Sustainable engagement rings: yours forever - fejn forever

From now on, your 'yes' to love with a fair and ecological engagement ring from fejn jewelry is timeless and even more sustainable - in two senses. Your love should last forever and everyone can see that with a fine engagement ring.

Every relationship is unique. Every love different. Shouldn't it be your ring too?

Who doesn't dream of a great love that will overcome every hurdle in life with you and ask you all the questions: " Will you marry me ?". The crowning glory for this unique moment is an engagement ring, as a symbol of your shared history.

Let's be honest: in the preparations for the question of all questions, there are so many things that can throw you off track, the excitement is increasing and with it the stress level that maybe something could still go wrong. It's all the nicer when you know that at least you don't have to worry about your engagement ring, the heart of the question, the symbol of love, right? That you have a fantastically beautiful ring that was handmade just for you - a unique piece for your love.

Dreams come true with the three new engagement rings from fejn jewelry.

Fejn jewelry has designed three new stunning engagement rings that are made to order only. This means that they are not only unique, but also more sustainable, since there is no waste of resources and overproduction is avoided. It only takes 4 to 6 weeks from the order and your life together can begin.

The three 14-karat real gold rings are designed using the latest technology and are handcrafted using the traditional art of goldsmithing. The flawless diamonds are laboratory-grown and therefore shine fairly and without a guilty conscience. Need more reasons for such a perfect start to your story?

The unique pieces in comparison

The iconic engagement ring is a 14k solid gold ring with 11 beautifully classic and open set CVD diamonds. The oval diamond, which is surrounded by 10 round diamonds, has 0.49 carats and shines like the chosen one.

The modern engagement ring is made of 14k solid gold and is finished with 5 CVD diamonds in a modern closed setting. The 0.13 ct round diamond in the middle is a special, timeless eye-catcher.

The classic engagement ring combines tradition and breathtaking beauty in a 14k solid gold ring with a flat look and is set with a classic CVD diamond of 0.13ct.