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Diamant Ohrringe

Diamond Earrings

Would you like a timeless classic that still has that certain something? With diamond earrings from fejn, your search is over. Whether clean and understated or excitingly designed: we have just the right selection of diamond earrings for everyone who loves the sparkle of diamonds as much as sustainable consumption. Huggie, hoop or stud: which fairly produced diamond earring will soon be sparkling on your ear or that of a special loved one?

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Solid Gold Ohrstecker mit Diamant EchtgoldOhrstecker mit Diamant fejn
tiny diamond stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €199,00
Solid Gold kleine creolen gold diamantfunkelnde diamant creolen gold
diamond huggie | solid gold Sale priceFrom €329,00
Solid Gold Ohrstecker mit drei Diamanten EchtgoldOhrstecker mit drei Diamanten Echtgold fejn
triple diamond stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €229,00
Solid Gold Mandala Ohrstecker mit Diamant goldMandala Ohrstecker mit Diamant gold
mandala diamond stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €249,00
Solid Gold funkelnde Ohrtstecker solid goldOhrstecker solid gold von fejn jewelry
diamond bar stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €229,00
Solid Gold Diamant Ohrstecker goldDiamant Ohrstecker fejn
diamond stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €299,00
Solid Gold bubble diamant ohrsteckerBubble Diamant Ohrstecker
bubble diamond stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €299,00

Diamond earrings by fejn – elegant, clean and timelessly beautiful

There are pieces of jewelry that you keep for a lifetime. Diamond earrings definitely belong to these pieces. Whether Diamond stud earrings for your own wedding, another important occasion or simply as an everyday companion: a diamond earring, ladies, you can never go wrong with that. But can diamonds be bought sustainably and what is important when choosing a combined precious metal? fejn makes it easy for you and produces beautiful Diamond earrings that will not only make your look shine, but also Mother Nature.

Diamond stud earrings with solid gold – a perfect combination

Real diamond earrings require a high-quality precious metal companion. Our Diamond stud earrings (gold) are therefore usually combined with solid gold. The solid 585 gold is particularly durable and therefore offers the best conditions for a lifetime with your Diamond earrings. Did you know? fejn uses only recycled gold and thus provides a real plus in terms of environmental awareness. After all, the sustainable material is in no way inferior to the conventional material, but impresses with a significantly lower CO2 footprint and several other benefits.

You prefer silver? We've got you covered! Check out our tiny diamond studs. Here you can choose between 14-carat yellow gold and recycled 925 sterling silver.

Lab-Cut Diamond Stud Earrings: Buy Without a Guilt Conscience

Diamonds are a natural product with a dark history. As beautiful as diamond earrings are, the reality of conventional diamond mining is often ugly. In addition to poor working conditions, child labor and the existence of so-called "blood diamonds", mining is a real waste of resources. Reason enough to do things differently. We use Diamond earrings exclusively lab-grown diamonds. These are not only just as beautiful, but also ethically valuable. Win-win.

Your selection: Hoop, mini diamond stud earrings and more

Diamond earrings are a must! But which ones exactly? Do you want real all-time classics that really always work and can be combined with everything? Then our diamond studs the Diamond stud earrings of your choice. Or is your motto "If so, then so"? Then we recommend simple Diamond earrings, which impress with several diamonds or a special design. The triple diamond stud or bar diamond stud are definitely worth a click here.

But we also have a diamond earring for our eternal boho lovers: The mandala diamond stud combines romantic with classic design. Just take a look. Last but not least, we also offer diamond earrings for huggie and hoop girls. How can you, for example, diamond hoop charms not love? Diamond earrings: simply wonderful when hung!

Diamond earrings – a timeless gift

“Diamonds are forever” – we agree with the famous secret agent film title. And that is exactly what makes Diamond earrings a perfect gift. Diamonds survive every fashion trend and are also long-lasting. In short: with a diamond gift you are setting a sign for eternity. In addition, diamonds have always been a symbol of love, purity and strength. This special meaning will certainly not leave the person receiving the gift unmoved and can only strengthen your deep emotional bond.

Are very popular Diamond earrings as a gift for special occasions. Diamonds are a real classic as a wedding anniversary gift or as a birthday present. But these gems can also be given as a reward for a personal success. The recipient will forever associate the diamond earrings with their university graduation or an important promotion. A nice thought, isn't it?

Caring for your diamond stud earrings

Show your Diamond earrings dirt or discoloration? Don't worry, it's quick to do. A quick bath in soapy water and then careful cleaning with a cloth or soft toothbrush usually helps with light everyday dirt. More stubborn discoloration can be removed with special gold cleaning cloths. And there are also a few household remedies that can give diamond earrings in gold their old shine back. How does this work with vinegar, baking powder, etc.? Just read the guide article: How to clean gold jewelry.

Exchange diamond earrings

Bought a diamond gift, but – oh dear – you don’t like the piece. To be honest, that can happen. We at fejn want all customers to be happy with their choice of Diamond earrings and therefore offer a 30-day return policy. Simply fill out the form included in the package and send it back to us together with the goods. We will then refund the purchase amount to you within a maximum of 14 days.

By the way: If your Diamond stud earrings breaks or fades, please let us know. Our in-house Repair service will be happy to take care of your piece of jewelry. Simply contact customer service and tell us how we can help. Because just throwing away broken things? Not with us! And if we can't find a solution, we always have one ready: any precious metal jewelry that has been melted down can be used to make new favorite pieces in no time.