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Ear cuff - Ohrklemme

Ear cuffs

Simple ear cuffs for your very personal styling. Easy to wear and no piercing needed.

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Ear cuffs - jewelry trend with many facets

Ear cuff, shiny silver or gold, clipped to the ear - and already "ready to go". The round, handmade earrings from fejn jewellery are transformed into a clean jewellery piece with an eye-catching guarantee. Simple and yet special, delicate and chic at the same time. The Ear Cuff is the chic accessory for urban fashion heroines that won't let you go. What makes the Ear Cuff special, how to combine it and which models suit you? Find out and browse through our selection! Buy your Ear Cuff online here!

What are ear cuffs exactly?

Ear Cuff means something like "ear cuff". What sounds strange is actually quite simple. The round ear jewellery is simply placed or clamped around the ear. You don't need an ear hole or piercing for this ear cuff earring, it is simply clamped onto the cartilage or pinna and fits perfectly. This makes the Ear Cuff earring a real alternative to a piercing hole. There is no need to go to the piercing studio - just like the pain and longer healing process when piercing the pinna. Would you like to buy an Ear Cuff? No problem, we at fejn are sure to have the right model for you.

This is how ear cuffs can be combined

Even though ear cuff earrings are often worn in combination with other ear jewellery, the handmade clamp ring can also be a great eye-catcher on its own. When deciding whether to wear the ear cuff combined or solo, your own taste plays the most important role. It is also helpful to match the ear jewellery to your outfit, make-up and the rest of your jewellery selection. For example, if you are already wearing an eye-catching necklace and a colourful outfit, you can wear the ear cuff solo on your ear and otherwise do without ear jewellery. For more minimalist, straightforward outfits, on the other hand, well-combined ear jewellery is an option. In this case, the clamp earrings can be worn perfectly together with hoop earrings or studs in the standard lobe, i.e. the usual ear hole.

Fashion Trend: Curated Ear

A kind of special case for wearing ear cuffs is the so-called curated ear. Never heard of it? Let us enlighten you! With the "curated ear", as the literal translation is, you look at the ear like a kind of canvas that becomes a work of art. And this work of art is fitted holistically: standard earring, plus ring or plug in the upper lobe, i.e. next to the 1st ear hole, plus an ear cuff and various other piercings. Curated Ears wear several ear jewellery variations together. The difficulty: Don't curate too much! Otherwise it quickly looks like "too much". If you choose simple, delicate earrings and plugs or a clean ear cuff, there is no danger of this.

Ear cuffs: how to wear them

Ear cuffs made of gold or silver are worn either on the cartilage, i.e. the outer edge of the ear, or on the pinna. In the latter case, the conch piercing, which goes through the pinna, is visually simulated. Unlike piercings, Ear Cuffs do not have a hole and therefore do not cause pain when piercing the ear. They are slightly flexible and can be gently pressed on after they have been pierced. They hold well, but are also comfortable to wear. At fejn jewellery we use real jewellery - also for ear cuffs. Silver and gold are precious metals that are also perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Ear cuffs were popular with the ancient Egyptians

Already thousands of years ago, women and men wore the Ear Cuff, shimmering gold was the rage here. The traditional gold jewellery was particularly popular in ancient India and with the ancient Egyptians. But Greek aristocrats also once enjoyed these pieces of jewellery and used them to express their wealth and status - today, these earrings for clipping rather embody the style of the wearer and underline an individual look.

Ear cuff designs - from plain to embellished

The real jewellery ear cuffs from fejn jewellery made of recycled silver or gold come in a variety of designs. From simple round models to wave-like curved shapes and braided finishes, there is something for every real jewellery nomad. All models have a clean look with a clear design. Once you've made up your mind and bought your favourite ear cuff, you can choose between yellow gold, rose gold or silver.

Clip-on earring: a statement piece for every hairstyle

Whether short pixie, bob or long haircuts, the Ear Cuff is an eye-catcher with any hairstyle - provided it is clearly visible. Those who wear their hair short, of course, have no problem with this. The Ear Cuff is therefore a great accessory for the short hairstyle. If the hair is worn open medium length or long, it can easily be swept behind the ear. Perfectly suited for this length, however, are hairstyles that keep the hair out of the face. From ponytail to updo - for the good visibility of the Ear Cuff is allowed what pleases.

Buy sustainable Ear Cuff, made of silver and gold

To ensure that the joy of the Ear Cuff lasts for a long time, we at fejn jewelry focus on a timeless design that outlasts every trend. In addition, we only use sustainable materials and use 100% recycled precious metals for our clamp earrings. This avoids bad purchases, saves money in the long run and of course also the environment. In addition, conventional precious metal is often mined under adverse conditions for workers. A problem that does not exist with recycled precious metals. In short, if you're looking for a high-quality ear cuff that's also sustainable, you'll find it here.

Ear cuffs made of rose gold, yellow gold or silver?

With almost all fejn products, our customers are spoiled for choice between different precious metals. Often it is not easy to make a decision! And even if this is individual and per se all precious metals and precious metal colors can be worn by everyone, there are some rules of thumb that help with the selection. For example, yellow gold is particularly well suited for darker skin tones or tanned skin. Silver, on the other hand, is ideal for the cool type and goes great with green and blue eyes. Rose gold is a good compromise: the copper tone goes well with both warm and cooler color schemes.