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edgy diamond ring | solid gold

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On Sale - Jewelry by fejn

It doesn't matter whether it's gold or silver jewelry, whether it's a necklace or bracelet - there's hardly a better feeling than getting your favorite piece at the best price during jewelry sales . We regularly say goodbye to previous designs to make room for new ones. Urban heroines are sure to find what they are looking for at fejn. And best of all: on-sale jewelry is twice as much fun if it is produced sustainably and fairly.

Like all fejn pieces, our reduced accessories and jewelry set sale pieces are manufactured under fair conditions and are made from recycled gold or silver. How exactly does this work? You can find out more about our production methods and the procurement of precious metals in our blog post about the use of sustainable materials .

Because: even inexpensive jewelery can be sustainable - the high-quality pieces in the jewelery sale at fejn are the best proof of this. We focus on genuine rather than fashion jewelry sale. Best of all: At fejn, we also always reduce the prices of our on-sale jewelry with caution and in the interests of sustainability. Let the inexpensive and sustainable treasure hunt begin!

Jewelry on sale - bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings

Price-conscious jewelery fans who value responsible and socially manufactured accessories will find what they are looking for at fejn. The selection of filigree bracelets and necklaces from fejn is large. But rings and earrings are also an integral part of our on-sale jewelry repertoire. Within the various jewelry categories you will always find price-reduced pieces - so it's worth browsing the fejn online shop regularly.

For example, how about our filigree necklaces at the best price? Thanks to the minimalist design, the jewelry pieces exude restrained elegance and go perfectly with any look. Even in layering style with other necklaces, they are guaranteed to be a classy eye-catcher! Available in 925 sterling silver, gold or rose gold, our necklace adapts to all jewelry preferences individually.

Would you prefer a filigree (ear) ring or a minimalistic arm cuff? Our women's jewelery sale always has them ready. Stylishly combined, the on-sale jewelery ensures a special look without a clunky "clunker attitude".

Golden accessories on sale

Looking for sale jewelry? Gold is always a good choice. Bring on the gold on-sale jewelry for women! Urban heroines whose heart beats for golden pieces can look forward to the gold jewelery sale at fejn jewelry. Not only do you find gold-plated pieces of jewelry in the sale, we also offer reduced solid gold pieces again and again. So it's worth keeping an eye on the jewels in our the glamorous collection and other collections.

Our timeless jewelry styles made of recycled 14K solid gold create a particularly high-quality look and are - depending on the piece of jewelry - partially set with dazzling diamonds. The gemstones are Laboratory Grown and thus - how could it be otherwise - come from an ethical source. Details about our laboratory-grown diamonds can be found in the fejn blog article. Perfect for all city nomads who value sparkling real jewelery with a flawless conscience at the best price. fejn has real jewelry sale gold!

Jewelry Sale - the best silver pieces

The timeless pieces from our silver jewelery sale exude cool, shimmering elegance. Our branded jewelery on sale is also available in 925 sterling silver. In the silver category, we offer necklaces, earrings and bracelets as well as fine rings made from the recycled precious metal. Looking for inexpensive silver jewelry? Check out the women's sale and fall in love with our jewellery.

Our silver jewelry sales pieces ensure a cool look and can be combined in many ways. Whether filigree silver hoop earrings for everyday office life or sparkling diamond rings with a silver setting for special occasions: our on-sale jewelry in silver tones is the perfect everyday companion. Perfect for all silver fans who are on the hunt for minimalist designed and high-quality on-sale jewellery.

Are you looking for a sparkling silver gift for mom, your best friend or your partner? Our silver jewelry sales category offers plenty of room for finding the ideal gift. After all, who says jewelry gifts always have to be expensive? How about, for example, a filigree necklace or a silver bracelet as a token of friendship from our branded jewelery sale? If you can't find a suitable present in our silver sales category, our gift category €0-30 also offers inexpensive alternatives.

Minimum price - maximum service

The following also applies to our jewelry sales pieces: The fejn repair service is there if – contrary to expectations – a piece of jewelry should break. In action against the throwaway mentality, our team does everything to give defective jewelry a second chance. In order to make use of our repair services, you can simply describe your concern (stating the invoice and order number). We will then get back to you with a repair offer. And don't worry: if help is too late for your on-sale jewelry, we'll breathe new life into it by melting it down and turning it into new it-pieces. This is how sustainable jewelery works: Browse through the women's sale and find what you are looking for.