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Chain ring

Chain rings nestle elegantly and incredibly comfortably around your fingers. Try it out and find your new favorite ring here.

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Chain ring by fejn jewelry – flexible ring for every day

Filigree, high quality, special - that is the tiny chain ring from fejn. Whether as a silver chain ring, in the gold or the rose gold version: the oval chain ring is the perfect companion for every occasion and all color preferences. Discreet yet impressive, it enhances any look. Thanks to its clean design, the chain ring can also be combined with other rings and other arm jewelry. For the perfect arm candy match! The story behind our tiny chain ring is as beautiful as its appearance. Because like all fejn jewelry, our rings are produced sustainably. We only use recycled precious metals like gold and silver to make our filigree pieces. Want to learn more about our sustainable jewelry manufacturing? Then check out our blog article on recycled silver and gold. In addition to maintaining high ecological standards, we also leave nothing to chance when it comes to working conditions at fejn. We therefore design our supply chains transparently and are committed to fair treatment of employees - from raw materials to home delivery!

Chain rings – chain rings as filigree eye-catchers

Did you already know? The oldest rings known to mankind are already over 21,000 years old. So finger jewelry has a long tradition. Our tiny chain ring is a very special specimen, because: Yes, you can have it all! The delicate design of our chain ring not only looks great - as a flexible ring, it also fits perfectly to the shape of your finger. So the delicate look is complemented by a comfortable feel. Inconspicuous yet special, urban heroines make a jewelry statement with our tiny chain ring: On a coffee date, in the office or as a shimmering extra for a casual leisure look - chain rings always go!

Chain ring - flexible and stylish

As part of our delicate collections, the tiny chain ring focuses on understated elegance. While the gold ring is perfect for warmer skin types and tanned skin, the silver chain ring is the perfect choice for cool and pale skin types. By the way: If you want to play it safe, simply choose the ring in rose gold - the versatile material color suits all skin types equally. Regardless of the color, the tiny chain rings are made of recycled 925 sterling silver. The same goes for the silver chain ring. In the gold or rose gold version, we add an 18 carat gold plating made predominantly from recycled materials. Combined with flowing fabrics and casual jeans, the tiny chain ring makes the minimalist everyday look with the filigree ring chains perfect. Unpretentious yet special. We love it!

How to care for your chain ring

With its delicate design and many turns, it is especially important to take proper care of your tiny chain ring. In order to enjoy your piece of jewelry for as long as possible, you should follow a few care instructions. Did you know, for example, that frequent contact with water and cosmetics such as perfume or creams is poison for your favorite piece of jewelry? These liquids can cause unattractive discoloration.

Also, storage outside an airtight jewelry storage is not advisable for the chain ring (silver or gold). In contact with air, the silver contained can oxidize. The result? A blackened piece of jewelry. To avoid this, you should store your chain ring as airtight as possible. You can do this, for example, in the jewelry box that comes with most of our products. If, despite all precautions, a mishap should occur and your tiny chain ring breaks, our repair service will be there to help. We actively fight against the throwaway mentality and do our best to give defective products a new life. This applies to every chain ring (gold and silver) and all other fejn pieces! Just send us an email with your name, order and invoice number and a short description of your problem. If you attach a photo of the piece of jewelry to be repaired, we can better assess your repair request. Once we have received your jewelry, we will get to work right away and do everything we can to make the repair a success. If our efforts are not enough to save the jewelry, we simply melt it down. Tada: A new It-Piece can be created.

Chain rings as a perfect gift

Buy chain rings? Good idea! Whether as a friendship ring, proof of love or high-quality birthday gift - the tiny chain ring is the perfect present. Because symbolically, chains (rings) are a sign of connection. And is there a more beautiful meaning for a gift to the dearest person? We doubt it! And pssst: By the way, our chain rings also please men, thanks to their unisex design. So your loved one will become part of the ring chain men crew in no time. If you want to make the gift look perfect, our Furoshikis are suitable as fancy gift packaging. Not only do they look great, but they can be reused as often as you like. The person receiving the gift doesn't have any suitable jewelry storage at hand? No problem! Securely wrapped in our Furoshikis and stored in the closet nothing can happen to the ring.