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Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings are timeless classics that really never go out of fashion. Whether as simple studs or colorful hoops: fejn has clean earrings with pearls for every taste and occasion. Best of all, the pearls come from sustainable freshwater farming and the precious metals used are 100% recycled. At fejn, style and a sense of responsibility go hand in hand. Our pearl earrings are therefore just the right accessory for environmentally conscious heroines who love shimmering pearls!

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Pearl earrings by fejn – timelessly beautiful accessories

A delicate touch of elegance combined with a vibe of vacation and exuberance: No wonder that pearl earrings are so popular. The little gems not only look chic, but automatically give us a pleasant feeling of elegance and joie de vivre. The best thing: When you buy fejn jewelry, you get a clear conscience. Our pearl earrings are carefully designed and made with love. Everything is handmade, of course! The pearls used are from sustainable freshwater farming, the precious metal is completely recycled. For us, a good feeling also means acting responsibly and in harmony with our planet. The result is a small but diverse selection of particularly high-quality pearl earrings. No matter whether you prefer playful and colorful or minimalist and subtle: Here you will find the perfect piece for you and your individual style!

Pearl earrings: hoops, studs and more

Whether eye-catching hoop earrings or small pearl earrings as studs: At fejn you will find the right pieces for your taste. The classic elegance of pearl stud earrings fits perfectly with a subtle and minimalist look. Our pearl stud is waiting for you! This earring is particularly suitable for formal occasions and professional looks. If you want something a little more eye-catching, but still subtle, you should take a look at the gemstone & pearl hoop or the pearl hoop. These chic Pearl earrings are a perfect mix: subtle but distinct. They are wonderful to wear on festive occasions, but also stylishly round off your everyday outfit. Our hoop earrings, on the other hand, give every outfit a touch of boho chic. Here, for example, we have the summer pearl hoop for you. These more conspicuous pearl earrings are ideal for a casual yet sophisticated look. Whether it's a light, airy day-to-day style or a minimalist dress: these chic pieces are guaranteed to make a great statement!

Silver or gold pearl earrings: what would you like?

Which precious metal do you want for your pearl earrings? 925silver or a rich gold tone? The pearl stud, gem stone & pearl hoopand the pearl stud on the other hand, you are spoiled for choice. The pieces are available in silver as well as with 18-carat gold plating. The color of the pearls and the silver are closer together. This makes the pieces of jewelry look particularly harmonious. Cooler complexions in particular are well complemented by this option. Pearl earrings based on a gold or gold-plated metal, on the other hand, have more contrast and are therefore a little more eye-catching. The gold accent goes particularly well with warm skin tones. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and your individual taste. The most important thing is that you like it and feel comfortable with it.

Real pearls: studs and earrings as a gift

Whether plug or hanging pearl earrings: Our shimmering pieces of jewellery are chic, timeless and versatile. In short: the perfect gift! Especially with our simple models, such as the pearl stud, you can't go wrong. The clean stud always works! Or would you rather give a beautiful, colorful pearl hoop as a gift? These models combine pearls with high-quality semi-precious stones and impress with their playful and colorful look. The cooler winter pearl hoop is particularly elegant and stylish, while the summer pearl hoop and the autumn pearl hoop know how to shine through their casual color compositions. Which pearl earrings should you give your favorite person for their birthday, anniversary or jubilee?

Sustainable pearl jewelry: earrings for environmentally conscious heroines

fejn stands for timeless chic and sustainable craftsmanship. Our sense of responsibility begins with the materials we use. We only use ecological cultured pearls: earrings with such pearls are not only high quality, but also particularly sustainable. Controlled cultivation minimizes the environmental impact of our natural ecosystems and conserves their natural resources. That's why we love our freshwater pearls: earrings with a natural shimmer at its best! But the pearls are just the beginning. The other materials are also chosen responsibly: our precious metals are fully recycled and the semi-precious stones that are mixed in here and there with the pearls were obtained fairly.

The production of pearl earrings is carried out by our partners in Thailand. They make each piece of jewelry by hand with the greatest care and passion. Of course under fair conditions and at eye level - our founder Dagmar regularly convinces herself of this. We also have an in-house repair service. After all, fejn does not make jewelry for the bin, but only jewelry for a lifetime! If your pearl earrings breaks or gets damaged, you can simply send it to us. We will do everything we can to get it back in shape. We promise! And you know what? If that doesn't work, we'll melt it down and make something new out of it. That's sustainability!

Real pearls: Buy earrings at fejn Jewelry

In the fejn online shop you can buy timelessly chic pearl earrings. They are all lovingly handcrafted and are characterized by their sustainable character. We make digital shopping easier for you with detailed product descriptions and images. This way you can find exactly the right piece for you and your taste. If you have made the wrong choice, you can make use of your right of return within 30 days. And now: On the pearl earrings, ready, set, go! Find your new favorite piece in the fejn online shop.