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hoop charms

Discover hoop charms for your individual hoop earring trend.
Our hoop pendants fit perfectly on our simple hoops.

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gemstone & pearl hoop Sale priceFrom €29,00
gemstone & pearl hoop charms Sale priceFrom €12,50
chain pendant set Sale priceFrom €9,50
disc pendant set Sale priceFrom €19,00
tag hoop charms Sale priceFrom €16,00
sparkle hoop charms Sale priceFrom €19,00
ball hoop charms Sale priceFrom €19,00
Solid Gold creolen anhänger gold diamantcreolen anhänger gold diamant fejn
diamond hoop charms | solid gold Sale priceFrom €149,00
disc pendant set - personalised Sale priceFrom €39,00
Solid Gold Creolenanhänger drei Diamanten EchtgoldCreolenanhänger drei Diamanten Echtgold
Solid Gold Kegelform Anhänger für Creolen EchtgoldCreolen Anhänger in Kegelform 14k Echtgold
spike hoop charms | solid gold Sale priceFrom €149,00

Hoop earrings by fejn – accents for your earrings

Urban heroines agree on this topic: everyone loves hoops! The simple design classics are always a hit and shouldn't be missing in any jewelry drawer. Whether small or large: stylish and elegant, they enhance every look. The only downside: plain hoop earrings are sometimes plain, well, plain. With a simple accessory, however, they can be easily pimped: hoop pendant! They combine the classic hoop design with the creative variety of pendants. From playfully summery to personalised: you can reinvent your look over and over again with hoop earrings. And best of all: The hoop charms from fejn are not only versatile, but also sustainably manufactured. Just like all of our jewelry.

Small hoop earrings with a pendant – big impact

The classic hoop look fits perfectly into your everyday office life - but at the after-work event you want it to be more exciting in terms of jewelry? With our hoop earrings no problem. The small charms give your hoop earrings that certain something and are very easy to attach and remove. The hoop pendant fit ours perfectly simple hoops in gold, silver or rose gold in size S. For mini hoop earrings with pendants that have a big impact!

Because: Our charms give the simple earrings the necessary wow effect. At the same time, they go perfectly with every outfit, every occasion and every hairstyle. A piece of jewelery as flexible as you are. High-quality materials such as 925 sterling silver or 18-carat gold plating also make it a constant companion. Because thanks to the high-quality selection of materials and timeless design, you can combine the creole pendants over and over again. Year for year.

Silver or gold hoop earrings with pendant

Regardless of whether Hoop earrings with pendant in silver or gold creoles with a pendant: In a world where jewelry trends come and go, you are well prepared with creole pendants and always on the stylish side. When choosing the right pendant, you can let your creativity run free - depending on your style and mood. This way, your jewelry drawer becomes a real place of inspiration. Thanks to different colours, shapes and materials, you can reinvent your look over and over again. How about, for example, creole pendants that exude glamorous lightness? Our gemstone & pearl hoop charms promise exactly that. You can choose between creole pendants with freshwater pearls from sustainable cultivation or a fairly sourced semi-precious stone. Thanks to shimmering pearls, radiant aquamarine or romantic rose quartz, the creole pendants lend stylish elegance to even the most casual look.

Can it be a little fancier? Then our minimalistic designed and high-quality creole pendants are the right choice. When a special date night is coming up or when there is a gala after dinner, noble creole pendants like ours are perfect chain hoop charms or the tag hoop charms really nice companions. While the chain hoop charms use filigree chain pendants of different lengths that exude a touch of luxury, the tag hoop charms convince with rectangular tag pendants in a clean design.

Hoop earrings with a story - we will repair your jewelry

Already knew? For the pretty chain pendants, we recycle broken chains that unfortunately could not be repaired. At fejn, sustainability is really important. This also applies in the event that a mishap happens to you with your creole pendants: If you discover a defect or a piece of jewelery has broken, there is no reason to panic. You can easily contact our repair service turn around. Simply send us an e-mail with your invoice or order number, a photo of the creole pendant to be repaired and a short description of the repair request. Our team is already doing everything to breathe new life into the pendant for hoop earrings. If, despite all our efforts, we should not be able to save a piece of jewelry, we simply melt it down. In this way, new life can be breathed into the creole pendant in no time at all, in line with sustainability.

Hoop Charms: Personalized Hoop Charms

No question: you can express your personality with jewelry. And that even before you exchange the first words with your counterpart. So what could underline your character better than personalized hoop earrings? The disc hoop charms from fejn offer space for your favorite letters on their filigree precious metal plates. These are stamped according to your preferences. Whether your initials, the initials of your favorite person or the first letter of your offspring or pet should find space is entirely up to you. When ordering, you can easily enter your desired letters yourself.

Hoop earrings with a pendant: give away silver or gold

By the way: Our personalized hoop earrings are also great as gifts. For example, how about a birthday present for your best friend that bears both of your initials? Stylish and appreciative at the same time! Packed in our individually designed Furoshiki's you give your favorite person a very special gift that will not only be remembered for a long time, but can also be combined again and again. And best of all: the sustainable gift towels can easily be reused even after the present has been discovered: for example as a storage aid in the jewelry box or when travelling. Yay!