gemstone hoops gemstone hoops

gemstone hoops

From €39,00
satin band ring satin band ring

satin band ring

From €39,00
satin ball stud satin ball stud

satin ball stud

From €24,00
tiny double ear cuff tiny double ear cuff

tiny double ear cuff

From €19,00
single pearl necklace single pearl necklace

single pearl necklace

From €59,00
ball ear cuff ball ear cuff

ball ear cuff

From €19,00
shiny ball studs shiny ball studs

shiny ball studs

From €24,00
satin arm cuff satin arm cuff

satin arm cuff

From €44,00
small circle necklace small circle necklace

small circle necklace

From €59,00
pearl stud pearl stud

pearl stud

From €29,00
satin circle stud satin circle stud

satin circle stud

From €29,00
Ring gehämmert und rosévergoldet mit Circonia Stein - Sterling Silber Ring gehämmert und vergoldet mit Circonia Stein - Sterling Silber

hammered sparkle ring

From €39,00
Armreif simple cuff recyceltes Sterling Silber am Model Armreif simple cuff 24K vergoldet

shiny arm cuff

From €44,00
sparkle stud sparkle stud

sparkle stud

From €24,00
single pearl bracelet single pearl bracelet

single pearl bracelet

From €39,00
shiny circle studs shiny circle studs

shiny circle studs

From €29,00

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Bridal jewelry from fejn jewelry - clean, timeless and elegant

Wedding jewelry - a sensitive and important topic for every bride-to-be. Because on the most beautiful day in life everything has to be perfect. Urban heroines shouldn't leave anything to chance on their big day when it comes to choosing the right wedding jewellery . Discreet bridal jewelry should match the dress and round off the overall look. Even without a tiara on the wedding day, the following applies: the chosen accessories crown the bridal appearance.

fejn offers a large selection of bridal jewelry and bridal jewelry sets that are not only timelessly beautiful, but also fairly manufactured. What if this isn't a "Perfect Match"?! Like all fejn jewellery, the pieces in our wedding collection are made from recycled gold or silver. The production takes place under environmentally friendly and social conditions. Say YES to our sustainably produced wedding styles!

Would you like to learn more about our production methods? Then take a look at our blog post about our use of sustainable materials .

Bridal jewellery: Subtle, timeless, beautiful

The fejn bridal jewellery: simple , filigree and discreet. Whether in silver tones, made of recycled solid gold or with responsibly manufactured pearl trimmings: with us, brides will find exactly the right selection of jewelery that suits their style. Because a wedding jewelry set that suits the bride simply rounds off the big appearance. How about our pearl hoops, for example, as the perfect complement to a clean wedding dress. Pearls at weddings bring bad luck? Even if this superstition persists: did you know that in other countries they are even considered a symbol of good luck on the big day? At fejn, we believe that anything that pleases is allowed. That's why we advise all pearl fans on their wedding day: Go for it!

The wedding isn't planned yet, but you want to ask your loved one the question of all questions soon? The same applies in this case: We've got you covered! For example, our memory diamond ring or the twisted diamond ring made of solid gold are perfect as high-quality engagement rings.

Wedding Jewelery & Bridal Jewelery – Gold or Silver

Looking for silver or gold jewelry for the wedding ? A question that gives many brides sleepless nights. Which bridal jewelry is the right choice depends not only on the wedding dress design, but above all on the skin type and, of course, personal preferences. Light skin of cool skin types shines particularly beautifully when wearing silver jewellery. Because: Silver pieces emphasize the pink undertone of pale facial skin. Perfect for silver fans: our small circle necklace as a wedding necklace. The silver shimmering bridal appearance is perfect in the silver jewelery set with our satin circle stud .

Due to its warm hue, gold jewelry goes perfectly with darker skin types and suntanned skin. Minimalist gold highlights ensure a particularly elegant bridal jewelery look. If gold jewelery is a must on the wedding day, the pieces from our glamorous collection made of solid gold are exactly the right choice. The clean pieces of jewelery made of 14K solid gold not only look high-quality, they are also particularly durable. How about, for example, our golden diamond huggie with diamonds as wedding jewelry in gold?

Even if it doesn't have to be solid gold for the big day, fejn offers the right selection of bridal jewelry. Whether it's a filigree bracelet, like our shiny arm cuff , or the open heart necklace as a heart-shaped eye-catcher: at fejn, urban heroines will find exactly the bridal jewelery that suits them - and made of different precious metals.

Not sure if you're more of a silver or gold type? Then we have the solution for the perfect wedding appearance: rose gold! This shade of gold suits all skin types beautifully. With bridal jewelry in rosé, future wifeys are always (rosé) right. Our satin disc necklace in rose gold, for example, skilfully sets the scene for every bridal outfit and makes the skin glow particularly beautifully.

Are you a fan of silver jewelry, although your skin color is rather warm? You love gold but are a cooler type? No problem. On the big day, as so often in life, whatever you like is allowed! It is best to wear your favorite jewelry that you really feel comfortable with. Fashion rules can also take a backseat from time to time.

Perfect jewelry choice for wedding guests

Not only bridal jewelry plays a decisive role on the wedding day: sooner or later the question of the right wedding jewelry will also arise as a wedding guest. Of course, no conspicuous clunkers should be used, which in the worst case steal the show from the bridal jewelry. At fejn, we rely on minimalist jewelry pieces that are easy to combine in every situation. Our pieces of jewelry are therefore ideal as wedding guest jewelry. With the open heart stud in gold or rose gold you show your support for the love of the bridal couple discreetly and stylishly. More playful heart shapes are not for you? Then take a look at our shiny ball stud . As a symbol of eternal love, wearing rings has a special meaning, especially at weddings. Good news: We also offer the perfect selection for wedding guests when it comes to finger jewellery. For example, how about the satin band ring as a stylish, simple party companion?

Wear bridal jewelry sustainably

It doesn’t matter which of our bridal jewelry urban heroines ultimately choose: Pieces from the fejn wedding collection are of high quality and have a minimalist design, so that they can be worn on many other occasions even after the wedding day. This is not only good for brides who love jewelry, but also saves resources. Also: who doesn't want to be reminded of the most beautiful day of their life over and over again while wearing their favorite pieces? By carrying it on, the bridal jewelry glamor also makes it into everyday life - filigree and calm.

Despite all precautions, your bridal jewelry is broken? Don't panic - our repair service is there for you and will be happy to take care of your request.