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Furoshiki Sale price€3,50
birthstone bracelet Sale price€34,00
shiny disc necklace - personalized Sale priceFrom €79,00
shiny disc bracelet - personalized Sale priceFrom €54,00
name bracelet gold Sale price€16,00
letter bracelet gold Sale price€14,00
letter bracelet silver Sale price€14,00
name bracelet silver Sale price€16,00
Solid Gold Kettenanhänger Buchstaben goldKettenanhänger Buchstaben gold A B C D
letter pendant | solid gold Sale price€99,00
initials bracelet gold Sale price€16,00
Solid Gold Buchstabenkette Buchstabe A goldBuchstabenkette Buchstabe gold
letter necklace | solid gold Sale price€249,00
initials bracelet silver Sale price€16,00
Solid Gold Made to order bezaubernder Verlobungsring mit 11 Diamanten 14k Echtgold glänzendbezaubernder Verlobungsring mit 11 Diamanten 14k Echtgold glänzend fejn
letter necklace silver Sale priceFrom €69,00
tag necklace - personalized Sale priceFrom €79,00

Personalized jewelry by fejn jewelry

Whether jewelry with an individual color combination, engraved, stamped or with your own birthstone from the month of birth - the possibilities for personalized jewelry are as diverse as the style of urban jewelry heroines themselves. Personalized jewelry makes wearing accessories special and adds an individual touch. While many think of personalized jewelry as a necklace with engraving, for example, the customization options don't end there. Engraving jewelry is not the only way to make chains, rings and the like truly personal and unique. Anyone who wants to design personalized jewelry themselves can, in addition to the classic engraving, for example, rely on the personal color and material selection or the personalized jewelry punching. Unlike engraving, in which incisions are made in the jewelry material, desired motifs such as letters or symbols are immortalized in the piece of jewelry via embossing.

Personalized jewellery: design it yourself and get creative

Whether a personalized necklace, personalized bracelets, rings or anklets: As with all fejn jewelry, we use sustainable precious metals such as gold and silver to create our personalized one-of-a-kind pieces. Some of our individual jewelry pieces are also made from fairly mined semi-precious stones, sustainably farmed freshwater pearls or high-quality zirconium ceramic. These include, for example, our filigree zirconia ceramic ring, which is available in many color variations to match the wearer's look.

In addition to special rings or individually designed anklets, personalized necklaces and bracelets are particularly popular. But it does not always have to be a flashy chain with engraving! If you like it delicate and still want to design personalized jewelry yourself, it's best to choose a minimalist option. Our simple gemstone bracelet, for example, can be perfectly matched to the wearer's taste. Here urbanistas can choose between different band colors, processed stones and the metal color used. While some manufacturers rely on the engraving of jewelry, we at fejn stamp your desired letters by hand. We use a noble typewriter font. This way we create a timeless clean look that makes individual jewelry even more stylish.

Personalized necklace, personalized bracelet and Co.: The perfect gift for every occasion

Whether it's for a birth, a wedding or as a token of friendship, fejn's personalized jewelry will help jewelry heroines find the perfect gift for any occasion!

Personalized jewelry for the best friend? One of our minimalist birthstone bracelets is sure to be a wonderfully loving choice here. Our birthstone bracelets are made of different colored semi-precious stones. The different months are assigned to birthstones that reflect the characteristics of the birthday girl or boy and are supposed to have various positive influences. For example, those born in February may enjoy a personalized piece of jewelry such as a bracelet made of the semi-precious stone amethyst. According to legend, the shimmering violet stone, which is extracted from quartz, is said to provide its wearers with strength and clarity. It is also said to protect against mischief and harm. Summer children born in July may call the red ruby their Birthstone. The power stone is said to help its wearer to prosperity and more energy. Those who have a birthday in October are said to have the popular rose quartz as their birthstone.

If it may be rather a personalized piece of jewelry such as a necklace - for example, with the initials of the lovers for the wedding - our shiny disc necklace in gold, silver or rose gold is the perfect choice.

When a new baby sees the light of day, it is not only a special reason for joy, but also the perfect occasion for a personal gift in the form of individual, personalized jewelry. Both new moms and new citizens will be happy to receive a personalized bracelet long after the big day. With our name bracelet, even the entire name can be immortalized on the wrist. With an extremely durable ribbon made of nylon in various colors, with beads made of 925 sterling silver in silver color or additionally 24K gold-plated and with letter beads made of high-quality plastic, the personalized piece of jewelry can be perfectly matched to the recipient. Thanks to the adjustable clasp, the ribbon can easily grow with the gift.

What's more, with our minimalist jewelry options such as the satin disc bracelet in silver or gold, personalized jewelry for men also becomes an option. Combine muted bracelet colors like khaki, denim blue, black or ocher with the simple precious metal disc for a unisex look in no time at all.

Choose the right packaging

Individual jewelry is a gift for eternity. The packaging chosen for the treasures should be just as sustainable. The Furoshikis from fejn combine design and durability. The square cloths are especially popular in Japan as gift packaging. Originally, however, they were used for a different purpose, because furoshikis have been around since the 8th century. At that time, they were mainly used when invited to a princely steam bath. Princes wrapped their kimonos in a square cloth made of silk to avoid confusion in the bathhouse. This is how the name of the popular cloth came about: "furo" means "bath" and "shiki" means "underlay" in Japanese. Apart from their practicality, the Furoshikis of fein no longer have much in common with the original version. But: In the spirit of sustainability, they can be used either as packaging for re-gifting or - with a little folding practice - also as small carrying bags. The scarves are truly unique, available in many different designs and perfectly underline the individual character of the personalized jewelry gift.

Personalize jewelery – quickly and easily with the fejn service

What lasts forever doesn't have to last forever! With just a few clicks, you can easily design your favorite piece of jewelry online at fejn: Select colors and materials, enter the desired initials or symbols in the corresponding fields - and you're done! For unique pieces of jewelry that are personalized using the die-cutting process, we need three to five working days. Immediately after that, the unique piece will be on its way to you. Because your personalized piece of jewelry tells your individual story, it cannot be exchanged.

To ensure that you or the person you are giving the gift to really enjoy the personalized jewelry for all eternity, a few care routines should be followed: Because only those who handle the personalized jewelry carefully will enjoy it for a long time. Therefore, make sure that it is stored as airtight as possible, for example in a jewelry box. Especially practical: The box is already included in most fejn orders! If your favorite piece of silver suddenly turns black, don't worry: This is completely normal. Real silver oxidizes when it comes into contact with air. The traces of this natural process can be easily removed with the help of a silver cleaning cloth. If, contrary to expectations, your favorite personalized piece should ever become defective or have an accident, our repair service will be happy to take care of your concerns. For more information on care instructions and the fejn repair service, please visit our care and repair page.

The story behind personalized jewellery

The history of personalized jewelry goes back a long way. The early Romans and Egyptians already understood the art of jewelry engraving: For important rulers, for example, they carved raised reliefs, known as cameos, by hand into gemstones. Beginning in the Middle Ages, lovers began to give each other posey rings. These bore engraved words or poems and were considered magical. Their look is reminiscent of modern engagement and wedding rings. Even today, few personal items are ascribed as much (emotional) value as pieces of jewelry. They commemorate life events, beautiful moments and favorite people. A perfect way to make important moments, memories and milestones even more special is through personalized jewelry.