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Nachhaltige Eheringe - wedding bands

Sustainable wedding rings

The symbol of your love is the wedding ring.

We manufacture your desired ring individually and only for you - fairly and from recycled materials.

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Solid Gold Made to order Eheringe shiny wedding band gold SchmuckboxEheringe shiny wedding band gold
Solid Gold Made to order gravierte gebürstete trauringe goldmatte eheringe gold
Solid Gold Made to order gehämmerte eheringe goldgehämmerte Trauringe gold

Sustainable wedding rings from fejn jewelry - timeless, high-quality and minimalist in design

If the question of all questions was asked and answered with "Yes!", nothing stands in the way of the bond for life! How beautiful! Whether it's a small celebration, a Las Vegas wedding for two or a big wedding party, there's one detail that belongs to every marriage: the wedding rings. Are you looking for a sustainable wedding ring (gold, white gold or rose gold) that is simply timelessly beautiful and durable? Then we have the matching Wedding Rings ready. What makes them particularly sustainable and what other choices are open to you and your better half. We tell you everything about sustainable wedding rings from fejn!

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Why sustainable wedding rings?

You wear a wedding ring like this for a lifetime - at least in the best case. It's a shame, however, when ethically dubious materials are used. Silver and gold in particular are often mined under deplorable working conditions, and sometimes even child labor is the order of the day. Conventional precious metal mining is also a real downer for the environment and eats up massive amounts of CO2. So if you want to do something good when buying wedding rings not only for yourself and your loved one, but also for people and nature, it's better to opt for recycled precious metals and thus for sustainable wedding rings, just like we do. They are just as high-quality and beautiful, but additionally shine through a resource-saving and ethical production method. More details about the use of recycled silver and gold can be found in our blog post on the use of sustainable materials.

You like wedding rings with that certain shiny something? We've got something for you! Especially lovers of that extra bit of sparkle, want sustainable diamond studded wedding rings. But can diamonds be sustainable at all? Oh, yes! If laboratory grown diamonds are used like at fejn, the wedding ring can be worn with a stone setting with a clear conscience. The diamonds are grown in a laboratory and yet their chemical and physical properties are indistinguishable from conventional diamonds.

How do I recognize sustainable wedding rings?

For many brands, sustainability is a buzzword that is used inflationarily. Unfortunately! So if this is advertised, it is best to look very closely! Truly sustainable wedding rings should be made from ethically promoted and environmentally friendly materials. For wedding rings, this means that recycled precious metals (such as silver or gold) are preferred.

In addition, sustainability certifications provide orientation in the wedding ring jungle. The RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) certifies sustainable jewelry producers. This seal, which we at fejn were one of the first German jewelry labels to receive, provides customers with guidance and is proof of truly sustainable wedding rings.

Sustainable wedding rings for a sustainable wedding

Getting married sustainably is one of the big wedding trends. And rightly so! Far too often at weddings, vast amounts of food are thrown away, mountains of decoration are consigned to the garbage can after the celebration, or numerous packaging waste is produced. Great that many couples want to put an end to it all and take the environmental factor into account when planning. That's where sustainable wedding rings fit in perfectly. They are a great addition to the resource-saving celebration and look just as good as the conventional round life companions.

Recycled materials for your wedding rings: gold or silver

Silver wedding ring, gold piece or still a blush wedding ring (rose gold variant)? The choice of materials for sustainable wedding rings is large! Which material suits you and your loved one best is individual, depends on your own taste and of course your wallet.

You want to buy sustainable wedding rings online? Silver rings are perfect for a tight wallet, because the price of silver is below the price of gold. The light material color and the fact that silver wedding rings can be changed more easily convinces many couples. Of course, sustainable wedding ring (silver) are also available gold plated. Many also opt for yellow solid or grayish white gold. These precious metals are more robust and real classics in the wedding ring choice. A visual highlight for wedding rings? Rose gold makes quite a statement and is currently not yet so often chosen.

We at fejn jewelry give you the choice! Here you can choose the material and the material color you like best and which fits your needs. And no matter which option you choose, it will be sustainable in any case, thanks to recycled precious metals and ethical diamonds. In addition, the sustainable wedding rings from fejn convince with clean design and timeless elegance - 4ever.

Buy sustainable wedding rings - beautiful forever!

Sustainable wedding rings want to be cared for - that's clear. So if the wedding ring is ever taken off, it should be stored in an airtight container. The same applies when taking a shower or jumping into the pool: take off the bling. In addition, we recommend protecting the recycled precious metal wedding rings from perfume, creams and cosmetics, as these can attack the surface.

Tarnished Wedding Ring? Ladies can breathe a sigh of relief, as any real jewelry wedding ring (sustainable and conventional) can be cleaned of any unsightliness with a gold or silver cleaning cloth.

But the best part about real jewelry wedding rings: They can also be repaired. So if a mishap does happen, there's no need to worry. We take care of it! And we do it with conviction. We declare war on the throwaway mentality. In this case, please contact our repair service, state your order number and describe the problem. We'll do what we can to save your connecting piece. This way, your sustainable wedding rings might even become an heirloom for your offspring someday. What a beautiful idea!