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Something special she will treasure forever - surprise your beloved ones with a piece of timeless jewelry.

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Solid Gold simple hoops | solid gold - XS / S / Mschlichte Creolen recyceltes 14k Echtgold roségold
Solid Gold diamantring diamond ring solid golddiamantring diamond ring solid gold getragen
Solid Gold Halskette mit Diamantanhänger golddiamantkette tiny diamond necklace solid gold getragen
tiny diamond necklace | solid gold Sale priceFrom €349,00
Solid Gold Halskette mit flachen Disc Anhänger EchtgoldHalskette mit flachen Disc Anhänger Echtgold
Solid Gold Ohrstecker mit Diamant EchtgoldOhrstecker mit Diamant fejn
tiny diamond stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €219,00
Solid Gold gedrehter Diamantring aus Echtgoldgedrehter Diamantring aus Echtgold fejn
Solid Gold gedrehter ring 14k Echtgoldgedrehter Ring 14K Echtgold fejn
twisted ring | solid gold Sale price€189,00
Solid Gold gedrehte Creolen-Ohrstecker aus EchtgoldCreolen-Ohrstecker gedreht Echtgold
tiny twisted hoops | solid gold Sale priceFrom €169,00
Solid Gold Kette mit Ornament Anhänger aus Echtgold Kette mit Ornament Anhänger aus Echtgold
ornament necklace | solid gold Sale price€329,00
Solid Gold schlichte Goldkette ohne Anhänger
plain necklace | solid gold Sale price€189,00
Solid Gold Diamantring aus Echtgold mit 15 Diamanten gold fejnmemory diamond ring | solid gold
Solid Gold medium circle necklace | solid goldHalskette mit kreisanhänger gold
Solid Gold kleine creolen gold diamantfunkelnde diamant creolen gold
diamond huggie | solid gold Sale priceFrom €329,00
Solid Gold Buchstabenkette Buchstabe A goldBuchstabenkette Buchstabe gold
letter necklace | solid gold Sale price€269,00
Solid Gold farbiger memory ring fejnfarbiger goldring fejn
Solid Gold Halskette mit Kreisanhänger 14k EchtgoldHalskette mit Kreisanhänger 14k Echtgold

Gifts for women - special jewelry by fejn

Nothing says "you mean a lot to me" better than a high-quality piece of jewelry in a timeless design. Jewelry gifts for women that fit the wearer are not always easy to find. Especially partners often find it difficult to find the right accessory to match the style of their loved one. Thanks to a large selection as well as delicate and timeless designs of rings, bracelets, necklaces and Co. fejn jewelry facilitates the gift search. For jewelry moments that move and hearts of urban jewelry heroines guaranteed to beat faster. But it's not just the gift content that counts. The presentation of the special gift is at least as important. We have a high-quality solution for this as well: our Furoshikis wrap gifts for girlfriends or wives in style. The square, Japanese cloths not only come in a noble design, they are also sustainably produced. Just the right packaging for extravagant gifts for women. Whether gifts for 200€ or gifts for 300€ - for special occasions and important people of the heart we certainly offer the right gift option. But we at fejn also know: High-quality gifts for women that come from the heart don't have to cost a fortune. So if you want to store for gifts up to 200€ for your sweetheart, you're also in the right place with us - in the truest sense of the word. And the best: fejn offers not only beautiful gifts for women, but also sustainable. Because all our jewelry is produced fairly and environmentally friendly.

High-quality gifts for women in a timeless design

Especially suitable gifts for women: Jewelry! Because since time immemorial, gold, silver, pearls and precious stones make romantic gifts for women. Whether gifts for girlfriend, mother, sister or best friend: Who wants to show his favorite person with a special gesture, how much he is loved, goes in search of the right piece of jewelry.

And as everyone knows: Diamonds are a girl's best friend! That's why precious diamonds are particularly suitable as a gift for women. How about our tiny diamond necklace made of 14K full gold or 925 sterling silver? The discreet necklace captivates with its minimalist design and the carefully incorporated 0.055 carat diamond of ethical origin. Mom is more of a bracelet wearer? Then our tiny diamond bracelet in the same design is the right choice.

Wedding or Anniversary Gift for Her

Finding the right gift for women for a wedding or anniversary can be a particular challenge. Because there are many wedding gifts in particular - but finding stylish wedding gifts with a personal touch is often difficult. Giving jewelry for a wedding has a symbolic character: because a high-quality jewelry gift is noble and lasts a lifetime. It becomes especially personal with a personalized necklace, for example, adorned with the first letter of the beloved person. Our letter necklace in 14K yellow gold offers wearers the opportunity to carry their sweetheart or loved one very close to them - every day! For those looking to rekindle engagement vibes on their anniversary, the best way to surprise your loved one is with a ring as an anniversary gift. Our 14K yellow gold memory diamond ring is set with 15 eco-friendly diamonds (0.01 carat) and sparkles with the recipient, we promise! Guaranteed to be the perfect anniversary gift.

Romantic birthday gifts for women

The birthday of the loved ones is just around the corner and in the head prevails gift ideas lull? Then surprise them with a very special gift that comes from the heart - literally!

It's no secret: heart shapes are considered the ultimate symbol of love. Integrated into high-quality jewelry, they give necklaces, bracelets or earrings that extra portion of loving elegance. So, as a gift for girlfriend or wife, pieces of jewelry with a heart motif are particularly suitable. Your sweetheart is not only in love with you, but also with necklace jewelry? Then she will especially like our heart necklace. The filigree chain is adjustable in length and can be worn either as a single eye-catcher or in combination with other necklace jewelry. Thanks to the 14K yellow gold it looks especially noble and high quality processed. Your sweetheart is more of a rose gold wearer? Don't worry: The heart necklace is also available in this look at fejn.

Fejn forgives bad purchases - this is how the return works

Despite all the care taken in the selection process, it can happen that gifts for women are not as well received as hoped. If you have misjudged the style of your loved one, the ring size is not right or the piece of jewelry is not the right color, but that is not a disaster. We know that this can happen. That's why unworn and non-personalized fejn jewelry can easily be returned to us within 30 days without giving any reason. We will then refund the purchase amount immediately. Practical, isn't it? If you don't want it to come to that, you can of course make use of our gift voucher: As soon as it has been loaded with the desired amount, women or other presentees can easily choose and order their jewelry gift themselves.