simple hoop - XS / S / M / L simple hoop - XS / S / M / L

simple hoop - XS / S / M / L

From €19,00
satin flat hoop - M / L satin flat hoop - M / L

satin flat hoop - M / L

From €29,00
gemstone hoops gemstone hoops

gemstone hoops

From €39,00
single ring single ring

single ring

From €24,00
satin band ring satin band ring

satin band ring

From €39,00
Furoshiki Furoshiki


satin ball stud satin ball stud

satin ball stud

From €24,00
bold hoops - S / M bold hoops - S / M

bold hoops - S / M

From €34,00
mini hoops shiny mini hoops shiny

mini hoops shiny

From €19,00
satin disc stud satin disc stud

satin disc stud

From €29,00
mini hoops satin mini hoops satin

mini hoops satin

From €19,00
satin disc bracelet gold satin disc bracelet gold

satin disc bracelet gold

shiny ball studs shiny ball studs

shiny ball studs

From €24,00
ball ear cuff ball ear cuff

ball ear cuff

From €19,00
Creole open hoop nachhaltig aus recyceltem Sterling Silber open hoops

open hoops

From €29,00
satin arm cuff satin arm cuff

satin arm cuff

From €44,00

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Jewelry gifts from fejn jewelry – beautiful things for your loved ones

Finding gifts for women is sometimes not that easy. A beautiful piece of jewelry is a great choice here - because that's what people always like. Whether it's a jewelry gift for your mother, your sister, your girlfriend or for yourself: jewelry gifts for women are always a hot tip. To help you find the right gift, in our Jewelery Gifts category you will find many beautiful pieces of jewelery that are perfect to give away. From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and personalized jewelry, you'll find plenty of gift ideas there. Jewelry is a beautiful way to show appreciation. Let yourself be inspired by our jewelry to give away and make your loved ones happy. Or maybe you want to make yourself happy?

Gift idea: Jewelery that is guaranteed to please

A jewelry gift is always a special gesture. Giving away jewelry – that's tried and tested and popular with everyone. At the same time, a beautiful jewelery gift is of course an incomparably loving attention and a great gift for a friend, mum and co. Just for the women who are particularly close to your heart.

Gifts for women should be special. As special as the person who will wear the piece. The jewelry gift should always go well with the recipient. Our fejn jewelry pieces do just that and therefore make excellent gifts. Whether it 's a present for your sister or a birthday present: Jewelery that is simple and timeless always fits! Browse through our range of jewelry gifts for women, like you and your loved ones - and find what you are looking for! Don't have an idea yet? It doesn't matter: we do! You will definitely find a lot of inspiration in our category.

Giving love is giving away jewelry – personalized on request

Whether it's a pearl bracelet, a solid gold chain or a delicate ring made from recycled sterling silver - this category is bursting with gift ideas. And just between us: If we are completely honest, it is not just jewelry gifts for women that can be found here. Clean arm cuffs, for example, are also a great Valentine's Day gift for men. Jewelry of this type is also suitable for your loved one. Of course, personalized gifts are particularly nice. Jewelry like our shiny disc necklace are stamped with individual letters. A beautiful memory - made to last forever. Jewelery gifts that have also been personally designed are always inspiring. This is where "safety" and "individuality" meet and together become a loving gift idea.

Jewelry gifts for every budget

Just a little thing. Just a gift as a birthday present. Just a souvenir. In our category gifts up to 30 euros you will find filigree and timeless pieces for a small budget. Because no, high-quality jewelry gifts do not always have to be expensive. A jewelery gift for small purses is also sure to put a smile on the recipient's face. If it can cost a little more, you will find great pieces in the 30-70 Euro category, such as 925 sterling silver chains - either silver-colored or 18-carat gold-plated. In the category 70-150 euros you will find some of our beautiful and high-quality solid gold pieces made of 14 carat real gold. If you want something very special, then take a look at the jewelry gifts category over 150 euros . Here you will find beautiful pieces that are sure to find a very special place in the heart of the recipient and may be perfect for a wedding anniversary or a milestone birthday.

Pack jewelry gifts in a classy and sustainable way

Not only our jewelry is sustainable and made from recycled materials. Our gifts for special women can be wonderfully wrapped in sustainable materials. Of course you can also find these in our fejn jewelry shop. Our Furoshiki towels are made from recycled saris in a local Fairtrade factory in India. Originally, Furoshikis were Japanese cloths that were tied and used as bags and packaging - for gifts or clothes, for example. Furoshikis are a wonderful way to present the jewelry gift of your choice. Afterwards, the piece of jewelry can still be kept in the Furoshiki. Or the square cloth serves as packaging for the next gift idea. Jewellery , but also other utensils can be given away softly, sustainably and simply beautifully packaged.

Jewelery gifts that stay beautiful for a long time

Our gifts are always that special something - as long as they are properly cared for. Since we rely on high-quality materials such as 925 sterling silver and solid gold, you don't have to do much to keep the jewelry gifts beautiful. But you can give your favorite person a few tips. For example, that she should rub the jewelery with a soft cotton cloth after each wear. It is also advisable to always put on the new piece after applying make-up, perfume and creams. Cosmetics dull the material. Since we only sell real jewellery, your silver jewelery gift may tarnish. Silver cleaning cloths or special silver cleaning solutions are suitable here to get rid of black discolouration. That's done quickly. And don't worry: this discoloration is completely normal and speaks for rather than against the quality. When exposed to air, genuine silver oxidizes and discoloration may occur. By the way: If your jewelry gift does break, we offer a repair service. Then feel free to contact our service team and we will find a solution for your piece of jewelry.