birthstone bracelet birthstone bracelet

birthstone bracelet

satin disc bracelet gold satin disc bracelet gold

satin disc bracelet gold

4Ocean - beaded bracelets 4Ocean - beaded bracelets

4Ocean - beaded bracelets

single pearl bracelet single pearl bracelet

single pearl bracelet

From €39,00
ball bracelet ball bracelet

ball bracelet

From €39,00
satin disc bracelet rosegold satin disc bracelet rosegold

satin disc bracelet rosegold

From €16,00
Armband disc mit rundem Plättchen 24K roségold vergoldet shiny disc bracelet

shiny disc bracelet

From €39,00
shiny disc bracelet - personalized shiny disc bracelet - personalized

shiny disc bracelet - personalized

From €49,00
triple ball bracelet triple ball bracelet

triple ball bracelet

From €39,00
pearl bracelet pearl bracelet

pearl bracelet

From €49,00
Individuelles Namen Armband vergoldet - personalisiert Individuelles Namen Armband vergoldet

name bracelet gold

4Ocean - braided bracelets 4Ocean - braided bracelets

4Ocean - braided bracelets

chain bracelet chain bracelet

chain bracelet

From €49,00
gemstone bracelet gemstone bracelet

gemstone bracelet

Buchstaben Armband in vielen Farben mit Sterling Silber Verschluss Buchstaben Armband in vielen Farben mit Sterling Silber

letter bracelet silver


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Bracelets for women from fejn jewelry - filigree, clean and perfect for every look

Whether with playful elements, absolutely clean or with diamond eye-catchers, a bracelet from fejn jewelry comes in a variety of facets. You are looking for chic jewelry for the next summer vacation or urban shiny pieces for the business look? Maybe it can also be a simple piece for the everyday style. We have it all! Our bracelets for women are versatile, sustainable, handmade and captivate with strong designs. Browse through our selection and find your perfect piece of jewelry in gold, silver or with pearls - buying bracelets has never been so easy.

Which bracelet for women suits me?

Simple, with pearls or gemstones, or in an eye-catching chain design. Choosing the right bracelet is sometimes not so easy. After all, there are numerous designs, colors and shapes. Here at fejn, there is something for every taste. Our colorful, silver and gold bracelets for ladies are but never too cluttered or dominant. They stand out and yet hold back, they are simple and yet absolute eye-catchers. Convince yourself of our pretty models - always handmade and of course sustainable.

Playful bracelets for ladies - perfect in summer

Playful bracelets like our gemstone bracelet are especially popular in summer. The bracelets consist of a (colorful) cord in your favorite color: from beige to peach to mint, it's all there. This is then decorated with a pearl or turquoise in your favorite color. Here, too, you have the free choice. Of course, the metal color can also be chosen, gold and silver is available. Such bracelets for women are perfect beach and festival companions. But also in everyday life, with jeans and a T-shirt, the colorful all-rounders look cool and especially casual. At fejn, the playful bracelets for women are not only beautiful, but also particularly sustainable. Those who choose a 4Ocean Bracelets, for example, are also doing something for our oceans. Anyone who buys a chic bracelet helps the 4Ocean organization remove a pound of trash from the sea and coast. Ocean clean-up can be this beautiful!

Classy bracelets for ladies: Silver or gold

Well combined, straight bracelets (for ladies) made of gold or silver look particularly classy. They dangle delicately from the wrist of modern jewelry heroines and complete the look during the day for a coffee date or in the evening for after-work vino. At fejn jewelry there are particularly delicate bracelets that captivate with simple elegance. Whether in gold, silver or rose: With additional elements, such as a minimalist disc that can even be personalized with a stamped initial (link to personalizable jewelry) or ethically lab-created diamonds, they get that certain something. For wow moments! Such a noble genuine jewelry bracelet can be ideally combined with other arm jewelry. They also go great as a contrast to statement earrings or necklaces. Some may feel downright hung with too much jewelry - here, too, our noble, delicate bracelets for women are a good choice for discreet adornment.

