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Nachhaltige Verlobungsringe

Sustainable engagement rings

forever yours - forever fejn

From now on, your 'yes' to love with a fair and ecological engagement ring from fejn jewelry is timeless and even more sustainable - in two senses.

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Solid Gold Made to order klassischer Verlobungsring mit Diamant glänzend gold Echtgoldthe classic engagement ring | solid gold
Solid Gold Made to order bezaubernder Verlobungsring mit 11 Diamanten 14k Echtgold glänzendbezaubernder Verlobungsring mit 11 Diamanten 14k Echtgold glänzend fejn
Solid Gold Made to order the modern engagement ring | solid goldthe modern engagement ring | solid gold
Solid Gold Made to order the trio engagement ring | solid goldthe trio engagement ring | solid gold
Solid Gold diamantring diamond ring solid golddiamantring diamond ring solid gold getragen
Solid Gold Diamantring aus Echtgold mit 15 Diamanten gold fejnmemory diamond ring | solid gold
Solid Gold gedrehter Diamantring aus Echtgoldgedrehter Diamantring aus Echtgold fejn
Solid Gold Made to order the eternal engagement ring | solid goldthe eternal engagement ring | solid gold

Sustainable engagement rings from fejn jewelry - timeless, minimalist and yet loving

Whether a sustainable engagement ring in gold, white gold, silver or rose gold - they all say one thing: It is the very great love! For many, the perfect proposal, the question of all questions, includes an engagement ring - and how nice when it really is a piece of jewelry forever. A thoroughly lasting gift for perhaps one of the most romantic moments of your relationship: that's what fejn jewelry has to offer! And of course our engagement rings are simple, timeless and sustainably produced - like all our jewelry.

Why sustainable engagement rings?

Not only the later wedding ring, but also an engagement ring woman now wears long-term. Whereas engagement rings were often discarded after the wedding in the past, engagement rings are now often optically linked with wedding rings - for example, as pre-stud rings. If you have worn your engagement ring on the left, it remains in place according to German custom. Or the ring moves from the right to the left hand after the marriage. In Germany, the wedding ring is usually worn on the right hand. In other countries it looks different. In Italy, for example, the wedding ring is worn on the left - close to the heart.

Especially if the engagement ring on the hand may and should remain forever, it is a pity if ethically dubious materials are used here. Especially materials like silver and gold are often mined under questionable working conditions. Not infrequently, even child labor is involved. And the environment also suffers from conventional precious metal mining. Massive amounts of CO2 are produced here. How good that fejn jewelry's sustainable engagement rings do without all these unsightly things. Our engagement rings are made from recycled precious metals. So in addition to their looks, they also shine because of their ethically sourced and produced nature. Want to know more around the use of recycled silver and gold? Then read our blog post on how to use sustainable materials.

By the way, engagement rings aren't just reserved for women. In the spirit of sustainability, more and more couples are opting for simple engagement rings together and then continuing to wear them as wedding rings after the wedding. This way, each of you wears a ring that stands for the whole story of your love.

Engagement Rings: Plain or with stone

If you like it straightforward, you will love the sustainable engagement rings, for example, made of gold, simple and without a stone. Who says that an engagement ring must always glitter? Exactly. A simple, timeless engagement ring says one thing above all: we belong together - and soon officially forever. You like simple rings, but you don't mind a little sparkle and shine in your engagement ring? Then fejn's sustainable engagement rings with diamonds are perfect. Good news: Diamonds can be sustainable too! If laboratory grown diamonds are used as they are at fejn, there is nothing standing in the way of an engagement ring not only with pure diamonds, but also with a clear conscience. All of our diamonds used are grown in certified laboratories. Best of all, they are indistinguishable from conventional diamonds in their chemical and physical properties.

Engagement rings gold or silver: the main thing is sustainable!

Today, virtually every brand is apparently sustainable. But behind the advertising promise is not always cash. At fejn jewelry it is - that's what we've been committed to since our founding. Sustainable engagement rings, which you can buy from us online or in our store in Cologne, are made from ethically promoted and environmentally friendly materials. This means that preferably recycled precious metals (such as silver or gold) are used. And production is also sustainable and fair. Of course, you can read more about what exactly this looks like. Learn more about the production and the conditions on site.

By the way: Sustainability certifications such as the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) distinguish sustainable jewelry producers and provide orientation. We at fejn were one of the first German jewelry labels to receive this seal and are mighty proud of it. It gives our customers guidance and is proof of truly sustainable engagement rings.

Engagement rings: care for silver and gold properly

Lasting engagement rings want to be cared for. When you put away your new favorite ring that reminds you of your moment, please do so as airtight as possible. A small jewelry box or even a small cloth jewelry bag is suitable here. When showering, swimming in the pool or in the sea, you should take off your engagement ring. We also recommend protecting recycled precious metal engagement rings from perfumes, creams and cosmetics. These substances can attack the precious material and the shine will disappear.

If your engagement ring does tarnish - no problem. With a gold or silver cleaning cloth, you can free the piece of jewelry from unsightly deposits in no time at all and the engagement ring silver or gold will look like new again.

Your engagement dream is damaged? That can happen. If a mishap happens, there's no need to worry. We will take care of it, of course! Completely in the sense of the lastingness. we say the fight to the throwaway mentality. In this case, please contact our repair service. Tell us the order number and describe the problem. We will do what we can to repair the Diamond Engagement Ring or even the plain engagement ring.