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Article: Sustainable jewelry production in Thailand – craftmanship with tradition

nachhaltige schmuckproduktion

Sustainable jewelry production in Thailand – craftmanship with tradition

Designed in ourstudio in Cologne, the pieces by fejn jewelry are made in Thailand with a lot of love and genuine craftsmanship – in line with the highest sustainability standards. We are happy to share with you how jewelry production abroad can be combined with responsible actions and what makes Thailand a unique production location.

Why jewelry from Thailand?

There are many jewelry producers and locations across the globe. In the end, we were convinced that Thailand was the right place for us. Here, the jewelry craftmanship has been professionalized for centuries. We also appreciate the open and supportive collaboration with our partners. And the most important thing: the quality is excellent. From bracelets and earrings to chains and rings – every single piece from our partner workshop is unique, beautiful and of high quality.

History of jewelry production in Thailand

Jewelry production has a long tradition in Thailand and is by no means a product of globalization. For centuries, Thailand has been particularly famous for the production of silver jewelry. Craftsmanship has a long history in the Land of Smiles.

Jewelry production started in northern Thailand. Several tribes would craft amulets and tribal emblems, some included spectacular engravings. Bracelets, earrings and the like were produced later on. Fun fact: even today, in some remote regions, payments are made in silver coins instead of paper money. This illustrates how ingrained this craftsmanship is in the culture.

There are social reasons for jewelry from Thailand

Jewelry production is economically important for Thailand. It secures thousands of jobs. Interestingly, especially women are employed in jewelry production, they makeup the majority of workers. Today, roughly a quarter of the world's silver jewelry is crafted in Thailand. This makes clear how important the branch of industry is for the local economy. Especially during the pandemic, when tourism slowed down, jewelry production became even more important.

Sustainable jewelry production abroad: Naturally!

Environmental awareness, sustainability and social responsibility play an important role for fejn jewelry. Doesn’t that rule out jewelry production abroad? Not at all! When choosing our producers, we adhere to the highest quality standards. Our partners are certified and fair towards their employees and the environment - and represents the values at fejn. We also have one thing in common: a passion for jewelry craftsmanship.

We also visit our partner workshop regularly to ensure the quality of the products, production and of course the working conditions. On site, we discuss what we can improve in the future. Every visit is truly an impressive as well as informative experience. The predominantly female workers put their hearts and souls into the genuine jewelry and make it exceptional. They are an important part of the fejn promise of quality.

Climate-neutral transport is essential

Obviously, the transport route for our jewelry is not exactly short. Every single piece has been on a long journey. And we want to make sure it is as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefore, the transport routes are 100% climate-neutral. This applies both to the route from production abroad to the studio in Cologne and to the route to the customer's home.

From precious metal to earring or bracelet – this is how it works

A lot of love and several production stages go into each of our precious pieces of jewelry. fejn jewelry doesn't just come out of a machine. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are part of each piece. We will share how delicate urban jewelry is made from a high-quality raw material in Thailand:

Step 1: First, the genuine jewelry pieces are designed in Cologne. It all starts with an idea and the first sketch.

Step 2: The first sample piece of jewelry is then handcrafted in Thailand. This is the basis for further wax moldings, which are then filled with the liquid precious metal.







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