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Diamond Bracelets

They are classic, elegant and simply outlast every trend. Diamond bracelets have always been particularly popular pieces of jewelry. By choosing lab-grown diamonds and combining them with recycled gold or silver, the beautiful bracelet is not only a visual eye-catcher, but also ethically sound. At fejn you will find clean real jewelry pieces with diamonds that impress with their understated grace and sustainability.

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Solid Gold dezentes Goldarmband mit Diamant Echtgold fejndezentes Goldarmband mit Diamant Echtgold
Solid Gold Made to order Tennis Armband im Vintage DesignVintage Design Tennis Armband

Diamond bracelets from fejn - filigree favorite jewelry with a sparkle guarantee

Do you love diamonds and would like to have as many pieces of jewelry as possible with the beautiful crystal? Or maybe you are just getting started with the high-quality gems. No matter where you are, we have the right Diamond Bracelet for you. The selection of bracelets ranges from simple to sophisticated. Our gold and silver bracelets are made of precious metals and, once ordered, will arrive in no time. Small goodie: As the value of our Diamond Bracelets is over 100 euros, shipping is free of charge. What are you waiting for?

Diamond bracelet with lab grown diamonds

We use for our Diamond Bracelets exclusively lab-grown diamonds, also known as laboratory grown diamonds. These are just as high quality as conventional diamonds, but also convince every jewelry lover from an ethical point of view. Natural diamonds are only found in extinct volcanoes. Obtaining them is sometimes dangerous and poor working conditions make mining problematic.

When manufacturing in the laboratory, we at fejn use a particularly energy-efficient process. This is where a new diamond is created from a minimal diamond core. You can find out more about the diamond manufacturing process and its numerous advantages here: Laboratory-grown diamonds.

Silver or gold bracelet with diamonds?

The classic combination is to combine diamonds with gold. This glamorous jewelry duo has always been a real dream team. But even a Diamond Bracelet with silver can shine just as beautifully. Ultimately, the precious metal that you like best is the right one.

Will the Diamond Bracelet (gold or silver) and you are not sure which color suits the recipient best? Perhaps these rules of thumb will help: A gold bracelet with diamonds flatters warmer skin tones in particular. It is no wonder that warmer clothing colors also harmonize particularly well with gold. But gold is also the right choice for royal blue and emerald green. Cooler skin tones and outfit colors match best with a silver bracelet with diamonds. This also applies to bright pastel looks.

If you choose a diamond bracelet in gold, it is usually made from 14-carat recycled solid gold at fejn. The silver version is made from 925 sterling silver.

Diamond bracelet: Ladies, how to combine correctly

Just a simple Diamond Bracelet can be worn in many different ways. There are no no-gos. You can of course make your diamond bracelet stand out by wearing the piece of jewelry alone with a simple outfit. This works for everyday looks as well as for straightforward outfits for date night or business lunch. Particularly eye-catching looks, on the other hand, make the diamond bracelet stand out less, but they round off the outfit perfectly.

A Diamond Bracelet can also be combined excellently with other pieces of jewelry. Diamond earrings or a matching necklace ensure an elegant overall look. Combined with delicate jewelry without diamonds, your bracelet with diamonds immediately looks a little more casual.

Give a diamond bracelet as a gift

Looking for a gift for your loved one? A bracelet with diamonds, like our diamond bracelet with a diamond of 0.055 carats, is certainly a good choice! Diamond bracelets are perfect for anniversaries, wedding anniversaries or as a special birthday gift. But who says that a Diamond Bracelet can only be given to your partner? Exactly, no one! Just give your mom or best friend this eye-catcher for their (big) birthday. Even as a group gift, this gift is not only nice to look at, but also a symbol of eternal connection.

For all those who are looking for an absolutely unique Diamond Bracelet Gift that exudes vintage charm and provides moments of luxury on your arm, we also have something ready: Our diamond tennis bracelet made of 9-carat real gold and with 20 laboratory-grown diamonds, it is the must-have piece of jewelry. Did you know? The term "tennis bracelet" was used after the famous tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a match in 1987. She asked for the game to be stopped until the bracelet was found. At fejn, the piece of jewelry is made exclusively to order and with a production time of four to six weeks.

Caring for a diamond bracelet

With careful care and storage, you will enjoy your Diamond Bracelet. Make sure to take off your bracelet before showering or jumping into the pool. You should also avoid contact with cosmetics and perfumes. If the bracelet is not being worn, it should also be stored in an airtight container and protected from sunlight, for example in a suitable jewelry box. If it is dirty, the bracelet can be gently bathed in soapy water and then cleaned with a cloth or soft brush. Tarnished areas can be treated with gold and silver cleaning cloths. Some household remedies, such as baking powder or aluminum foil, also help with the cleaning the gold diamond bracelet.