birthstone bracelet

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personal - minimal - creative

Our birthstone bracelets are a very personal gift for you and your loved ones. Each month is assigned an individual birthstone that fits particularly well with the characteristics of the birthday child.

Choose the right month and semi-precious stone for your order:

JANUARY / Garnet (gold)
  confident - energetic - passionate
FEBRUARY / Amethyst (silver)
  intuitive - positive - optimistic
MARCH / Aquamarine (gold)
honest - fair - compassionate
APRIL / Moonstone (silver)
loyal - trustworthy - courageous
MAY / Green Onyx (gold)
romantic - compassionate - honest
JUNE / Smokey quartz (gold)
enthusiastic - spontaneous - balanced
JULY / Ruby (silver)
confident - passionate - active
AUGUST / Peridot (gold )
authentic - charming - kind
SEPTEMBER / Chalcedony (silver)
loyal - humble - integer
OCTOBER / Rose quartz (gold)
faithful - inspiring - intuitive
NOVEMBER / Citrine (gold)
generous - joyful - lucky
DECEMBER / Turquoise (silver)
  honest - wise - open minded  


color & material

  semi-precious stones in round cut or facet cut

  silver: 925 sterling silver
  gold: 925 sterling silver, 24k gold-plated gold

  acrylic band - washable


length bracelet closed approx. 16.5 cm
Diameter stones approx. 2,5mm

We do advise to check our product care page when ordering.

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