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Pearl necklace

Fancy a new pearl necklace? At fejn Jewelry you will find beautiful pieces in timeless designs. From subtle to eye-catching and colorful, there is something here for every urban heroine. The best thing about it: the little piece of nature around your neck comes from sustainable freshwater farming. This is not only good for your individual style, but also for our planet. So, what are you waiting for? Discover our shimmering variety in the fejn online store and find the pearl necklace that suits you best!

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single pearl necklace Sale priceFrom €59,00
pearl necklace Sale priceFrom €69,00
summer pearl necklace Sale price€79,00
gemstone necklace Sale priceFrom €59,00
winter pearl choker necklace Sale price€79,00
big pearl necklace Sale priceFrom €69,00
autumn pearl choker necklace Sale price€79,00
pearl & chain necklace Sale priceFrom €79,00
New farbige Perlenkette Frühling fejnfarbige Perlenkette Frühling gold
spring pearl choker necklace Sale price€79,00
On sale Big & single pearl setKette mit kleiner und großer Süsswasserperle von fejn
Big & single pearl set Sale priceFrom €119,00 Regular price€128,00

Your pearl necklace from fejn Jewelry: shimmeringly beautiful chic

Shiny, clean and a real eye-catcher: Pearl necklaces have been trendy for decades and will remain so in the future. The unique shimmer of real natural pearls around the neck is beautiful and completely timeless. Therefore, a Pearl necklace for a wide variety of styles and occasions. Whether for casual boho chic, elegant evening wear or business outfits: The beautiful accessories provide that certain something and underline your individual style with their very natural shine. Do you prefer a real Pearl necklace with a gold clasp or one in high-quality sterling silver? Do you want it subtle or eye-catching? Whatever you are looking for: In the fejn online shop you will find a beautiful selection of trendy treasures. All models are carefully designed and made by hand with passion. The pearls come from sustainable freshwater farming, the precious metal used is recycled and environmentally friendly. This means that a Pearl necklace by fejn is just the right accessory for an urban heroine like you!

Real pearl necklace: Ladies, find your new favorite piece!

What would you like? A simple necklace with a pearl pendant or would you prefer a more eye-catching piece? If you like things subtle, you should definitely take a look at our gemstone necklace. This fine Pearl necklace goes with every look: your relaxed everyday outfit gains a touch of elegance, while the accessory gives your festive evening wear an accent of naturalness and purism. If you want the whole thing to be a little bit more eye-catching, the big pearl nec klace be the perfect piece for you. Then the only question that remains is: Pearl necklace – Silver or gold? Decide for yourself what suits you and your style better!

If you want not just one pearl around your neck, but several, you will love our pearl necklace. Our beautiful freshwater pearls are shining here! The uniformly shimmering look means that the piece harmonizes wonderfully with a wide variety of looks: a colorful dress is complemented just as well by the pearl necklace choker as an egyptian outfit in black or airy, light clothing in white. Speaking of clothing in black and white: a colorful Pearl necklace! Multicolor offer our autmn pearl choker necklace, our winter pearl chocker nacklace and our summer pearl choker necklace. These favorite pieces combine shimmering pearls with colorful, shiny semi-precious stones. Which of the wonderful color combinations would you like to choose?

Your pearl necklace: colorful, real & personalized!

Would you like to personalize your pearl necklace in an individual way? Good news: The personalized autumn pearl choker and the personalized winter pearl choker make it possible! The colorful pieces are complemented by a small, round pendant made of precious metal: you can have a letter of your choice engraved on this. Perhaps the first letter of your first name? Or that of your child or loved one? The personalization makes your pearl necklace even more individual. A very special one-of-a-kind piece! This also makes it a wonderful gift. Your best friend will definitely be happy. And your best friend will certainly be too! Because you know what? Our jewelry has no gender – it just looks incredibly beautiful on everyone!

On the pearls: Necklace in layering look and as a set

A chain rarely comes alone! At least that is true for everyone who likes trendy chain layering. Of course, even a single Pearl necklace a real eye-catcher. If you like, you can create a particularly unique style by combining it with other chains. What do you think, for example, of the combination of a simple chain, such as the gemstone necklace, and a more eye-catching chain, like the summer pearl choker necklace? The different lengths and designs create a great duo that is absolutely impressive! This also applies to our prefabricated big & single pearl set: A great combination for a variety of looks! Of course, you can also use a pearl necklace with a chain made of pure precious metal. How this works is demonstrated by our pearl & ornament set. There are absolutely no limits when it comes to layering. Mix and match to suit your taste!

fejn pearl necklace: sustainable and responsible

Fancy a pearl necklace? Natural pearls from freshwater are our responsible choice. Controlled pearl cultivation protects our ecosystems and resources as best as possible. At the same time, we can guarantee you optimal quality. The precious metal used is also carefully chosen: Here we only use recycled material and thus support a pioneering circular economy. The semi-precious stones that shine on our colorful chokers are fairly mined and processed with great care. At fejn, the focus is not only on style, but also on environmental awareness. This makes us the perfect brand for all sustainable heroines who want to set a clear example for responsible consumption with their jewelry. In addition, each piece is truly handmade. Quality instead of quantity! Our carefully selected partners in Thailand.They master the traditional jewellery craft like no other and conjure up the most beautiful individual pieces at the highest level. Let it shine

Buy real pearl necklace at fejn

Simple, playful or elegant: A Pearl necklace is what you make of it! At fejn you will find a diverse selection of shimmering accessories. With their minimalist and clean design, they complement a business wardrobe as well as casual everyday dress. The focus on a sustainable choice of materials and the passionate production by hand also make them particularly high-quality pieces of jewelry. So, let's go: Browse through our range, get inspired and order your new pearl necklace with just a few clicks. Very simple and uncomplicated!