Wedding rings from fejn jewelry - how do you set an example for sustainable love and environmental awareness?

The countdown is on, because from mid-July 2023 we will crown your "Forever" with the brand new wedding rings from fejn jewelry!
The fine wedding rings are more than just a symbol of your unique connection and love - they are also a statement of love for an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Our experienced goldsmith makes your wedding rings to order and therefore only for you in our Cologne studio. This means your ring is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, handcrafted specifically for your love. True to our corporate philosophy, we only use 14-carat, fully recycled real gold for your rings. This saves valuable resources and your sign of attachment is just as lasting as your love.

Sustainability and individuality - how does that go together?

At fejn jewelry, sustainability and individuality come first. In order to find the perfect wedding ring for you, you can choose the right ring from three different designs. Since you order the rings individually, it is even possible to choose two different designs for your wedding rings - is it even more individual? It doesn't matter whether it's glossy, matt or hammered, you decide what suits you. And you are also free to choose the colour: the real gold rings are available in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.
Finally, you can choose from five different engraving fonts to immortalize your names, a special date or a loving message on the rings.

With these rings, your mutual promise becomes a true, individual work of art that will last for generations.

wedding rings gold engraved

Are your wedding bells ringing soon? - That's how you order!

Each wedding ring is ordered and configured individually. This allows us to guarantee your personal touch to every ring. Of course, they are delivered together in a valuable and environmentally friendly case.

Please note that every work of art takes time. The production of your unique wedding rings takes about 4-6 weeks. We promise you - the anticipation of your very personal piece of jewelry will grow with each passing day.

Ordering from fejn jewelry is not only a choice for high-quality jewelry, but also for a more sustainable future. You can be sure with a clear conscience that your rings are not only a sign of your love, but also stand for a conscious and responsible use of our precious resources.

So let's start together on the way to a sustainable and unforgettable start in your life together. fejn jewelry wedding rings are the perfect expression of your love, your style and your values. They crown your story with a sparkling climax that truly lasts "forever".