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Huggie Ohrringe

Huggie earrings

Our huggie hoop earrings nestle close to the earlobe. The simple folding closure makes these hoop earring styles particularly irresistible!

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satin huggies Sale priceFrom €34,00
ball huggies Sale priceFrom €34,00
Solid Gold kleine creolen gold diamantfunkelnde diamant creolen gold
diamond huggie | solid gold Sale priceFrom €329,00
New hexagon sechseck huggie creole aus recyceltem Sterling Silberhexagon sechseck huggie creole aus recyceltem Sterling Silber vergoldet
hexagon huggie Sale priceFrom €39,00
New rectangle huggierectangle huggie
rectangle huggie Sale priceFrom €39,00
New glänzende huggie creolen goldglänzende huggie creolen silber
shiny huggie Sale priceFrom €39,00
Solid Gold kleine huggie Creolen 14k Echtgold glänzendkleine huggie Creolen 14k Echtgold glänzend
shiny huggie | solid gold Sale priceFrom €249,00

Calmly beautiful Huggies earrings - timeless and clean from fejn Jewelry

A stylish hug for your ear: that's what you get with these Huggies earrings by fejn! As a trendy jewelry must-have, they ensure special jewelry moments. Fitting closely to the ear, they create a unique look that always appears elegant and “effortless”. Whether in the office, for date night or combined with a casual leisure outfit -Huggies earrings just always go! Our Huggies earrings are available in many stylish variations as well as in gold, silver and rose gold. This gives every urban heroine the chance to find her very own favorite huggie. And the best? All of ours Huggie hoops are manufactured with great care and under sustainable conditions.

Minimalist earrings – huggies to fall in love with

Huggie hoop earrings are very trendy - and not without reason. Jewelry fans particularly appreciate the hoop earrings for their unique design. But what actually makes them so special?
Huggies earrings are small, round or oval shaped earrings that are designed to fit snugly around the earlobe. They also owe their name to this design feature. The name “Huggies” comes from the idea that the earrings gently and stylishly hug or envelop the ear. Among jewelry lovers, the mostly delicate and versatile Huggies earrings are particularly valued for their comfortable wearing comfort and their minimalist, elegant design.

Produced sustainably and responsibly

At fejn we are convinced that beauty and sustainability can – and even should – go hand in hand. That's why our entire range of jewelry is sustainably produced. Our minimalist ones Huggies earrings are no exception. Our Huggie Earrings are hand-made in a strictly controlled environment Production facility in Thailand manufactured and consist of sustainable materials like recycled silver or gold. Social aspects and the creation and maintenance of fair working conditions are also very important to us. The result? Pieces of jewelry that are “hui” inside and out. Ugh won't go in our jewelry box!

By the way, our sustainability promise also applies far beyond the manufacturing and purchasing process of jewelry: If earrings, necklaces, etc. break or suddenly develop a defect, ours is our responsibility repair service here for you. In the spirit of sustainability, we always do our best to save your piece of jewelry through professional repairs. If, to our regret, this doesn't work, we still have a solution: we simply melt down pieces of jewelry that cannot be repaired. This way they can easily become a new favorite piece, yay!

Your Huggies earrings – silver or gold?

Whether worn classically as a pair of earrings or individually as part of the trendy "ear party look": Huggie Hoops are characterized by their calm versatility. At fejn, lovers of all jewelry colors and styles will find what they are looking for - we promise. Because our Huggies earrings are available in a variety of designs: gold huggie earrings, silver huggie earrings, rose gold huggies or diamond-studded earrings – you name it, we have it. By the way: You can order our huggies not only as a pair of earrings, but also individually.

How about the classic one, for example satin huggie from fejn? Individually or in a double pack, they effortlessly enhance your look thanks to their clean design in gold, silver or rose gold and are also available in different versions shiny available in real gold. For those who crave a little more of the good old “bling bling” is our diamond huggie the right choice. This earring embodies elegance without appearing overloaded. Adorned by sustainable, laboratory grown diamonds and made of 14K solid gold, they make your ear shine. Perfect for special jewelry moments or as a gift for your favorite person! Whether for an anniversary, a birthday or as a wedding gift. Every jewelry-loving fashion nomad would be happy to receive a sustainable diamond gift.

By the way: If, despite all your love for jewelry, you are not sure whether gold or silver jewelry suits you and your skin type better, you can ask yourself the following questions. They will help you solve the puzzle of finding the perfect shade of precious metal:

Is your skin tone rather dark or does it look freshly tanned? Because of their warm undertone, gold huggies are probably the right choice for you. If you would describe your skin complexion as fair overall and tend to be pale, silver Huggies earrings will suit you better. Thanks to its cool color, silver not only makes your look shine, but can also visually minimize skin redness. The delicate rosé color, on the other hand, goes well with all skin types. But of course you always decide for yourself which color choice best suits your style.

How to properly care for Huggies earrings

Regardless of which of our stylish ones Huggies earrings you decide: So that you can enjoy your new favorite huggies for a long time, you should care for them properly. This includes, for example, keeping things as airtight as possible. Because when it comes into contact with air, silver turns black - it oxidizes. Even though this is a natural process, dark streaks on your huggies look rather unsightly. The jewelry box, which we include with most of our orders, provides relief and protects your jewelry from the influence of air.

You should also do yours before your daily care routine or before jumping into the shower or into the cool pool Huggies earrings better put down. Water, creams, perfumes and other cosmetics can attack the surface of your Huggie Earrings and damage them. That's why the same applies to wearing your huggies every day: better safe than sorry!