simple hoop - XS / S / M / L simple hoop - XS / S / M / L

simple hoop - XS / S / M / L

From €19,00
satin flat hoop - M / L satin flat hoop - M / L

satin flat hoop - M / L

From €29,00
gemstone hoops gemstone hoops

gemstone hoops

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single ring single ring

single ring

From €24,00
hammered black ring Ring gehämmert und vergoldet mit schwarzem Stein - black hammered

hammered black ring

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satin band ring satin band ring

satin band ring

From €39,00
twisted hoop - XS / M Creole twisted hoop - gedreht aus Silber vergoldet

twisted hoop - XS / M

From €34,00
Furoshiki Furoshiki


satin ball stud satin ball stud

satin ball stud

From €24,00
tiny double ear cuff tiny double ear cuff

tiny double ear cuff

From €19,00
bold hoops - S / M bold hoops - S / M

bold hoops - S / M

From €34,00
birthstone bracelet birthstone bracelet

birthstone bracelet

mini hoops shiny mini hoops shiny

mini hoops shiny

From €19,00
satin disc stud satin disc stud

satin disc stud

From €29,00
twisted hoop - XS / M twisted hoop - XS / M

twisted hoop - XS / M

From €34,00
single pearl necklace single pearl necklace

single pearl necklace

From €59,00

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Silver jewelry from fejn jewelry - valuable rings, chains and more made of 925 sterling silver

Real jewelery made of sterling silver is a particularly popular decorative companion - and there are many reasons for that. Unlike fashion jewellery, 925 silver jewelery lasts a lifetime if it is cared for properly, because the material is hard-wearing and extremely robust - and particularly chic at the same time. In addition, silver jewelry has many facets, because with gold plating and different shapes and types of jewelry, almost every jewelry dream can be fulfilled with 925 silver. In urban design, we at fejn offer a large selection of sterling silver jewelery made from recycled silver and reveal why we love to use the high-quality raw material.

925 sterling silver jewelry - popular alloy for real jewelry

Real jewelery refers to rings, chains and the like that are made of precious metal. The pure precious metal is not used for jewelry made of 925 silver, that would be much too soft and would quickly lose its shape. The rule is: A good mixture makes the difference! The so-called alloy, i.e. the admixture of other metals, ensures better hardness and polishability. So you can enjoy your individual pieces for a long time. Fejn only uses 925 sterling silver for the filigree pieces. The number 925 is actually a percentage because it is 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% is added other metals, such as copper. This ratio is particularly easy to process into high-quality 925 sterling silver earrings or other jewelry.

Silver vs. Gold – Which jewelry suits me?

Silver jewelry in the original tone, rosé, yellow gold plated or solid gold? Deciding on a favorite piece is not that easy. With silver jewelery from fejn, our jewelery heroines always have a (color) choice. Each piece of jewelry made of 925 sterling silver can also be plated with 24 carat rose or yellow gold. Anything you like is allowed! Anyone who now says "I can't decide!" should be told that silver jewelery goes particularly well with cooler skin tones and autumnal, wintry looks. Yellow gold, on the other hand, radiates warmth and looks absolutely stunning against tanned skin. Rose gold can do both quite well and can also be worn in two or three colors with other metal colors.

If you choose yellow gold, there is of course also the option of going for solid gold. A great investment, not just for your own look. In terms of price, however, the gold price is higher than the silver price, which can also be a deciding factor.

Necklaces, rings, earrings: store recycled 925 silver correctly

As a precious metal, 925 recycled silver is of course robust and durable, but if stored and cared for incorrectly, there is a risk of tarnishing and a lack of shine. Ideally, 925 silver jewelery should not or rarely come into contact with water. So it is best to take off your jewelry before you take a shower in the morning or cool off in the pool. This rule also applies before extensive care rituals with creams and the like. The components contained could possibly attack the material and take away the shine or affect the coloration. And we don't want that at all!

If the filigree piece of fejn jewelery is not being worn, it is best to protect it from oxygen and the sun. This prevents tarnishing. Jewelry boxes are a good place for our clean jewelry—at least when it's getting a little break.

Discolored jewelry: clean 925 sterling silver in no time

If the silver jewelery has tarnished, it does not have to be disposed of by a long shot. The black layer (made of so-called silver sulfide) can be removed again! In this case, jewelery made of 925 sterling silver can take a bath – and a very special one at that. In the "aluminum-salt method", silver jewelery is embedded in a warm saline solution together with commercially available aluminum foil. Discolouration should disappear after a few minutes. A special silver cleaning cloth provides additional help. If the jewelery is not discolored but simply dirty, a bath in warm water with washing-up liquid also helps. If you also use the search engine of your choice, you will find many more household cleaning tips.

Therefore, buy recycled 925 sterling silver

The mining of silver causes severe erosion or extensive groundwater pollution in the mining areas. In addition, mining is a real CO2 guzzler. Why buy recycled silver? Recycled silver declares war on environmental sins. After all, old silver can be found in so many things: cutlery, coins, medical devices or old jewelery serve as a source. This old silver is melted down in so-called refineries. The raw material for the next filigree individual piece is ready - and with up to 98% fewer emissions. we love it

Are you concerned about whether recycled 925 silver has the same quality as its conventional counterpart? A clear answer: Yes! The quality and texture of recycled silver are identical to conventional ones. So you get the highest quality without others having to suffer for it. That makes everyone happy!

Silver jewelry for the look: Which jewelry is the right one?

Jewelery made of sterling silver, with or without a gemstone: handmade silver jewelery from fejn jewelry is always a high-quality, unique piece with a clear design. However, choosing the right 925 sterling silver jewelery for a specific look, for example as a guest at a wedding or simply for the next party night, is not that easy. For example, if you are going for a glittering outfit that is already an eye-catcher, you can be a little more cautious when choosing jewelry. Ear studs or simple sterling silver rings for women are a good choice here. If you opt for the little black dress or want to pimp the clean business look for the after-work dinner, hoop earrings are a good choice. Embellished sterling silver earrings are also a good choice. Pearl earrings, whether as studs or hoop earrings, always radiate graceful elegance and are perfect for dignified occasions or the work look. A sterling silver chain looks exciting with deeper necklines. Gemstones, such as zirconia, also shine particularly brightly and provide a romantic flair, particularly popular with sterling silver rings.

History of 925 silver jewelry

Men and women have adorned themselves with silver jewelry for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians not only liked gold jewelry, but also silver jewelry. They started making jewelry about 5,000 years ago. Beginning with clasps and bracelets, a handicraft with many facets was created. There are still numerous silver jewelery finds from there today.

High-quality sterling silver, also known as 925 silver, has been in use since the 12th century. The term derives from "e(a)sterling", which means something like "coming from the East". The early "sterlings", i.e. silver pennies, were a coin payment method that was imported to England from mainland Europe.

Today, recycled 925 silver is particularly popular for high-quality silver jewelry. That's exactly so high quality and even better for the environment. Win-win for jewelry fans and our planet.