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Mini hoop earrings

At fejn you will find hoop earrings in many sizes. This allows you to create your individual look. Our mini hoops snuggle up to every ear hole and can be worn as a piercing.

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mini hoops shiny Sale priceFrom €19,00
mini hoops satin Sale priceFrom €19,00
Solid Gold mini creolen echtgold glänzend roségoldmini creolen echtgold glänzend fejn
shiny mini hoops | solid gold Sale priceFrom €89,00
Solid Gold mini creolen recyceltes echtgoldmini creolen echtgold
satin mini hoops | solid gold Sale priceFrom €89,00
New mini hoop creole gedreht gold ohrringemini hoop creole gedreht fejn ohrringe
tiny twisted mini hoops Sale priceFrom €24,00

Filigree mini hoop earrings – by fejn Jewelry

No urban heroine can get past this unexcited, elegant representative of the Creole: of course, it's about himmini hoops! As the smallest representative of the Creole, themini hoopsa minimalist look that still looks classy. Whether worn in the office, on a date night or in everyday leisure time: small hoop earrings like theseMini hoopsvon fejn really always go. It doesn't matter whether it's a small treasure in gold, silver or rose gold. As a piece of jewellerymini hoopsparticularly versatile and can find a place of honor on the ear in a wide variety of shapes, combinations and designs. Because: Small earring, big effect! Hardly any other piece of jewelery in a small format manages to shine as stylistically as thismini hoops.

At fejn, however, the small round earrings can do much more than just look good. Because they all come from sustainable production. We attach great importance to making our jewelry in a way that protects mother nature and treats people fairly. How exactly this works is revealed in ourBlog article about sustainable jewelery production.

Mini hoop earrings: discover the gold and silver selection!

Our selection of small hoop earrings is sure to make the hearts of urban heroines beat faster. Because we rely on a variety of designs that suit every type, but always radiate elegance and quality. Our mini hoop versions are therefore available in gold, rose gold or silver. At the same time, we at fejn rely on a unique finish.

Our mini hoops are available in both theshinyas well as in theSatin version. It is also entirely up to you whether you decide on golden mini hoop earrings or mini hoop earrings in silver or rose gold. You can easily choose the perfect mini hoop to suit the occasion, personal style and outfit. It will arrive at your home in no time. It may be something less classic? Then take a look at ourstiny twisted hoopwho gives the mini-hoop design a whole new twist - in the truest sense of the word.

Attention gold fans: Our mini hoops are also available in the particularly durable solid gold version. If you're looking to upgrade your mini hoop collection, the Solid Gold Tiny Hoop Earrings are by your side. How about ours, for examplesimple hoopas a timeless classic or demshiny mini hoopfor particularly radiant appearances?

Mini hoop earrings: silver or gold?

No question: everyone can wear the stylish mini hoop trend! It doesn't matter whether you have long or short hair, whether you wear it tied up or open: thanks to the small hoop size, the mini hoops blend perfectly with the rest of your look. Due to their minimalist design, they can also be combined with other pieces of jewelry such aschains,wrestlingorbraceletscombine. The mini creole contributes to your harmonious signature jewelery look.

But what should you consider when choosing the color of the mini hoops earrings? If you've always wondered which precious metal shade actually suits you best, then pay attention. Because here comes the answer: Is your skin tone rather dark and looks freshly tanned? Then mini hoops in gold are probably the right choice for you, because they bring a warm undertone. If you tend to be pale and would describe your complexion as light, silver mini hoops will most likely suit you perfectly. The cool silver makes your look shine in a classy way and also ensures that any reddened skin is less visible.

By the way: Even if you are not sure which skin type you have, we have good news! Because rose gold is a real "safe choice" and the perfect choice for anyone who can't decide between gold and silver jewelry. Rose gold looks great on both lighter and darker skin types. In the end, however, the color recommendation is of course not set in stone and you decide for yourself which metal tones you feel most comfortable with. Because: You do you! And that's just as well.

The Mini Hoop as a versatile companion

Earrings come in pairs - or not? In any case, there are no limits to the choice of mini hoop jewelry heroines. Because the mini hoop earrings are not only available in a double pack, but also in the single or helix version. Two become one! So you can decide for yourself whether you want to wear the mini hoops symmetrically on both ears or whether you want to make a statement with the single version. Due to their small size, our mini hoop earrings fit perfectly into your earstacking look and can be worn not only in the first, but also in the second or even third ear hole. Cool!

Mini Hoop: That's where the trend came from

Who would have thought? Hoop earrings have been popular for centuries - especially among sailors. How does that fit together? Well, the background of this story is rather sad. Because back then, sailors wore hoop earrings with engraved initials. This helped to identify seafarers who had died, for example after a shipwreck. Despite the sad meaning, the courageous sailors still attached importance to wearing a beautiful creole in their personal style. This paved the way for all hoop designs to come. Thank you sailor!