girlfriend should not be missing: How about our timelessly beautiful ball hoops earrings in silver, gold or rose gold? Our shiny arm cuff will definitely make the hearts of urban heroines beat faster.

Even though best friends know each other inside out, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect gift. Our gift voucher is ideal for anyone who wants to be on the safe side and would rather give their loved ones a free choice of jewelry. It doesn't matter whether it's jewelery up to €50 or high-priced pieces: Simply top up the gift voucher with any amount from €25 and your better half in terms of friendship can start shopping to your heart's content.

Best Friend Farewell Gift

Unfortunately, the pain of saying goodbye cannot always be avoided, even with best friends. If you move to different cities or stay abroad, this means a separation for the time being - at least temporarily. Whether it's a necklace, earrings or bracelet: With a farewell gift, you make it easier for your best friend or another loved one to see you again and show how much he or she means to you. Our jewelry selection helps bridge the pain of separation and transform it into something timelessly beautiful. A particularly creative gift for best friends: Our personalized pieces of jewelery that make great friendship bracelets or necklaces. With the shiny disc bracelet or the letter necklace , you carry the first letter of the other very close to you every day and always have the memory of each other with you.

Communion, youth consecration, confirmation - gift for special occasions

Even little best friends and everyone who wants to become one deserve a particularly nice present for a one-off occasion. It doesn't matter whether it's a communion gift, a confirmation gift or a gift for a youth initiation: fejn offers timeless pieces that make the day even more unforgettable and are guaranteed to be well received. How about these unique life events, for example, with a gift made of solid gold, such as our shiny mini hoop? It doesn't matter whether it's jewelry for confirmation, jewelry for communion or as a youth initiation gift: high-quality and timeless pieces of jewelry from fejn remind the wearer of the special day.

What if jewelry gifts don't fit after all? This is how the fejn return works

Despite all the effort, sometimes jewelry gifts for your best friend don't quite fit. If the ring size is not right or the selected piece does not meet the taste of the recipient despite a meticulous search, there is no reason to despair! Because we at fejn know that this can happen. That's why unworn items can be returned to us within 30 days and without giving a reason - just like that. We will then refund the purchase price immediately. Please note: personalized gifts cannot be returned.