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Hello summer! Get your feet ready to play with our lovely anklets.

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Filigree and sustainable - foot jewelery from fejn

Trendy ankle jewelry brings summer to your ankles and enhances any breezy look. Whether minimalist classic like the link chain anklet or filigree playful like our single pearl anklet - the different anklet designs from fejn fit your style. Gold and silver fans will find what they are looking for: Many of our anklets are made of 925 sterling silver or 925 sterling silver with 18 carat gold plating. For those who like cooler looks, silver anklets are the best choice, while advocates of warmer jewelry tones are right on target with gold anklets.

And fejn's ankle jewelry doesn't just look good - it's also sustainably produced. As with all our products, we use only recycled precious metals to manufacture our anklets. This is how we create favorite pieces with strong character and ensure clean jewelry styles without an ecological burden on the leg. Learn more about our sustainable materials in our blog article.

Anklets – gold, silver or with pearls

Whether gold, silver or with pearls from sustainably managed farms: fejn offers a diverse selection of anklets that perfectly round off summer outfits. When wearing billowing midi dresses or short linen shorts, delicate anklets like our triple ball anklet provide a casually elegant finish. Urban heroines can also mix and match fejn ankle jewelry to easily create the look that suits them best. This way, even the casual beach look or the outfit for a coffee date becomes an eye-catcher.

Anklets: A trend with history

Anklets are in vogue! But what today adorns the legs of women all over the world as fashion jewelry, started rather unsightly. Because the history of foot jewelry goes far back into the past:

the jewelry aspect of anklets was first coined centuries ago by Indian women, who wore the foot jewelry primarily as a publicly visible sign of their strict marriage bond. Later in ancient Egypt, ankle jewelry then became a sign of wealth in conjunction with jewelry items such as necklaces, rings or bracelets. The anklet only became fashion jewelry when it found its way to the USA in the late 20th century. From there, the trend also reached Europe, where it continues to this day. In addition to classic materials such as gold or silver, leather, plastic, nylon and similar materials are also used and combined for modern anklet manufacturing.

Especially women in Asia or the Orient wear anklets even these days not only for fashion jewelry reasons: Equipped with bells or other sound-producing materials, the foot jewelry serves as a rhythm generator for traditional dances.

Anklets for summery legs

When you think of ankle jewelry, you automatically think of balmy summer evenings, long walks on the beach and hot vacation days. In the warm season, filigree anklets become a special eye-catcher thanks to shorts and short dresses and skirts and add the finishing touch to summer outfits. But who says that anklets can only be worn in summer? When they peek out from under long fabric pants or jeans, they provide summery moments even in the cold winter. So anklets can be a chic companion all year round.

Foot jewelery as a personal gift

Fejn's stylish selection of anklets offers urban heroines the opportunity to surprise their loved ones with a very special piece of jewelry. Anklets are the perfect gift for mom, sister or best friend. Because it doesn't always have to be friendship bracelets!

How about an anklet instead? Personalized and in partner look as the ultimate proof of friendship. With our gemstone anklet, you can choose between band colors and opt for a freshwater pearl or a turquoise semi-precious stone. It's also up to you whether you want the metal color to be gold or silver. This is how you conjure up a meaningful jewelry gift that is a proof of friendship, a lucky charm and a daily companion all in one. For a gift that is guaranteed to be as special as your connection!

What can't be missing from a perfect gift? That's right! The right packaging. For this fejn has come up with something special: Furoshiki cloths. Popular in Japan, these precious cloths are not only sustainably produced, but also reusable. The fabric square, which was originally used primarily as a tote and bath towel, now serves as a stylish plastic packaging replacement. Thanks to this pretty packaging, the recipient is doubly happy about the piece of jewelry, we promise!

Take proper care of fejn foot jewelry

Especially during summertime, minimalist anklets are a daily companion for urban nomads. But watch out: As tempting as it may seem - you'd better take off your anklet for the jump into the refreshingly cool water or the daily shower. As with all our gold and silver jewelry, water can affect the longevity of your anklet. This also applies to creams, perfumes and cosmetics. Your ankle jewelry should therefore not come into contact with these substances.

For all urban heroines for whom the constant taking off and putting on of ankle jewelry is nevertheless too exhausting, we have good news: Because our minimalist designed gemstone anklet is waterproof!