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What is gold

Gold is a precious metal that is usually only found in small amounts in the earth, in rock and also in some streams or rivers.

Pure gold (24 carat) is very soft and is only conditionally suitable for jewellery. That is why gold is often mixed with other precious metals such as silver or copper to make it more stable and scratch-resistant for jewelry production. This is then a gold alloy.

What is silver?

Silver is a white precious metal that, like gold, is too soft as a pure metal for jewelry production. That is why it is usually mixed with copper.
Similar to the gold alloy, the fineness of silver is given at 1000. So 925 silver contains 925/1000, which means 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% buried copper.

What does sustainable jewelry or recycled precious metals mean?

Recycled - or eco-friendly silver and gold means no new precious metal is mined to create our jewelry. The exploitation often associated with mine work can thus be prevented. We work with certified suppliers who are allowed to melt down scrap metal and process it into new pieces of jewelry - in the spirit of sustainability. The properties of the recycled metals do not differ from 'new' sterling silver or gold. We can thus ensure high quality in connection with sustainable materials. You can read more about it here on our blog.

What does gold plated mean?

The 925 sterling silver jewelery is also available in (rose) gold plating. Fejn jewelry is gold plated with an 18k (rose) gold alloy applied between 1 and 2 microns. Micron indicates the micrometers of the gold layer. 1 micron corresponds to about 1 micron of gold layer on the piece of jewellery. Most of our jewelery is gold plated with 1 micron, but rings are gold plated with 2 microns because they are usually subjected to more wear and tear.

What is a (gold) alloy?

An alloy is the fusion of two or more metals.
In order to be able to use the soft pure metals gold and silver for jewelry, it cannot remain in its pure form. The material becomes much harder and more malleable when mixed with things like copper or silver. Since the mixing ratios vary depending on the precious metal, different alloys are created, such as gold 585 or silver 925. This means that there are 585 grams of pure gold per 1000 grams, or 925 grams of silver per 1000 grams.

What does the carat number say about a piece of jewelry?

With gold, the carat number indicates how high the gold content of a piece of jewelry is. Pure gold with 99.9% gold is 24 carat, whereas the 585 gold we use is 14 carat.

What does 'fj 585' mean?

Every piece of gold jewelery must have an embossing, a so-called hallmark, from which the fineness of the gold can be read. 'fj 585' stands for 'fejn jewelry 585 gold'.

How are the colors yellow and rose gold created?

High-quality gold alloys are used for the different colors of fejn jewelry. The finished piece of jewellery, mostly made of 925 sterling silver, is either left in its natural state or placed in a gold alloy to be colored in the color of your choice. A yellow-gold hue is created by a gold alloy of gold, silver, and copper. A rose gold alloy uses greater amounts of copper in the alloy.

What is the difference between diamond and brilliant?

A diamond is a gemstone created by nature.

The brilliant is a diamond that has already been cut into a specific round shape.

What is the difference between a natural diamond and a synthetic diamond?

In nature, the production of diamonds not only requires special conditions that are difficult to create, such as pressure and high temperatures, but above all it takes time. A diamond takes several centuries to form. Extracting diamonds from nature is often associated with many conflicts and wars.

There is now the possibility in laboratories to grow new diamonds from the tiniest diamond fragments in a fraction of the time while imitating the conditions. These diamonds are just as flawless and genuine as natural diamonds, but far more fair and conflict-free.

What does plastic-free packaging mean?

We only use plastic-free organic packaging materials for shipping. In this way we prevent plastic waste and also support a sustainable way of life here. Only the foam inlays of our jewelry boxes have a small amount of plastic - but this can also be recycled. However, it is best to use the jewelry box for airtight storage of your jewelry - this way there is no waste here either and you are acting sustainably.

I am allergic to nickel, is fejn jewelery allergy-free?

Our silver meets all important EU regulations that regulate and control the use of nickel, lead and cadmium in jewelry and other products. Our products are therefore allergy-friendly, which means they can also be worn on sensitive skin.

What is the best way to put my hoop earrings on and off?

Many of our filigree hoop earrings do not have a conventional clasp. We keep our design minimalist and simplify the (often difficult) putting on and taking off of the hoop earrings.

The fine creoles must be opened and closed by carefully bending them. Please only bend them sideways to keep their shape. Please do not bend them apart, as this could break the creole.
And don't worry, because sterling silver is a high-quality and flexible precious metal and can therefore be bent without any problems.