How jewelery and appreciation go together – just say “thank you” with our fejnen Special Edition

In recent years and especially during the corona pandemic, topics such as 'mental load' and 'equal care' as the everyday burden of people doing care work have increasingly come into the focus of society.

We at fejn jewelry believe: not only on Mother's Day, but every day should appreciate the efforts of parents, guardians, carers, educators and educators. That's why this year we thought about how we as a jewelery company can contribute to making the care work of many people in Germany visible and supporting it.

And that's why we launched the Mantra Bracelets as a special edition on May 14th. YAY!

mantra bracelets

Mantras come from Hinduism and have also found their way into the western world in recent years. It is a word or phrase that has been proven to have an impact on our psyche, physical health and well-being through constant reciting. Those who often mistake them for eyes are more resilient and happier.

Appreciation should also be sustainable and not just take place on one day a year.

We are convinced that people who do valuable loving care work every day deserve all our appreciation and recognition. That's what we want to achieve with our Mantra Bracelets . They stand for:

Love - Love
Luck - Happiness
Power - Strength

Until May 14, you not only have the opportunity to give your mums, role models and life companions a fine mantra bracelet , but you can also show the same appreciation to employees in an SOS Children's Village in Düsseldorf.

Your appreciation for care providers - join in!

We want all care workers to be seen on Mother's Day. That's why you can buy a discounted mantra bracelet with every order until May 14th, which we give to those doing care work in an SOS Children's Village in Düsseldorf .

Simply put a Matra bracelet with the code 'MantraSOS' in the shopping cart and order!

The SOS Children's Village Düsseldorf supports disadvantaged children, young people, adults and families. Not only biological parents with difficult living conditions look forward to being appreciated there, but also the people who lovingly look after the children every day who can no longer live with their biological parents and who have found a reliable home in the SOS Children's Village Düsseldorf.

Just say "thank you".

"You're doing great!", "Thank you for your great commitment!", "We see what you're doing!".

Saying thank you is more than just a matter of decency. It also means that we value what someone else does for us or for our society and environment. With a thank you in the form of a small gift, we should recognize the commitment of others to us and express that we respect their commitment and do not take it for granted. Because we can change positively through appreciation.

What are you waiting for? Give something away this Mother's Day that really stays: appreciation, love, happiness and strength.