Gliederkette Halskette fejn Gliederkette Halskette gold

chain necklace

From €69,00
Kette disc mit Plättchen Anhänger vergoldet 24K shiny disc necklace - M/L

shiny disc necklace - M/L

From €59,00
simple hoops | solid gold - XS / S / M simple hoops | solid gold - XS / S / M
New Solid Gold
gift card

gift card

From €25,00
ornament necklace ornament necklace

ornament necklace

From €69,00
kette mit kreis ring circle necklace gold getragen kette mit kreis ring circle necklace Sterling Silber

medium circle necklace - M/L

From €59,00
perlenkette pearl necklace gold getragen perlenkette pearl necklace gold

pearl necklace

From €69,00
shiny disc necklace - personalized shiny disc necklace - personalized

shiny disc necklace - personalized

From €69,00
gemstone necklace gemstone necklace

gemstone necklace

From €59,00
kette summer pearls getragen summer pearl necklace

summer pearl necklace

shiny mini hoops | solid gold shiny mini hoops | solid gold
Solid Gold

shiny mini hoops | solid gold

From €89,00
satin mini hoops | solid gold satin mini hoops | solid gold
Solid Gold

satin mini hoops | solid gold

From €89,00
link chain necklace link chain necklace

link chain necklace

From €69,00
satin single ring | solid gold satin single ring | solid gold
Solid Gold

satin single ring | solid gold

tiny diamond stud | solid gold tiny diamond stud | solid gold
Solid Gold

tiny diamond stud | solid gold

From €199,00

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Individual gifts for mom and your loved ones

Clearly, moms deserve the best of everything! Whether for your own mother or new moms in your circle of friends: finding gifts for mom and beloved power women is not so easy. With timelessly beautiful jewelry from fejn you are always right. And the best thing about it: our accessories don't just shine on the outside. Because at fejn jewelry you store for sustainable and fairly produced jewelry. No matter if filigree necklaces, rings, earrings or bracelets: We focus on a lot of attention to detail, without a guilty conscience. To make sure that the packaging is also environmentally friendly, you can present gifts for mom and other favorite people nicely wrapped in our high-quality Furoshikis. The precious cloths from Japan are not only sustainably produced, but also a real eye-catcher.

Because the gift budget for special people and special occasions can be a bit larger, you can find minimalist gifts for 100 euros at fejn. Can it be a little more precious? Of course, seekers in the category for gifts over 150 euros will also find what they are looking for.

Timelessly beautiful: decorative Christmas gifts for mum

Every year the search begins for the perfect gift for mom for Christmas. We at fejn know: Finding Christmas gifts for parents is not that easy. Not only should the Christmas gifts under the tree be as original as possible, they should also perfectly match the family member receiving the gift and be as durable as possible. With fejn jewelry, your choice of gift for mom is spot on - in the truest sense of the word. Because our solid gold accessories combine timeless elegance with urban design. For example, how about our shiny square stud earrings made of recycled 14K solid gold? A great gift for mom and a real cheer-guarantor.

Your mom is more of a silver fan? In this case, too, we have the right piece of jewelry for you to choose from. For example, our tiny diamond bracelet with a discreet silver bracelet and a minimalist 0.0055 carat lab-grown diamond from ethical sources.

Giving jewelry as a gift at Christmas makes your loved ones happy and is sure to bring shining moments of happiness, whether as a gift for mom, dad or your favorite aunt. But even if you prefer to be on the safe side when it comes to gift selection, we offer the right gift alternative: Gift certificates are unimaginative? No way! There's absolutely nothing to stop you from leaving your mom to make her own chic Christmas choice. Simply load our gift voucher online with an amount of your choice and your favorite person can start shopping. So there are gifts for mom completely her taste, promised!

Mother's Day gifts: jewelery that inspires

Besides birthdays and Christmas, another annual event that makes mom's heart beat faster: Mother's Day! Because moms are real heroines and give everything for their loved ones every day, they deserve something special on this occasion. And this applies not only to experienced moms, but also to new moms. Whether you're looking for a gift for mom for Mother's Day, or a gift for a mom to give birth to, all everyday heroines will be delighted with a delicate Mother's Day accessory that perfectly reflects the style of the recipient. Also a great option: a mother-daughter gift. Jewelry like our shiny disc necklace, which can be personalized with the initials of both mother and child, suits moms with older daughters as well as young mother's happiness: The necklaces can either be worn as a very special symbol of the bond between the two of mom and daughter, or serve as a token of love for new moms to their newborns. This way, moms wear the mommy-daughter love close to their hearts every day. Wonderful idea for a gift for moms, right?

Finally of age! 18th Birthday Gifts

But not only gifts for moms should be chosen with special consideration. Another unique life event: the 18th birthday. Time for imaginative gifts! Not so easy for moms and dads. There are many gift ideas around the coming of age, but what if it should be something small but nice? Giving 18th birthday jewelry is always a good idea if you want the recipient to remember the special day every time she wears it. And what teen doesn't want that? To ensure that the coming-of-age gift can keep up with any change in style, it's best to keep it timeless and minimalist, like fejn's satin single ring in 14K yellow or rose gold. A delicate reminder of the special birthday that goes with everything.

Perfect for Valentine's Day: Fine jewelry made of silver or gold

A classic that never loses its charm: Valentine's Day jewelry! Whether gifts for mom from dad or from the sweetheart to the beloved - nothing expresses genuine affection more beautifully than filigree jewelry. But which is the perfect Valentine's Day gift? As is well known, woman loves it meaningful and stylish. If it's up to cupid and fejn, it may be special gestures on the day of love: How about our open heart studs for the ear, for example, or the single diamond ring made of solid gold? Psst: The finger jewelry is also perfect as an engagement ring - for extra meaningful Valentine's Day gestures!

Not quite mom's style? This is how the return works

Don't worry! Even if gifts for mom are not as well received as hoped, we have your back. Because unworn items can simply be returned to us within 30 days and without giving any reasons. Where is the catch? There is none! We will refund your purchase price immediately upon receipt of your shipment. On the gift for mom are initials or names? Then please note when purchasing that we personalized gifts for mom and loved ones are excluded from return. Is there a defect in the piece of jewelry given as a gift? We will gladly take care of that too! Our repair service is there for you.