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Diamond Chains

It is probably one of the classic pieces of jewelry: the diamond necklace . Whether as a gift for a loved one or for yourself. This piece of jewelry exudes elegance and grace like no other. A diamond necklace is simply a real companion for life and, combined with high-quality precious metal, is absolutely durable. Whether simple or playful: at fejn you will find a diamond necklace that suits you, forever.

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Solid Gold Halskette mit Diamantanhänger golddiamantkette tiny diamond necklace solid gold getragen
tiny diamond necklace | solid gold Sale priceFrom €349,00
Solid Gold kleiner Diamant-Anhänger 14k Echtgold tiny diamond pendant | solid gold
Solid Gold mandala diamond necklace | solid goldMandala Halskette mit Diamant gold
Solid Gold klassiche Halskette mit Diamant-Choker 14k Echtgoldklassiche Halskette mit Diamant-Choker 14k Echtgold

Diamond necklace by fejn – durable, timeless, simply beautiful

A diamond necklace is a must-have in every jewelry box of any true jewelry fan. It is considered a timeless piece that goes with everything thanks to its clean design. Some urbanistas wear a Diamond necklace to any outfit and combine the piece of jewelry with other necklaces in the trendy layering look. Others choose a Diamond necklace rather for special occasions and let them shine solo on the neck. No matter what you decide, two things are always important when choosing a diamond necklace: a great design and environmentally friendly production. At fejn we combine both aspects in our diamond necklaces.

Dream team: diamond necklace combined with gold or silver

Because diamonds are particularly durable and high-quality, they should also be set in high-quality precious metal chains. A particularly popular classic: a gold chain with a diamond pendant! Our diamond necklace | gold shows how it's done. But why are gold chains particularly popular for decorating with diamonds? The answer is obvious: after all, gold has always stood for wealth and exclusivity and thus perfectly underlines the properties of diamonds.

You prefer a necklace with a diamond in silver? We've got you covered! Of course, Diamond Chains: Whatever you like is allowed. And some jewelry lovers simply prefer to wear silver jewelry. Our tiny diamond necklace is therefore also available in 925 sterling silver.

Lab grown diamonds

Not all diamonds are the same. As beautiful as the sparkling stones are, their history is often ugly. Perhaps you have heard of so-called "blood diamonds". Synthetic diamonds, on the other hand, are produced ethically and without child labor, miserable working conditions or conflict. These lab-grown diamonds are in no way inferior to conventional diamonds in terms of quality and appearance. However, they impress with flawless production. And, quite clearly: At fejn we only use lab-grown diamonds for our Diamond Chains. You can find out more about the production here: Laboratory-grown diamonds.

Are you as in love as we are with the prospect of wearing sparkling diamonds with a clear conscience? Then take a look at our entire selection of diamond jewelry. Here you will find, in addition to necklaces, also great earrings, rings and bracelets.

Special diamond necklace

Not all jewelry girls and boys are into simple diamond necklaces. For some, it can be clean and timeless, but still delicate, playful or even edgy. Good news: We at fejn have made it our mission to offer clean, real jewelry with a variety of designs. Trendy pieces, such as the diamond choker, or Diamond Chains with soft hippie charm, like our mandala diamond necklace, are therefore of course also part of our product range.

Diamond Necklace: DIY

You have already found a favorite necklace, but would like to give it that certain something? We have something for you! Beautiful necklace pendants, like the tiny diamond necklace charm, pimp up your existing piece of jewelry. The necklace with diamond pendant is ready! And the best thing: If you like, you can add more charms to the necklace! Our selection of necklace charms leaves no wish unfulfilled.

You can find even more DIY ideas in our blog article: How to create your own beautiful jewelry.

How to style a diamond necklace

Minimalist, glamorous, casual or business: A Diamond necklace can be worn in so many different ways. Combined with a simple, single-colored outfit and subtle earrings, the necklace looks absolutely minimalist. Combined with diamond earrings and an evening dress or chic jumpsuit, however, a glamorous appearance is guaranteed. Do you prefer something more casual? Then just wear the diamond necklace with jeans and a T-shirt. Such a necklace also goes perfectly with a business look. Simply combine the classic blouse and blazer with a simple diamond necklace. The rest of the jewelry should be more subtle for work.

Cleaning diamond chain

Is the Diamond necklace dirty or tarnished? That's annoying, but can usually be fixed quickly. High-quality jewelry has a great feature: it can be cleaned easily, sometimes even with simple household products.

If your diamond looks dull or has simply become dirty, you can soak it in lukewarm soapy water or a mixture of water and a little washing-up liquid for a while and then clean it with a soft brush (such as a toothbrush). Most dirt can be removed quickly this way and the diamond will regain its shine. Real diamonds never lose their shine. It is only diminished by impurities or scratches.

The precious metal of Diamond necklace may need cleaning. Tarnished areas are particularly unsightly. However, these can be removed with simple means. You can find out how to use baking soda, baking powder and gold or silver cleaning cloths in our two guide articles

Exchange diamond necklace

Especially with gifts, it can happen that the recipient is not convinced. For such and other cases, we offer 30-day return policy for Diamond Chains and all other fejn pieces. The only exceptions are personalized pieces of jewelry. If you don't like the necklace or prefer a different precious metal color, simply send it back and the purchase price will be refunded within a maximum of 14 days. No reason is required.