Chain bracelets for women - not only rocky

Chain details are the trend of the 90s and are experiencing a revival again and again. Rocking, bold, loud: that's how you knew coarse-link bracelets for women until now. But few people know that they can also be discreet and minimalist. In our assortment you can find various bracelets with coarser chains, which are always a bit eye-catching. As part of the edgy collection, our chain bracelets are always

Bracelets: sustainable and beautiful!

We use only recycled silver and gold for our genuine jewelry bracelets. The fejn silver jewelry is made from fully recycled and certified 925 silver. It remains material clear or is 18 karat gold plated. Our all-gold pieces are also made from recycled gold and are 14 karat gold plated. And why do we use recycled materials? Simple: there's already enough gold and silver in the world, plus environmental damage and human rights abuses are often the result of conventional mining. That's why we love the idea of second lives for precious metals.

Gold, silver, cord - which material for sustainable bracelets?

Bracelets for ladies are available in numerous material designs. From the cord of fabric or leather to filigree bracelets made of precious metal such as gold or silver. And one thing can be said: there is no right or wrong here. The choice of material depends on the taste of the jewelry lover. In addition, of course, it plays a role how durable and high-maintenance and thus how sustainable a piece of jewelry may be. A great advantage of jewelry made of recycled solid gold or silver, or gold-plated silver jewelry is that it will accompany you (with proper care) for a lifetime. In addition, precious metals look particularly high quality and elegant, which makes the jewelry especially good to wear in everyday life and to work.

If you are looking for a small fashion statement to the summer look or a colorful eye-catcher, is well advised with colorful cord bracelets. The pieces can be worn individually or combined with other jewelry and are indispensable arm jewelry for urban fashion heroines. Ladies love it!

Bracelets: Ladies love the layering trend

One bracelet is beautiful, two bracelets even more beautiful, maybe an arm cuff can be combined with it? This trend has a name: Layering. Here, different arm jewelry is combined with each other. And this is how it works: Simply put on arm cuff, bangles and one or two different bracelets. Done! The mix of styles and materials creates a very unique look. So that it does not become too colorful, however, a maximum of eye-catching arm jewelry, such as the popular chunky chains should be combined with less eccentric pieces of jewelry. For the extra portion of style, colors can also be mixed here: Silver and gold mixed in bicolor style - that looks great with colorful cord bracelets in the favorite color.

Watch plus bracelet: is that possible?

Watch wearers know the problem: with a watch on one wrist, other arm jewelry quickly looks overloaded. But how do I combine a watch fashionably with bracelets? As a rule of thumb: If possible, one wrist should always remain free or wear only very simple jewelry. So if a watch is worn on the left wrist, the right wrist should be free of jewelry. A particularly filigree piece of jewelry is of course allowed. Here, of course, our simple real jewelry pieces are particularly suitable. On the "watch arm" you can also combine bracelets at will. Important: Take good care that the watch does not scratch the bracelet and vice versa.

Cleaning Bracelets: Attention ladies

With the right technique or the appropriate home remedies, bracelets can be cleaned reliably. To ensure that our bracelets made of recycled precious metal remain beautiful for a particularly long time, they should be cleaned carefully with a cotton or microfiber cloth after wearing. If the silver or gold jewelry is tarnished, special gold or silver cleaning cloths are a good choice.

In general, jewelry, no matter what material it is made of, should come into contact with as little creams, perfumes and other products as possible. Otherwise, it loses its luster, and may even be attacked.Almost all bracelet materials can also be well bathed in a soap run and cleaned. To do this, simply provide a little lukewarm liquid, bathe the jewelry there for a few minutes and gently rub if necessary. Afterwards, even the dusty cord bracelet will shine like new again. Additional tip for satin jewelry: Simply rub with an eraser - bang - beautiful again!