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About us

fejn – minimalistic fine jewelry

Clear and pure design - made for city nomads and urban heroines. Made for women like you.

fejn stands for puristic jewelry with a timeless and modern style. We love reduced designs and clean looks. We implement our highest standards in clear lines and precious materials. All fejn pieces are handcrafted and unique.

Founder Dagmar Kraemer gained years of experience in the fashion and jewelry industry. In 2019 she brought her own label to life, realizing her dream: a label for urbanists. Since then she has followed two clear policies: pieces of jewelry, inspired by purist fashion and sustainable action. These two guiding principles shape our actions every day. And we are very proud of this.

Sustainable jewelry - high quality and environmentally conscious

All fejn products are real, fine jewelry. They are made from fully recycled and certified 925 Sterling silver. The silver remains visible or is 24-carat gold-plated. Other favorite pieces are made of pure gold - recycled and 14 carat. For us it goes without saying that our jewelry is nickel-free and absolutely skin-friendly. If gemstones are also used, they are fairly sourced. Even more: We use laboratory-grown diamonds. It couldn't be fairer!

We design all pieces of jewelry in our studio in Cologne. Concerning the production we are supported by a consciously selected and certified manufacturer in Thailand. Environmentally friendly and social behavior is standard there too. Our fejn pieces are shipped in high-quality, plastic-free packaging. Shipping is of course climate-neutral.

fejn – timeless design day and night 

fejn jewelry is always the right fit -whether for a business lunch or a night out. To us this also means sustainability: You don't need a new piece of jewelry for every occasion! fejn - these are minimalist favorite pieces that go with any of your outfits. Our pieces are full of character. They are special, they draw attention. At the same time they are clear and pure. With fejn you show courage, strength and character. No nick-nacks - just jewelry for today and always. Even if our look is unique and you encounter the clear fejn signature in every piece: the collections range from “the glamorous” to “the edgy”, from “the precious” to“the urban”. Subtle or bohemian, elegant or creative: decide on the pieces that suit you best - your passion, your strength and your very personal glamor.

Urbanista, embellish yourself!

Even if you are looking for a new favorite piece for a friend: With us you will find the right gifts for the real heroines in your life. The clear lines and sustainable individual pieces are perfect for any type of person. Inspired by Japanese minimalism, we use a reusable squarecloth, a furoshiki, to wrap our jewelry as a gift - setting the stage for your gift in the perfect manner.