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Cuffs and fine chain bracelets that make an art of talking with your hands. Personalized letter and name bracelets for your beloved ones.

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birthstone bracelet Sale price€34,00
satin disc bracelet gold Sale price€16,00
satin arm cuff Sale priceFrom €44,00
4Ocean - beaded bracelets Sale price€20,00
satin disc bracelet silver Sale price€16,00
shiny arm cuff Sale priceFrom €49,00
single pearl bracelet Sale priceFrom €39,00
satin disc bracelet rosegold Sale price€16,00
pearl bracelet Sale priceFrom €49,00
shiny disc bracelet - personalized Sale priceFrom €54,00
shiny disc bracelet Sale priceFrom €44,00
triple ball bracelet Sale priceFrom €39,00
summer pearl bracelet Sale price€54,00
name bracelet gold Sale price€16,00
4Ocean - braided bracelets Sale price€20,00
chain bracelet Sale priceFrom €49,00

Bracelets for women – urban fine jewelery with a clear design

Bracelets, arm cuffs, bangles: arm jewelry for ladies- the eye-catcher on the wrist, lower or upper arm of every fashion heroine. Between simple, playful and filigree fejn has the right arm jewelry for every preference. Whether minimalist with loving details or personalized as a gift, our arm jewelry is versatile and convinces with a chic design. Which piece is the right one for your favorite look or the big appearance at the next party? Find out while browsing through our store!

Bracelets with a versatile design

Arm jewelry for women is as versatile as the looks of the wearer. Whether you're looking for a decorated arm cuff, a simple bangle, a personalized nylon band or arm jewelry with chain details, you'll find a wide selection of designs, fastenings and materials. One of them is our satin arm cuff. It goes perfectly with cool business looks or a clean outfit in the evening.

Other arm jewelry has a more playful design, such as our triple ball bracelet, which goes very well with flowing dresses or natural materials. For a summery look, our 4Ocean bracelets are perfect. These colorful companions not only look great, they also help rid the oceans of trash. The purchase of a bracelet helps the 4Ocean organization remove a pound of trash from the world's oceans and coastlines - we love that!

When it comes to materials, we focus on sustainable precious metals, like gold and silver. Not only do they look great, they are also especially durable and high quality.Some of our genuine jewelry pieces are adorned with pearls, gemstones or charms, making them extra eye-catching.

High quality bracelets: silver or gold?

Golden arm jewelry for ladies is a good choice in everyday life, business or for dates in the evening. The soft tone simply suits any occasion! Gold tones look especially beautiful with warmer skin tones or on tanned summer skin. In winter, gold can be perfectly combined with earth tones. We offer a choice of solid gold jewelry made of 14K real gold or gold plated silver jewelry with 18K recycled gold or rose gold plating.Of course, our silver jewelry can also be purchased material wise. The cool silver tones are especially beautiful with cooler skin tones and dark clothing in black, brown or gray. Combined well, silver arm jewelry looks classy, simple and clean. How about a combination of a simple arm cuff with a turtleneck sweater? Compared to gold arm jewelry, those made of silver are a little less flashy and therefore especially popular for everyday wear. Our used 925 sterling silver is of course completely recycled.

Bracelet trend layering

With layering, different pieces of jewelry are combined with each other at the same time. This is possible with necklaces, rings, but also with arm jewelry. Simply combine several bracelets, arm cuffs or bangles with each other and achieve a unique look! Allowed is what pleases! So you can also combine different material colors, styles and elements with each other. The important thing is that the composition as a whole does not look too wild. To avoid this, it is best to focus on reduced, clean pieces and combine them with a few playful and ornate bracelets or necklaces.

Bracelet types: bracelet, bangle or cuff

Arm jewelry can be divided into two main categories. On the one hand
there are beaded, gold or silver bracelets and arm chains,
which have a clasp, they are also called bracelets. On the other hand
there are bangles - with and without a clasp. And there are so-called arm
Cuffs, which are put on the arm, so to speak. The advantage of arm
cuffs is that they are usually more flexible in position and, if desired, can be
can also be attached to the upper forearm or even the upper arm.

Buy a bracelet for special occasions

Recognition sign on the hen party, personalized name or letter ribbons for a birthday, birth of a child: there are occasions that require a very special jewelry. Arm jewelry for ladies is particularly suitable here, because it is always highly visible and popular with many. fejn jewelry therefore offers a wide range of arm jewelry with an individual touch. As a group identification mark or matching jewelry with the best friend or partner, letter bracelets are particularly suitable. Simply select the desired letters online and buy arm jewelry! At fejn there are different designs: from name bracelets, variants with initials or single letters.Birthstone Bracelets are a great gift for new moms. Simply give a modern bracelet for women with the birthstone of the offspring - emotions guaranteed. Even those who want to give themselves a treat make a good choice with the Birthstone Bracelet. Your own birthstone or that of your partner is an eye-catcher with a unique meaning.

Caring for women's bracelets

Of course, our arm jewelry also requires some care and attention. But do not worry! In the twinkling of an eye our arm jewelry for ladies is ready again for the next use. It is best to rub the jewelry carefully with a cotton, microfiber or special jewelry cloth after wearing. In addition, the rule of thumb is: jewelry at the end! This means that jewelry should always be put on last, after creams, cosmetics, hairspray and the like have been applied, as these can attack the material. A gentle soap run can also help with heavier soiling. Simply bathe the individual pieces in cool, lukewarm water for a while, and you're done! If the silver bracelet starts to tarnish, this is by no means a reason to worry! A silver cleaning cloth or a special cleaning solution will remove the unsightly haze. There are also suitable helpers for tarnished gold. Gold cleaning cloths are particularly suitable. To prevent tarnishing in the first place, it is best to store the ear jewelry in an airtight container, such as a small jewelry box.

Bracelets made of precious metals - perfect for sensitive skin

Costume jewelry often contains nickel, which causes allergies in many people. Nickel is a particularly cheap material that can be produced very easily. Such an allergy to the material quickly shows itself in reddened, irritated spots on the skin. To avoid allergies, real jewelry is the better choice. Gold and silver allergies are extremely rare and therefore the two precious metals are not only the higher quality, but also the healthier alternative. In addition to nickel, we also avoid lead and cadmium in our jewelry - making fejn jewelry especially skin-friendly.