jewelry care

To enjoy your fejn jewels for a long time, it is important to handle them with care. Please store the jewelry as airtight as possible, for example in the small jewelry box that we provide with the purchase of most products. The genuine silver will oxidize (turn black) when it comes into contact with the air. This is a natural process and can be easily cleaned: with a special silver or gold cleaning cloth you can quickly make your jewelry shine again. You can also rub satin jewelry with an eraser. 

To avoid other chemical reactions and discolorations, please do not bring your jewelry into contact with creams, cosmetics and perfumes. It is also better to avoid contact with water for the longevity of the products. 

Especially our gold-plated jewelry requires careful handling. Unfortunately, gold plating wears off over time, so we strongly recommend following our care instructions to ensure longevity.

jewelry repair

Your jewelry has a defect, faded or broken while wearing?

No problem, we will gladly take care of it!
We are against the throwaway mentality and think that every piece of jewelry should be worn. And if we can't repair it once, we will melt it down and turn it into new favorite pieces.

Please send us an email to with the following information:

- Customer name
- Order or invoice number
- Photo of the jewel to be repaired
- Short description of the repair request.

We will then be happy to make you an offer for repair - all in the spirit of sustainability.

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