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Jewelry voucher from fejn jewelry – free choice for your loved ones

Whether for a birthday, an anniversary or simply as a small gift: a jewelry voucher will put a smile on the face of every recipient. With our fejn jewelery voucher, she has the freedom to choose: earrings , rings , bracelets and more - simply add the voucher code at the end of the ordering process and in no time at all every piece of minimalist real jewelery will find its new owner. Fast, easy and always perfect.

Jeweler voucher: No more looking for gifts

What is the ring size of your best friend? Does my mom prefer gold or silver? And which chain detail really convinces your favorite colleague? It's not that easy to find the right choice for the urban piece of jewelry you've given away. No problem!

Anyone who doesn't know the recipient of the voucher very well, or is unsure about their design preferences and size, is always on the safe side with a voucher for jewelry from fejn. Because here the recipient has the choice and can use the voucher amount on all of our pure pieces of jewelry. And best of all, there's no need to rush. Once purchased, the jewellery voucher is valid for a full three years. In this way, the choice of sustainable jewelry can be made with care.

Can be used online and on site in the Cologne store

Come to Cologne... or not: fejn jewelry has its headquarters in the heart of the cathedral city. If you live in the area or are planning a city weekend in Kölle, you can redeem the printable jewelry voucher at any time in the fejn shop. And who knows, you might even bump into fejn founder Dagmar Krämer. The fejn jewelry voucher is also a good choice for anyone who lives a little further away, or who prefers to order necklaces, earrings, etc. from the screen! It can be redeemed online at will in the shop. Simply enter your personal voucher code during the ordering process - and you're done!

Which voucher value is suitable?

It's quite clear: Anyone who gives away a voucher makes the expenses for their girlfriend, mum or dear colleague transparent. This often makes it difficult to choose the value of the voucher, because the question often arises: How small or large should the voucher be? At fejn, vouchers start at a value of 25 euros. And good news: With this voucher, recipients will find what they are looking for in our online shop. Of course, small gifts are just as much a part of our range as larger and more valuable jewellery. This makes the 25-euro voucher particularly suitable for gifts or as a (spontaneous) birthday present.

If you want to give away a higher voucher value, you can also opt for a jewelery voucher worth 40, 50, 75 or 100 euros, paving the way for a lasting gift on a larger scale. Higher voucher values ​​are particularly suitable as a present for milestone birthdays, but it is also a good idea to give to a larger group.

Jewelry gifts

Jewelery voucher for fashion jewelery or real jewellery? Not a decision we have to face. We sell fashionable real jewelry, in clean designs for every occasion and simply fuse contemporary fashion with particularly high quality. The advantage: Through the use of high-quality materials such as recycled gold and sterling silver as well as high-quality laboratory- grown diamonds , our pieces of jewelery last a lifetime with good care. We love it! So that not only is the material durable, but the design is also appealing for a long time, fejn jewelery pieces impress with clean looks and a delicate and reduced look. So they survive short fashion trends without any problems.

Sustainable jewelry

There are many vouchers, jewelry vouchers for sustainable real jewelery only here at fejn. We are RJC-certified and stand for fair production processes and environmentally friendly material selection - all along the line. The decision to buy a fejn jewelry voucher is always a decision for a better tomorrow. Our handcrafted individual pieces not only look great, they are also sustainable and cruelty-free. With a voucher from fejn jewelry you will always make environmental friends in particular happy.

This is also the reason why we do not send the gift vouchers from fejn by post, because in this case it would simply be an unnecessary transport route. After purchase you will receive a personal voucher code by email. You can then print this out at home or (even more resource-saving) forward it digitally to the lucky one.

Flexible and individual: gift vouchers

Uninspired, overwhelmed, frustrated with making a decision: In such cases, donors often take the supposed "safe option" and give cash. Certainly not a wrong decision if the recipient clearly expresses this wish. In other cases, however, choosing a voucher is the better decision between people. By choosing a suitable voucher provider, you finally signal to the lucky one how much thought went into the decision. Does the recipient love jewelry and value sustainability? Then the jewelery voucher from fejn trumps cash.

Does the occasion for the jewelry voucher fit?

Still not sure if a printable jewelry voucher is the right choice? No problem! If you are unsure about the type of gift and the amount of the jewelry voucher, we will give you a little help.

Voucher for 25 euros

Great attention for employees. Also the right choice as a thank you gift. Also suitable as a spontaneous birthday present for a friend, cousin or other loved one.

Voucher for 40-50 euros

A great price range for filigree jewelry made of silver or gold. With this budget, jewelry heroines will find what they are looking for in our minimalist arm and ear jewelry. Alternatively, you can add a few euros yourself for even more special favorite jewellery.

Voucher for 75 euros

Pearl jewellery, solid gold hoop , individualized jewellery: 75 euros is a great budget for graduation gifts, milestone birthdays and other occasions that call for something special. At fejn there are many pieces around 75 euros - the recipient will definitely find something.

Voucher for 100 euros

A great group gift and always the right choice for wedding anniversaries or other important anniversaries. With a jewelry voucher for 100 euros, you can choose to fulfill several jewelry dreams or ones made of solid gold.