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autumn pearl choker necklace

Recycle Sign This jewelry piece is sustainably manufactured with recycled precious metals.
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Our autumn pearls capture the colors of autumn. The finely coordinated semi-precious stones make the necklace your radiant companion in everyday life. In addition, it can be perfectly combined with other pieces from the Autum Pearls collection. The colored semi-precious stones and pearls come from organic farming and fair sources. The necklace is adjustable in length and therefore fits you perfectly.

The beads are:

  • Freshwater pearls from sustainable farming
  • 925 sterling silver balls, 18 carat gold plated
  • Semi-precious stones / gemstones (chalcedony, smokey quartz, pink aventurine, pink opal)

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Length chain approx. 38cm + 6cm extension
Diameter pearl approx. 3-4mm

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Colorful pearl necklace - by fejn Jewelry

Colorful, noble, dazzling! With our summer pearl necklace, real summer feelings come up - no matter what the season. Thecolorful pearl necklacebut it can do more than look great. Like all fejn products, it issustainably produced. We only use environmentally friendly materials for their production. With golden details, shimmering freshwater pearls from sustainable cultivation and fair semi-precious stones, it upgrades each of your looks in a summery way. Thanks to the length adjustability, thecolorful pearl necklacecan also be combined again and again, because the 38 cm long chain offers the possibility of an extension of up to 6 cm.
You like the filigree look of ourscolorful pearl necklace? Then be sure to discover more pieces of ourthe delicate collection.

Sustainable pearls and semi-precious stones for colorful pearl necklaces

Pearl jewelery has always been associated with female beauty, elegance and grace. So it's no wonder that the velvety, shimmering pearl has existed for thousands of years and that the world of accessories would be inconceivable without it. There is only one problem with the conventional pearl variant: the mussels, which are responsible for the production of pearls as a natural product, are often kept on a large scale in plants and systematically exploited.

This procedure is not only tragic for the mussels, but also pollutes our oceans. Because mussels contribute to water purification and serve as an important food for other sea creatures. From an ecological point of view, they fulfill a whole range of tasks. Because we don't want to do without real pearls for our colorful pearl necklace, but we care about environmental protection, we focus on the use of sustainable pearls. How it works? All freshwater pearls that adorn our jewelry such as pearl necklaces, rings and co. come from a sustainably managed and strictly controlled culture in the Andaman Sea.

Incidentally, sustainability also applies to the semi-precious stones that adorn our colorful pearl necklace: They are all carefully selected and manufactured under fair conditions before they are round or faceted and become part of jewelry such as necklaces with colorful pearls. In the colorful pearl necklace you will find precious stones such as jade, aventurine, pink amazonite, red agate and aquamarine.

Urban heroines who rely on sustainable pieces of jewelery are therefore well advised to wear filigree pieces such as the colorful pearl necklace. Choosing between timeless style and environmental protection? Not at fejn!

Colorful pearl necklace – combine fashion jewelery in a summery way

A colorful string of pearls exudes elegant lightness and summery vibes. But that doesn't mean that you can only wear the necklace with colorful pearls in the warm season: whether as a stylish addition to your favorite summer dress with your hair pinned up or as a trendy finish for your autumn jeans outfit: Our colorful pearl necklace always works! Thanks to its beautiful pastel color design, the pearl necklace can shine around your neck all year round and create a real summer mood. Whether as a perfect holiday accessory or a summery light companion.

Colorful Pearl Necklace - a real feel-good gift

We all know them: people who feel like the sun's rays. So what gift would be more perfect for her than our summery, colorful pearl necklace? Whether for a birthday, an anniversary or as a small gift; whether for your partner, your best friend or for mum: the colorful pearl necklace is a real feel-good gift that guarantees lasting happy moments. And the best? fejn also has the right packaging for the extra colorful gift! Our eco-friendlyFuroshiki'sin a colorful design not only impress with their look: the Japanese towels can also be reused as often as you like after the jewelery gift has been unpacked. For example as stylish accessory storage for the home jewelry drawer or when travelling. Sustainably clever!

Pearl necklace - colorful well cared for

To ensure that your colorful pearl necklace shines beautifully in summer for as long as possible, you should heed a few care instructions. Jewelery made of pearls and semi-precious stones, for example, doesn't like it at all if you bring it into contact with cosmetic products or perfume. This can damage the surface of the processed materials. It is therefore best to only put on your colorful pearl necklace after your daily beauty routine has been completed. Contrary to what you might think, pearls don't want to go back into the water. Therefore, be sure to take off your pearl necklace before jumping into the cool water or taking a shower every day. If it does get wet, you can best let it dry on a towel at room temperature.

Does your colorful pearl necklace need cleaning? Then you can give them a quick bath in lukewarm water and a mild washing-up liquid. Then simply rinse off with clear water and also leave to dry on a soft towel.

fejn pieces of jewelery such as the colorful pearl necklace are of high quality and durable. However, should a mishap occur and the chain show a defect, there is no reason to panic. Because ourrepair serviceis here for you! We'll do everything we can to get your piece of jewelery back in order. Simply send us an e-mail with your name, the order or invoice number, a photo of the piece of jewelry to be repaired and a brief description of your repair request. In the spirit of sustainability, we are already doing everything we can to breathe new life into your colorful pearl necklace. Yay!