What does eco-friendly jewelry or recycled metals mean ?

Recycled or eco-friendly silver or gold means that no new metal is mined to manufacture our jewelry. The often associated exploitation of mine workers can thus be prevented.

We work with certified suppliers who can melt old silver or gold and process it into new pieces of jewelry - in the spirit of sustainability. The properties of recycled precious metals are no different from 'new' sterling silver or gold. We can thus ensure high quality in connection with sustainable materials. You can read more about recycling right here in our blog article.

What does plastic-free packaging mean ?

We only use plastic-free organic packaging materials for shipping. In doing so, we prevent plastic waste and also concerning this area we support a sustainable lifestyle.

Only the foam inlays of our jewelry boxes contain a small amount of plastic - but this material can be recycelt as well. Best is the use of the jewelry box for airtight jewelry storage, this way you avoid further waste and you are acting sustainable.

I am allergic to nickel, is the fejn jewelry allergy free ?

Our silver complies with all important EU regulations that regulate and control the use of nickel, lead and cadmium in jewelry or other products. Our products are allergy-friendly and can also be worn on sensitive skin.

How do I put my hoops on and off ?

Many of our filigree hoops are simply pulled through the ear hole, without a complicated clasp. To open and close them, just carefully twist open the ends side to side, which keeps them in shape. Please do not pull apart sideways, this could weaken the material. And dont worry, Sterling Silver is a bendable precious metal and wont break easily.