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Gemstone Jewelry

Discover our sustainable jewelry with semi-precious stones.
From aquamarine to peridot you will find your favorite colored stone here.

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autumn pearl hoop Sale priceFrom €39,00
winter pearl bracelet Sale price€54,00
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New farbige Perlenkette Frühling fejnfarbige Perlenkette Frühling gold
spring pearl choker necklace Sale price€79,00
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New farbiges Perlenarmband Frühling goldfarbiges Perlenarmband Frühling fejn
pearl bracelet Sale price€54,00
autumn pearl bracelet Sale price€54,00

High-quality semi-precious stone jewelry - by fejn jewelry

Clean, dreamy and somehow mystical. With Semi Precious Stone Jewelry urban heroines are always right! It doesn't matter whether it's jewelry with a precious stone that perfectly underlines your character traits, a semi-precious stone bracelet that symbolizes your month of birth or simply a Gemstone piece with a color accent that completes your look - at fejn we offer you a large selection of stylish Semi Precious Stone Jewelry.

But that's not all, because our Gemstone Jewelry can do a lot more than just look good. Our semi-precious stones all come from sustainable sources. We attach particular importance to the fact that all of our Jewelery made from sustainable materials are made that protect Mother Nature and guarantee fair working conditions.

The history of semi-precious stones

Onyx, agate, aquamarine, peridot, jade and rose quartz - we all know the unusual names for the mysterious and colorful stones. Legendary legends and myths have always grown up around them. Whether as a mystical bringer of salvation, a religious symbol or a lucky stone full of magic: the Egyptians already assigned a precious stone to each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. In ancient Rome and Greece, the stones were used in medicine. In Arabia and India, people firmly believed in the healing properties of precious natural stones. While the healing powers of Gemstone Jewelry have not been proven to this day, semi-precious stones have always fascinated people.

But where do they actually come from? As a natural product, the precious stones are created deep inside the earth. And at a depth of well over 100 kilometers! When the hot magma there rises and cools, atoms combine and gems are formed. But anyone who thinks that the (semi-)precious stones are waiting in perfect form in the interior of the earth is wrong. Because the natural finds usually seem rather inconspicuous. The stones only get their radiant look when they are cut, ground and polished.

Precious stone vs. semi-precious stone - these are the differences

What exactly makes a stone a gem? And what are the differences between precious and semi-precious stone jewellery? One of the best-known and most coveted precious stones on earth is the diamond. But rubies and sapphires are also very popular.

So-called semi-precious stones, like precious stones, are created in a very similar way. The difference: their chemical purity is lower and their crystal structure is less symmetrical. Criteria such as rarity, transparency and hardness determine whether the treasures from the depths of the earth are precious or semi-precious stones. Semi-precious stones owe their name to the fact that they are generally more common on earth and have a lower degree of hardness than precious stones. But is semi-precious stone jewelry therefore less valuable? No, because even semi-precious stones are unique natural products that radiate breathtaking beauty.

Buy semi-precious stone jewelry – you should pay attention to this

Unfortunately, semi-precious stone jewelry is not created equal Semi Precious Stone Jewelry. The differences often lie in the procurement. Unfortunately, the procurement of precious gemstones is not always ethical. In some countries of origin, such as Sri Lanka, Thailand or India, where the stones for semi-precious stone jewelery are mined, unethical players in the industry sometimes have a hand in the game. Since the semi-precious stones are usually resold and mixed in ever-increasing quantities, their origin and mining conditions are often difficult to trace.

At fejn it's different! Because we not only select our semi-precious stones carefully, we also ensure that they are procured under exclusively fair conditions. You can read more about this in our Article about sustainable jewelery production in Thailand. If you want to decide on semi-precious stone jewelery with a clear conscience, you should pay special attention to the procurement of the colorful natural products.

Gemstones Jewelry as a perfect birthday gift

Mom, your best friend or your partner's birthday is coming up and you're still looking for the ideal gift? No problem! After all, what could be more perfect than semi-precious stone jewelry that perfectly matches the birthday child's characteristics? With our birthstone bracelet you provide real wow moments on the day of honor. Because each month is assigned an individual birthstone that underlines the personal traits of the recipient.

Surprise a March birthday boy? This succeeds with the aquamarine, which stands for honesty, fairness and compassion. If you want to make someone born in December happy, the turquoise stone is suitable because it underlines the honesty, wisdom and openness of the wearer. The dark, shimmering garnet goes best with January birthday children. Garnet jewelry symbolizes self-confidence, energy and passion. No matter in which month your favorite person was born, no matter whether onyx jewelry, agate jewelry or peridot jewelry - you are guaranteed to find the right one with usSemi Precious Stone Jewelry. Or maybe you would like to be reminded of the birth month of a loved one by wearing our Gemstone Jewelry? So you carry your partner or your child with you at all times.

By the way: You don't have to worry about the packaging of the special gift either. Because in oursFuroshiki'sthe semi-precious stone jewelery finds the perfect place. The towels, originally from Japan, stylishly round off the special gift thanks to their individual designs. And the joy of the special cloths continues even after unpacking: They can be used perfectly for storing jewelry or as a travel companion - over and over again. Ideal for semi-precious stone jewelry or other jewelry treasures. Yay!