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Armband aus Echtgold

Solid gold bracelet

Want a new bracelet? Solid gold is very trendy! At fejn jewelry, we offer you a great selection of beautifully shiny bracelets that skilfully emphasize your individual style. Whether simple, colorful or playful: our delicate pieces suit every occasion and look. By selecting sustainable materials and producing them by hand, they become the perfect accessory for urban heroines.

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Solid Gold dezentes Goldarmband mit Diamant Echtgold fejndezentes Goldarmband mit Diamant Echtgold
Sold outSave 40% Solid Gold Armcuff mit dezenten Kugeln in gold von fejn jewelryArmcuff mit dezenten Kugeln von fejn jewelry
ball arm cuff | solid gold Sale price€149,00 Regular price€249,00
Sold outSave 40% Solid Gold diamond arm cuff | solid golddiamond arm cuff | solid gold
diamond arm cuff | solid gold Sale price€149,00 Regular price€249,00
Solid Gold Made to order Tennis Armband im Vintage DesignVintage Design Tennis Armband

Bracelet: Solid gold from fejn jewelry - stylish and strong

It's time for a new Bracelet? Solid gold with style, shine and heart! And that's exactly what distinguishes the bracelets from fejn jewelry. Our range offers you high-quality solid gold pieces as well as minimalist favorite pieces with a gold coating. The designs range from subtle to playful. So you are guaranteed to find the right favorite piece for your individual taste. Because every style becomes even more expressive with the right Bracelet. Solid gold can always be seen! Especially ours: The bracelets were designed with a lot of heart in Cologne and manufactured with passion and expertise in Thailand. In addition, the clean pieces are made exclusively from recycled and sustainably produced materials. The perfect Bracelet: solid gold that shines from the outside and from the inside!

fejn bracelet: gold from true craftsmanship

Jewelery is increasingly being manufactured in large factories in keeping with the motto “quantity instead of quality”. Not with us! At fejn we rely on traditional craftsmanship. Our designs are created in Cologne. We do this carefully in order to create pieces that are not only incomparably chic, but also long-lasting and sustainable. The jewelry pieces are then manufactured in Thailand. Our partners there have years of experience in the jewelry craft. With dedication and heart they create a bracelet: solid gold with a unique factor! This means that no piece is exactly like the other. Each one is a unique piece created with heart. Of course, we pay strict attention to fair and respectful working conditions. Because for us, the only option is collaboration on an equal footing and with the best ethical standards. To see for yourself, our founder Dagmar is regularly on site. When we make jewelry for you, we do it right!

14 carat gold: bracelet with timeless shine

You want a new Bracelet? Solid gold with 14 carats? Our pure solid gold pieces offer you exactly that! They are made from recycled gold. This makes them incredibly high quality, durable and sustainable at the same time. We have this as our favorite minimalist piece ball arm cuff in the range for you. The tiny diamond bracelet on the other hand, is particularly delicate and glossy. Or are you looking for a dazzling piece for an extravagant occasion? Allright girl, then it's set with lots of diamonds diamond tennis bracelet your very personal must-have!

For those who like something cheaper but still prefer real jewelry, we have beautiful works of art with 18-carat gold plating. These pieces are also made from recycled material and set an example for environmentally conscious consumption with style. Whether that shiny disc bracelet, the chain bracelet or that triple ball bracelet: Our gold-plated pieces are a real eye-catcher! They are also available in both shiny yellow gold and wonderfully warm rose gold. The latter is considered to be particularly universally applicable. Rose gold suits every skin type and all clothing colors. Yellow gold money, on the other hand, sets a striking accent, especially on warmer skin types and clothing in black, strong green and navy blue. But you know what? Ultimately, what you like most is the best fit. So feel free to do your own thing. That's exactly what our jewelry is for!

A gold bracelet: the perfect gift

Looksing for a timelessly beautiful gift? How about Bracelet? Solid gold is a great option: the material is durable, robust and just damn chic. In addition, fejn's pieces are sustainably and handcrafted. Exactly what you want from a gift for your favorite people.

Buy gold bracelet at fejn jewelry

Golden bracelets from fejn are timelessly beautiful and sustainable at the same time. With them you make a clear statement and show that style, environmental awareness and responsibility belong together. In our online shop you can choose from a wide range of designs and choose exactly the one that suits best your personal taste. To make your decision easier, you will find inspiring images and information about the sizes and the material used on the product pages. We also advise you to read the care instructions carefully. Just a high quality solid gold bracelet wants to be treated lovingly and cleaned regularly. Then it will sparkle for you for a lifetime!