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Something special she will treasure forever - surprise your beloved ones with a piece of timeless jewelry.

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simple hoop - XS / S / M / L Sale priceFrom €19,00
satin flat hoop - M / L Sale priceFrom €29,00
gemstone & pearl hoop Sale priceFrom €29,00
single ring Sale priceFrom €19,00
Furoshiki Sale price€3,50
bold hoops - S / M Sale priceFrom €34,00
tiny double ear cuff Sale priceFrom €19,00
satin ball stud Sale priceFrom €24,00
twisted hoop - XS / M Sale priceFrom €39,00
mini hoops shiny Sale priceFrom €19,00
twisted hoop - XS / M Sale priceFrom €29,00
gemstone & pearl hoop charms Sale priceFrom €12,50
satin disc bracelet gold Sale price€16,00
mini hoops satin Sale priceFrom €19,00
tiny stud Sale priceFrom €19,00
shiny ball studs Sale priceFrom €24,00

Small gifts from fejn jewelry – high-quality gifts on a small budget

Are you looking for a quality gift for 30 euros or less? To make someone happy, you don't always have to dig deep into your pocket. Sometimes small gifts and attentions are quite enough as a small thank you gift. Here at fejn there is a large selection of minimalist gifts and genuine jewelry attention. And for every budget. Whether bracelet, ring, earring or original gift packaging - we have gifts for 20 euros to gifts for 30 euros, which give everyone a little joy. But our product world is not only handmade and shines in urban splendor, sustainability is also absolutely valued: Small gifts for women, big for the environment.

Small gifts, large selection: bracelet, ring and more

Our selection of small gifts is diverse, high-quality and offers something for everyone. How about a clean ear stud made of 925 sterling silver (available as a single from 17 euros) or unusual creoles, for example in hexagon shape, for under 30 euros? Our selection of inexpensive ear jewelry is special and unusual - but never loses its clean character and is made of sustainable materials. Bracelets also delight gift-giving jewelry fans. Many pearl bracelets are available for around 30 euros, our 40cean beaded bracelet is even significantly lower at 20 euros. What unites our small bracelet gifts for under 30 euros? They are clean, chic and sustainably made. We love it! Of course, our selection of small gifts does not end with bracelets and earrings: we also offer delicate rings or personalized gifts "for the small purse". Fancy packed in our Furoshikis, a square cloth in which gifts are traditionally wrapped in Japan, small gifts make quite an impression. Of course, other attentions as jewelry may also be packed in the noble and sustainably produced cloths.

A voucher is perfect as a small thank you gift

Do you not yet know the recipient very well or are you simply unsure which precious metal suits the wearer best? No problem: with a gift voucher in the amount of 25 euros, jewelry dreams come true. If you choose this option, you will receive a voucher code by e-mail, which can be redeemed in the entire fejn online store. The presentee is sure to find what she is looking for. Whether the voucher is used for a small gift or represents a share of a more expensive piece of jewelry is up to the voucher owner. And the best: The decision for a favorite part has time! The voucher is valid for three years.

Small gifts say "thank you!"

Did your best friend do you a big favor or is there a co-worker who did great things? Maybe you also want to thank your mom. No matter: A small thank-you gift made of silver or gold is certainly an excellent way to simply say "You're great!". Unlike the usual small gifts, such as wine, flowers or chocolate, this attention, with good care, lasts a lifetime. And who knows, maybe the bracelet or ring given as a gift will still put a smile in the eyes of the recipient years later. What a beautiful idea, right?

When is a small present appropriate?

Is a small gift enough or is it time for something bigger? Sometimes the decision is not so easy! Whether small gifts under 30 euros are a good choice, but is actually quickly clear. Is a non-round birthday coming up or does the aunt or cousin want to be given a present for Christmas? Then small birthday gifts and attentions for around 30 euros are perfect. This budget is also sufficient for employee gifts or a gift "just like that". Who is looking for a group gift, one for a special birthday, a wedding or an anniversary, may also spend a few euros more. Of course, we also have gifts for larger budgets on offer.

Small gifts: (Not) an easy choice

If the budget stands, but the choice of the gift jewelry not yet, it often goes on the (online) search. Because it is not always obvious whether a ring, earring or bracelet will be given as a gift. We help in the decision-making process for small gifts and put an end to eternal online search! To give a ring as a gift, the ring size of the recipient must be known. Perhaps the partner can also help with this. If the ring size is completely unknown or if the presentee rarely wears rings anyway, this little thank-you gift may not be ideal. Also the ear jewelry taste varies. Does the recipient often wear creoles or ornate stud earrings? Then another piece will complete the collection. Small gifts for the ear are perfect here. For girlfriends of simple ear jewelry, clean plugs or single plugs are a better choice. Bracelets appeal to most women and are a popular small gift for girlfriends. Especially our personalized bracelets or fabric bracelets with real jewelry element are often given to the best friend as a friendship bracelet. Simply bought twice - connected forever. #friendshipgoals. This is how we love small gifts. Are you looking to "play it safe" because you might not know the recipient that well yet or are just unsure? That's no problem either. Decide on a voucher in the desired budget and leave the choice to the other person. So in the end everyone is happy with the jewelry piece as a small thank you gift.

Exchanging small cheap gifts – is that possible?

No matter how carefully you chose small gifts, sometimes the choice was just not the right one. Maybe the recipient already owns the same or similar piece of jewelry, or would like to wear a different (precious metal) color. This is what happens. That's why we at fejn jewelry offer a 30-day exchange policy for small thank you gifts. You can simply send us the small gifts, without giving any reason, directly to our headquarters and we will refund the full purchase price. Very simple.