single pearl necklace single pearl necklace

single pearl necklace

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small circle necklace small circle necklace

small circle necklace

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chain necklace chain necklace

chain necklace

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Kette disc mit Plättchen Anhänger vergoldet 24K shiny disc necklace - M/L

shiny disc necklace - M/L

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Kette bar necklace gold, nachhaltiger Schmuck bar necklace

bar necklace

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omega necklace omega necklace

omega necklace

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ornament necklace ornament necklace

ornament necklace

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Kette medium circle mit Kreisanhänger 24K vergoldet am Model Kette medium circle mit Kreisanhänger Sterling Silber

medium circle necklace - M/L

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Kette Hexagon Anhänger aus Silber 24K vergoldet Kette Hexagon Anhänger in roségold 24K vergoldet
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hexagon necklace

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pearl necklace pearl necklace

pearl necklace

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gemstone necklace gemstone necklace

gemstone necklace

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triple ball necklace triple ball necklace

triple ball necklace

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Necklaces from fejn jewelry - sustainable, timeless and discreet

Filigree chains , timeless pieces for urban heroines: chains are diverse - just like every single person who wears them. Of course, like all our other pieces of jewellery, our chains are also sustainably manufactured. For us, sustainability means not only using durable, recycled materials, but also paying attention to fair terms and conditions. We do this for you, others and for our environment. Our chains turn every outfit into a look in no time at all. Chains are the ultimate accessory: no other piece is so quick to put on and makes the look so special without much effort. That's what jewelry for urban fashion heroes is - jewelry that is barely noticeable, lasts a long time, looks classy and is responsibly crafted.

At fejn you will find, among other things, noble pearl necklaces , stylish chain necklaces and various chains with pendants that give your look that certain something. Some of the latter can be personalized and are therefore a wonderful gift idea – for others or for yourself.

Sustainable chains for long-lasting joy

Timeless real jewelery made from recycled precious metals - these are our filigree necklaces made of silver and gold. We combine clean, elegant design with durable materials. This is how beautiful sustainable necklaces are created for women like you. A single necklace adorns the neck and décolleté in no time at all and flatters every woman. A simple, filigree necklace made of gold is a real classic and makes warm skin tones appear particularly soft.

Whether in everyday life, in business, on the beach: gold is absolutely noble and timeless. Especially in summer your skin gets a special glow. In winter, gold is great with cozy sweaters in earth tones. A thin chain made of silver, on the other hand, looks clear and also fits particularly well in the cold season. We love the clean silver look especially with black, white and shades of blue. A chain made of silver always fits, is less conspicuous than yellow gold and is particularly suitable for cooler skin types. A rose gold chain is a great alternative to a gold chain or a silver necklace. So whether it's a gold chain, one made of silver or in a rosé tone - at fejn you're sure to find the right piece of jewelry for your outfit, type and taste.

With the right care, your fejn jewelery will remain beautiful forever

All of our jewelry - including our necklaces - are made from high-quality, recycled materials. They do not require much attention and still attract everyone's attention. A little care is still recommended, because then the materials stay beautiful for a particularly long time. A soft cotton or microfiber cloth is great for wiping your sustainable necklaces of skin, make-up and dirt particles after wearing them. Always put on your necklace after styling. Hairspray, perfume and creams attack even the highest quality materials, sticking them together and taking away their beautiful shine.

Since we at fejn jewelry focus on genuine jewellery, tarnishing of our pieces in no way means the end. Unlike fashion jewelery chains, there are proven helpers here - and your favorite chain looks like new again. Silver oxidizes when it comes into contact with air, this is normal. So always keep your jewelry in a closed jewelry box so that the material does not get too much oxygen. Should your necklace nevertheless turn black, silver cleaning cloths and special silver cleaning solutions are suitable. Special gold cleaning cloths are suitable for gold jewellery. And another tip: Polished with a standard eraser, satin-finished jewelery looks like new again.

Sustainable necklaces for sensitive skin

Our real jewelery is not only particularly durable and therefore sustainable. Nickel is often found in costume jewellery. A cheap, easy-to-produce material that can cause allergic reactions in many people. The hustle and bustle in the city, the warm summer air - we sometimes start to sweat. In the neck and neck area in particular, itchy redness and swelling occur particularly quickly. Last but not least, genuine silver and gold jewelery is also the best choice for the skin. The materials we use are free of nickel, lead and cadmium and are therefore absolutely skin-friendly. The right necklace for everyone: Ladies with sensitive skin are particularly happy about our high-quality materials.

In every product description of our sustainable necklaces you can find out exactly about the material used. Our sterling silver necklaces are fully recycled - making them sustainable and, thanks to the choice of materials, also suitable for sensitive skin. Our solid gold chains are also made from fully recycled precious metal. They are made of 14K gold and are embossed with 585. Gold-plated fejn chains are made of sterling silver and plated with 18K gold.

Timeless necklaces: metropolitan ladies love them!

Of course - every now and then it can be a special eye-catcher. But as quickly as a fashion trend comes, it goes away again. We focus on sustainability in terms of material and appearance. Our filigree real jewelery always fits. While one or the other trend says goodbye again after a short time, we rely on the pieces of jewelry that are allowed to stay. Timeless, clean and sustainable chains never go out of style, can easily be pimped into trendy eye-catching combinations and present quality and a first-class sense of style. "Before a lady leaves the house, she should look in the mirror and take off an accessory," Coco Chanel once said. But the layering trend teaches us something better: instead of discarding something, it can also be one more chain.

Chain Layering: More is more!

You may have already seen it: filigree, thin chains are perfect for the layered look, which is not only hip but also special. By combining different gold or silver chains, you can create your own individual look in no time at all. Chain layering means skilfully combining several beautiful chains together. The look, which is currently experiencing a major revival, actually dates back to the punk era in the early 80s. In its new interpretation with filigree necklaces like ours (e.g. with delicate pearl necklaces and thin necklaces), the look seems more noble and feminine today. There are virtually no limits to the imagination when putting together the layers.

Modern chains: this is how layering works

The be-all and end-all of a decorative layered look: sustainable chains in different lengths. Individual beautiful necklaces only really come into their own if the chains don't get tangled up in one another. You decide whether there should be two, three, four or maybe even five chains. The layering look is particularly exciting when you combine colorful sustainable chains, silver chains, necklaces with pendants such as ornaments and those without pendants.

So that the look doesn't look wildly thrown together, make sure that there is always a connecting element. This is the only way for each individual necklace to appear harmonious with the others. For example, you can only bet on gold, silver or rose gold chains. Or each necklace has a beaded accessory or similar ornament. Layering is also suitable if you want to wear unusual fashion jewelry chains. Then you can complete this with fine real jewelry and enhance your look directly.

The Story of the Necklace: Ladies have always loved them

Archaeologists believe the necklace has its origins in the Stone Age, around 70,000 years BC. A damn long time ago! Back then, necklaces consisted of shells, bones, stones, animal teeth or claws strung on a thread. But a lot has happened since then! The first gold chains were around 2,500 years BC. Made and worn in Egypt. Gold was then considered a divine metal. It symbolized the rising sun and should bestow immortality. Even then, different chains were combined with each other.

Today chains are distinguished by their length, among other things. From short to long, the different necklaces for women are called choker, princess necklace, matinee necklace, opera necklace and long necklace. However, there are now many more designations and even more distinctions according to certain styles, such as the pearl necklaces, pendant chains or link chains mentioned above, which you can also find at fejn.