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Echtgold Ketten

Solid Gold - fine gold necklaces

Minimalist solid gold chains from fejn stand for a strong look paired with sustainable production. All gold chains are made from recycled precious metals and are therefore exactly the right accessories for today's stylish heroines. Whether you choose a model made of solid gold or the shine of gold-plated highlights: our 14-carat gold necklaces provide a particularly individual touch and round off any outfit wonderfully thanks to their minimalist design!

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Solid Gold Halskette mit Diamantanhänger golddiamantkette tiny diamond necklace solid gold getragen
tiny diamond necklace | solid gold Sale priceFrom €349,00
Solid Gold Halskette mit flachen Disc Anhänger EchtgoldHalskette mit flachen Disc Anhänger Echtgold
Solid Gold Kette mit Ornament Anhänger aus Echtgold Kette mit Ornament Anhänger aus Echtgold
ornament necklace | solid gold Sale price€329,00
Solid Gold schlichte Goldkette ohne Anhänger
plain necklace | solid gold Sale price€189,00
Solid Gold medium circle necklace | solid goldHalskette mit kreisanhänger gold
Solid Gold kleiner Diamant-Anhänger 14k Echtgold tiny diamond pendant | solid gold
Solid Gold Kettenanhänger Buchstaben goldKettenanhänger Buchstaben gold A B C D
letter pendant | solid gold Sale price€99,00
Solid Gold Buchstabenkette Buchstabe A goldBuchstabenkette Buchstabe gold
letter necklace | solid gold Sale price€269,00
Solid Gold Halskette mit Kreisanhänger 14k EchtgoldHalskette mit Kreisanhänger 14k Echtgold
Solid Gold Halskette mit flachen Disc Anhänger Echtgold glänzendHalskette mit flachen Disc Anhänger Echtgold glänzend
Solid Gold Kette mit Herzanhänger goldKette mit Herzanhänger gold
heart necklace | solid gold Sale price€219,00
Solid Gold mandala diamond necklace | solid goldMandala Halskette mit Diamant gold
Solid Gold klassiche Halskette mit Diamant-Choker 14k Echtgoldklassiche Halskette mit Diamant-Choker 14k Echtgold
Solid Gold dicke lange goldkette fejngoldkette lang fejn
New Solid Gold Baguette Stein Kette mit Halbedelstein EchtgoldBaguette Stein Kette mit Halbedelstein Echtgold

Fine gold necklace from fejn - minimalist, sustainable, simply beautiful

Our timeless fine gold chains combine minimalist design with an extra portion of sustainable chic! They are not only the perfect complement to your individual style, but also an expression of the highest quality and uniqueness - because at fejn each fine gold chain is lovingly handcrafted. And that's not all: the use of recycled precious metals fine gold necklace from fejn jewelry embodies your sustainable awareness and social responsibility. No matter whether you choose the elegant solid gold chain, the gold-plated piece or the minimalist gold pendant: with our clean fine gold necklaces you make a clear statement about your unique style, your character and your values. You go girl!

Want a necklace? Ladies, gold it is!

Times are golden - especially with our beautiful 14 carat gold chains! By the way, you can choose from pure solid gold chains according to your taste, for example this ornament necklace, or high-quality gold-plated pieces like this small circle necklace, choose. The difference? Our solid gold chains are made from recycled gold and represent special longevity and value. The cheaper gold-plated versions, on the other hand, are made of recycled precious metal, which is covered with a high-quality gold coating.

But even when it comes to the exact color, there is often not just one, but two options for you: You can find many of our handmade gold chains in both shiny rose gold and chic yellow gold - for example the subtle one triple ball necklace or the cool one chain necklace. Our tip: Rose gold is an excellent all-rounder for every skin type, while rich yellow gold particularly skilfully accentuates darker complexions and strong outfit colors. Ultimately, however, the following applies: Whatever you like is allowed. And station wagons that fall outside the classic mold have, in our humble opinion, a particularly expressive charm anyway!

Real gold necklace with engraving: For yourself or as a gift

Would you like a particularly individual touch around your neck? Then you should definitely take a look at our shiny disc necklace or the tag necklace. We lovingly hand-punch a letter in a timelessly cool typewriter look onto the minimalist pendants of these chic models. And if a single letter isn't enough, you can even use one on the shiny disc necklace second or third letter add to!

The best thing about it: The personalized pieces of jewelry not only make a strong statement for your own neck, but are also suitable as particularly personal gifts: The stamped letters allow you to express beautiful emotional relationships and make the piece a unique sign of connection. The perfect gift for yourself, your favorite people, your best friends or your family!

Fine gold necklaces: heart, mandala or with semi-precious stone?

Every urban heroine has her own unique taste! That's why fejn offers chains with a wide variety of pendants that powerfully underline each individual character. Our open heart necklace impresses with its timeless heart pendant mandala diamond necklace a beautiful mandala shines and at the letter necklaces it is a powerful real gold chain with letters. If you would like to add some color to the golden game, you should also take a look at our gemstone necklaces Throw: You can complement these favorite pieces with a semi-precious stone or pearl of your choice. A real eye-catcher! But you can also find great designs among our pendantless gold chains that give your personal style a glamorous touch: ours chain necklace for example, ensures an edgy look par excellence, while the plain necklace sets a particularly clean accent.

Gold necklaces: Ladies, let's be sustainable!

Good fine gold chain, bad fine gold chain: When it comes to the ethics and sustainability behind stylish pieces of jewelry, the motto “outside great, inside ugh” unfortunately often becomes the reality behind the sparkling facade. It's different at fejn: We do everything we can to ensure that our gold chains are not only stylish, but also sustainable. As RJC certified jewelry brand We clearly rely on the use of recycled gold and other precious metals. Because why should we allow valuable raw materials to be mined in an environmentally harmful way when there are already so many unused treasures in circulation? Recycling is the credo of the hour!

But our responsibility does not stop with the material, but extends to the entire production: Our handmade real gold chains are created under fair working conditions in our small factory Manufactory in Thailand. We also stand for transparent delivery routes and have our own in-house Repair service. If your real gold chain ever gets damaged, you can simply contact us and we will do everything we can to give your favorite piece new shine again. And you know what? If that doesn't work, we simply melt the good piece down and create a new highlight out of it! Circularity at it's best! If you want to buy a gold chain where everything is just right, then fejn is the right place for you!

Your gold necklace in a layering look for every occasion

Have you ever heard of layering? This popular trend involves wearing several necklaces – in different lengths, designs and colors – at once. This look allows you to get particularly creative and create your very own style. No matter whether you prefer a casual everyday look, an elegant evening outfit or an individual boho style: layering always looks great! And at fejn Jewelry you will find the perfect gold chains for this trend: Thanks to the minimalist and delicate design, our chic gold chains can be combined with one another particularly easily and variably. So what are you waiting for? Discover our range now, find your personal favorite pieces and create your own individual layering look!