creole simple hoop gold XS S M getragen creole simple hoop silber S

simple hoop - XS / S / M / L

From €19,00
single ring single ring

single ring

From €24,00
Satin Bandring Ring mit gebürsteter Oberfläche silber Satin Bandring Ring mit gebürsteter Oberfläche gold

satin band ring

From €39,00
satin ball stud satin ball stud

satin ball stud

From €24,00
schlichte kräftigere creolen schlichte creolen roségold

bold hoops - S / M

From €34,00
mini hoops shiny mini hoops shiny

mini hoops shiny

From €19,00
mini hoops satin mini hoops satin

mini hoops satin

From €19,00
tiny stud tiny stud

tiny stud

From €19,00
shiny ball studs shiny ball studs

shiny ball studs

From €24,00
satin arm cuff satin arm cuff

satin arm cuff

From €44,00
4Ocean - beaded bracelets 4Ocean - beaded bracelets
Sold out

4Ocean - beaded bracelets

simple hoops | solid gold - XS / S / M simple hoops | solid gold - XS / S / M
New Solid Gold
sparkle stud sparkle stud

sparkle stud

From €24,00
Armreif simple cuff recyceltes Sterling Silber am Model Armreif simple cuff 24K vergoldet

shiny arm cuff

From €44,00
plain necklace - M/L plain necklace - M/L

plain necklace - M/L

From €49,00
schwarze ohrstecker fejn schwarze Ohrstecker von fejn

black stud

From €24,00

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Unisex jewelry - high quality and minimalist by fejn

You do you! That's why we at fejn offer high-quality jewelry for all genders: Whether men's jewelry or jewelry for women - we focus on minimalist unisex jewelry that fits every character. And the best part? Every single one of our accessories is made from sustainable materials. For example, we only use recycled precious metals for jewelry production. We also focus on social fairness: equality, transparent supply chains and humane working conditions are particularly important to us. Our unisex collection is perfect for jewelry fans who are not only looking for a clean look, but also for jewelry responsibility.

Want to learn more about our manufacturing and processing methods? Then check out our blog article on sustainable materials.

Jewelry: Ladies love it

Sure, the selection of women's jewelry is large. At fejn, however, we focus on jewelry for women that is delicately designed and timelessly beautiful to match any outfit and occasion. Whether it's a long day at the office or a romantic date night, our unisex jewelry will round out your look in style. How about our shiny mini hoop in 14K full gold, for example? Discreet yet special, it adds the finishing touch to your look.

Need something a little more special? fejn also offers the perfect unisex jewelry for unique occasions like your wedding day. Our wedding collection is the best proof of this. Not only modern jewelry for young women is in focus: Because let's face it - what could be better than underlining your special bond on your wedding day with matching jewelry for him and her?

Men's jewelry is becoming increasingly popular

" Jewelry is a woman's thing!" - This statement is at least as outdated as the assumption that men can't clean or cook. At fejn, we celebrate men's jewelry and therefore offer a wide selection of unisex jewelry. Do you or your partner belong to the silver jewelry men? Or does men's jewelry have to be gold? Allowed is what pleases. Whether silver jewelry for men or men's jewelry in gold. Our unisex collection combines the best pieces for him and her. With accessories like our satin band ring or the chain bracelet in different color options, men make a noble jewelry statement in a clean design. Cool jewelry for men - for casual leisure looks and festive appearances.

It may be a little more personal? Men's jewelry with engraving is also part of our unisex selection. With our personalisierten tag necklace, you can carry the first letter of your name or that of your loved one close to you every day. Modern masculinity at its best!

The perfect jewelry gift for him and her

Long live friendship! Finding unisex jewelry that is perfect as a gift for him and her is not so easy. Or maybe it is? Our 4Ocean braided bracelets not only give the good old friendship bracelet a stylish upgrade, but also support a good cause at the same time. Because with every bracelet purchase, the global organization 4Ocean is supported in its important mission. For every bracelet purchased, the NGO frees the world's oceans from half a kilo of waste. In addition, each bracelet color stands for a project that 4Ocean also supports. Looking good and doing good? That's possible!

If it can be even more personal, our letter necklace is perfect as a gift. Whether it's for your best friend, brother, sister or the person in your heart. The silver letter necklace can be personalized with a letter of your choice. So you can either wear your initials around each other's necks, or make the Letter Chain a particularly personal individual gift. For those looking for a gold chain with letters, our gold letter necklace is perfect! Thanks to the 14K solid gold, the gold letter necklace provides a particularly high-end look and makes the gift extra special. After all, what makes a better statement of friendship and love than wearing the first letter of your favorite person close to your heart every day? We think: The gold chain with letters is the perfect gift!

What else is needed for the perfect unisex gift? That's right, the perfect packaging. This is where our Furoshikis come into play. Because these colorful scarves, which originated in Japan, not only come in an individual design, but can also be reused as often as you like. Here, the Letter Necklace (Gold) and other gifts can be wrapped nicely and sustainably. This is not only good for the recipient, but also for the environment.

First aid for broken unisex jewelry

Despite all caution, it can happen that our unisex jewelry breaks or has a defect. But, no need to panic! Because in such cases, our repair service is there for you. We don't believe in the throwaway mentality and are committed to ensuring that every piece of jewelry is worn for as long as possible. So if you notice a defect in your favorite unisex jewelry, you can simply send us an email with your name, your order and invoice number, a photo of the unisex jewelry and a short description of the repair request. We will then take care of your request very quickly. If it's too late to help your unisex jewelry, we'll simply melt it down and turn it into new favorite pieces. By the way: The more light and air protected you store your unisex jewelry, the longer you will enjoy it. The best way to do this is to use the small box that we usually include with every order. You should also keep your unisex jewelry away from water, perfume and cosmetics. These liquids can corrode the surface of your jewelry and cause it to lose its shine in the long run.