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Arm cuff

We love the subtle open bangles that hug your wrist perfectly. Discover our fine selection of arm cuffs made of recycled 925 sterling silver or 14 carat solid gold here.

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Arm Cuff – open bangles for smart wrists

They are practical, beautiful and decorate wrists literally in an instant: Arm Cuffs. The open shape, which does not require a clasp, is typical of the Arm Cuff. Gold, silver - in all looks, these bangles are a relaxed way to upgrade the daily or evening look. We love the uncomplicated Arm Cuffs for the wrist and therefore have them of course also in our assortment. At fejn jewelry, the clean jewelry pieces are available in various sustainable materials: 14 carat solid gold or recycled sterling silver with 18 carat gold plating, plain silver or with rose gold alloy.

What makes an arm cuff so special?

Ultimately, an Arm Cuff is a "normal" bangle. However, the way the Arm Cuff opens is what makes this form of bangle so special. Unlike other bangles, an Arm Cuff is always slightly open and slides over the wrist with the help of the opening. The often annoying closing with one hand or with the help of others, as you know it from a bracelet with eyelet, carabiner and Co. is omitted and your Arm Cuff is immediately ready for use. Zack, over it and the look is finished. 18 carat gold-plated or made of recycled silver - these filigree arm cuffs are real wow-pieces: feminine elegance that is also totally suitable for everyday wear. Our handmade arm jewelry always fits - no matter if casual at work, at brunch with your girlfriends or with a chic evening look. Our arm cuffs, gold-plated or transparent, underline your individual look in any case.

Bangle: Ladies of the world wear arm cuffs loosely

As a general rule, a bangle should never be too tight. A bangle that is too tight will cause your wrist bones to hurt. Just like closed bangles, arm cuffs are designed to be worn loosely so that they hug the wrist. Some jewelry heroines have difficulty sliding rigid bangles, which are closed and without a clasp, over the carpal bones. An arm cuff makes it especially easy to put on. Closed bangles fit best when there is about 0.5 to 1 inch between the circumference of the wrist and the circumference of the bangle. An arm cuff, on the other hand, is more flexible due to the small opening and can also be put on with a little less distance to the arm. In addition, the size can be adjusted to your arm by carefully bending the bangle with opening slightly.

Which arm cuff? Gold, silver or rose?

The investment in an arm cuff made of genuine, recycled sterling silver or gold or gold-plated is really always worthwhile. An arm cuff always looks decorative on the arm of its wearer and is sure to attract some attention. Gold is classic and looks wonderfully warm, especially on softly tanned skin. An arm cuff made of silver is especially great in winter. A look with several arm cuffs combined is also a great option if it can be a little more eye-catching. Simple arm cuffs are timeless and won't go out of style quickly. Worn alone, they look clean and simple. If you combine several clean arm cuffs and mix, for example, a silver bangle and a gold bangle together, the look looks directly a little more edgy. Rose gold bangles are also a nice way to express your own style.

Silver and gold bangles: how to wear them!

A silver arm cuff is a super choice especially in winter. A great way to create a very special look is to wear the arm cuff over the long sleeves of cozy wool sweaters. It's a modern look that's quick to make but still special. By the way, the clean models that we make at fejn jewelry are quite suitable as unisex models. Especially a plain model is also wearable as a men's arm cuff. While the female jewelry nomads mostly reach for the golden Arm Cuff, it is with the men rather the bangle made of silver. Men love the cooler look of the 925 sterling silver. Those who like it a little looser, more filigree and a little more "mobile", additionally rely on bracelets. Of course, we also have a wide selection here.

Arm Cuff: Silver without nickel for sensitive skin

Our genuine jewelry is not only particularly durable and sustainable. It is also nickel-free and therefore suitable for people who are allergic to any materials. Especially on sensitive skin areas, such as the wrists and forearms, nickel-containing materials quickly cause itching redness and swelling. Genuine silver and gold jewelry is therefore the best choice, not least for the skin. Our materials used are also lead and cadmium free. In each product description of our Arm Cuffs you can read about the material used. Our sterling silver Arm Cuffs are fully recycled and our full gold Arm Cuffs are also made from fully recycled precious metal. They are made of 14K gold and bear a 585 stamp. fejn's gold plated arm cuffs are sterling silver and gold plated with 18K gold.

The History of the Bracelet

Archaeologists believe that early bracelets were worn as early as 7,000 years ago. At that time they were made of grasses, branches, shells later then copper and bronze. Around 2000 BC, craftsmen began to make bracelets from gold and silver. The bracelet made of real gold was then decorated with shells and stones and stood as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. While the ancient Egyptians wore arm cuffs (yes, often the bangles already had an opening at that time) decorated with semi-precious stones, the ancient Greeks put more on a kind of cuff on the lower or upper arm. Above all, this jewelry was seen on men who dressed in armor, so showed their status.This expression of self about the arm jewelry runs through until today. Hardly a piece of jewelry says so much about the own person, as the arm jewelry. In the 70s people wore bangles and ribbons with peace signs as a sign of the hippie movement, in the 90s sparked the trend to friendship bracelets and to this day festival goers wear the "ribbons" even after the event to express their musical tastes and lifestyle.

Bangle: Proper care for silver and gold

After wearing it means: clean it! Our Arm Cuffs made of real gold, gold plated or 925 sterling silver are fortunately insensitive. They don't require much attention or care. However, you should clean them after wearing them to keep the high-quality materials beautiful for a long time. With a soft microfiber or cotton cloth you free the sustainable arm cuffs without much effort from skin and dirt particles. This way, the bangle real gold or silver keeps its shine for a long time. Since silver oxidizes when it comes into contact with air, you should store your new favorite piece in a sealed box after wearing it. If your arm cuff does tarnish, silver polishing cloths or special silver polishing solutions can be used to remove the unsightly spots. For gold jewelry, gold cleaning cloths are a good choice. And another tip: polished with a standard eraser, satin jewelry looks like new again.

Buy silver and gold bangle: order fejn arm cuffs online

You want an arm cuff made of sustainable precious metal? Then our online store is the right place for you. Here you will find a variety of timeless models, from twisted arm cuffs to knot arm cuffs and plain or shiny versions. We ship within 2-3 business days. Of course, we also pay attention to sustainable materials when shipping. We pack plastic-free and ship our filigree jewelry climate neutral. Our jewelry boxes are made of FSC certified cardboard and manufactured in Denmark. The jewelry bags are made from organic cotton. Our Furoshiki are a great option if you want the Arm Cuff to be a gift. This is a square cloth used primarily in Japan as a wrapping or carrying bag. The furoshiki is a sustainable gift wrap - and can also be used for jewelry storage afterwards.