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Echtgold Ohrringe

Solid Gold - Fine Gold Earrings

Whether gold-plated or made of solid gold: real jewelry - like our fine gold earrings - lasts a lifetime. This alone makes fine jewelry earrings a more sustainable choice of earrings for everyone who not only values ​​a minimalist style, but also wants the smallest possible ecological footprint. Our fejn gold earrings impress Naturelovers with recycled gold and numerous clean designs, suitable for every look.

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Solid Gold simple hoops | solid gold - XS / S / Mschlichte Creolen recyceltes 14k Echtgold roségold
Solid Gold mini creolen echtgold glänzend roségoldmini creolen echtgold glänzend fejn
shiny mini hoops | solid gold Sale priceFrom €89,00
Solid Gold mini creolen recyceltes echtgoldmini creolen echtgold
satin mini hoops | solid gold Sale priceFrom €89,00
Solid Gold runde Ohrstecker mit flachen Plättchen Echtgoldsatin dot stud | solid gold
satin dot stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €129,00
Solid Gold Ohrstecker mit Diamant EchtgoldOhrstecker mit Diamant fejn
tiny diamond stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €199,00
Solid Gold mini-ohrstecker in kugelform - echtgoldmini-ohrstecker in kugelform - echtgold
tiny stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €99,00
Solid Gold Ohrstecker in Kugelform glänzend goldOhrstecker in Kugelform glänzend fejn
shiny ball stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €139,00
Solid Gold gedrehte Creolen-Ohrstecker aus EchtgoldCreolen-Ohrstecker gedreht Echtgold
tiny twisted hoops | solid gold Sale priceFrom €149,00
Solid Gold runde Ohrstecker mit flachen Plättchen Echtgold glänzendrunde Ohrstecker mit flachen Plättchen Echtgold glänzend
shiny dot stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €129,00
Solid Gold Ohrstecker Kugelform EchtgoldOhrstecker Kugelform gold
satin ball stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €139,00
Solid Gold kleine creolen gold diamantfunkelnde diamant creolen gold
diamond huggie | solid gold Sale priceFrom €329,00
Solid Gold quadratischer Ohrstecker glänzend gold 14k Echtgoldquadratischer Ohrstecker glänzend 14k Echtgold fejn
shiny square stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €139,00
Solid Gold Herzohrstecker goldHerzohrstecker roségold
open heart studs | solid gold Sale priceFrom €119,00
Solid Gold kleine huggie Creolen 14k Echtgold glänzendkleine huggie Creolen 14k Echtgold glänzend
shiny huggie | solid gold Sale priceFrom €249,00
Solid Gold Ohrstecker mit drei Diamanten EchtgoldOhrstecker mit drei Diamanten Echtgold fejn
triple diamond stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €229,00
Solid Gold satin square stud | solid goldquadratischer Ohrstecker satiniert
satin square stud | solid gold Sale priceFrom €139,00

Real gold earrings from fejn – from simple to exciting

Would you like a timeless hoop earring today? Do you choose a simple gold ear stud? Or would you like to make a fashion statement with trendy yellow glowing huggies? It doesn't matter which fine gold earring makes your heart beat faster today, with fejn you can be sure: it doesn't get more sustainable. We value a fair choice of materials and use 14 carat gold for our solid gold pieces. Gold-plated real gold earrings, on the other hand, are refined with 18-carat gold plating. And best of all: in both cases we rely on recycled precious metal. This not only impresses with the best quality, but also in terms of sustainability across the board. Thanks to the clean real gold designs, the earrings are particularly timelessly beautiful.

Real gold earring: stud or hoop?

Your outfit is set, the choice of gold or silver chains or rings is already done, but which real gold earrings are right? We've got you covered! Sometimes it's not that easy to find the right gold earrings for your outfit. After all, just striking fine gold earring can sometimes be “too much”. This especially happens if the outfit is particularly eye-catching or a lot of jewelry has already been put on. The rule of thumb therefore applies: the simpler the outfit, the more extravagant fine gold earrings can be – and vice versa.

So if you decide on a clean jeans look, for example in combination with a boxy blouse or shirt, gold jewelry can give the outfit that certain something. Especially massive or playful earrings, like our bold hoop or the hexagon hoop, fit perfectly. If, on the other hand, you have decided on a look that is full of colors, materials and patterns, subtle stud earrings are just the thing. Here, for example, could be: satin dot stud made of solid gold to calmly round off your outfit. Our insider tip: Huggies are real quick-change artists among real gold earrings! They usually not only fit perfectly with the everyday office look, but also look great in the evening. So you can go straight from your desk to your favorite Italian restaurant with fine gold earrings, like the classic one diamond huggie or ours satin huggie, a great choice.

Fine gold earrings with pearls, diamonds or semi-precious stones

Not all earrings are the same. That also applies to fine gold earrings. In addition to more minimalist earrings in gold, there are also designs with sparkling diamonds, shimmering pearls or colorful one semi-precious stones. Real eye-catchers! Such variants are particularly suitable for completing a clean look or for picking up color elements in the clothing. Are you wearing a cozy autumn look in warm tones? Then the fejn could autumn pearl hoop fit perfectly. Pink opal and other semi-precious stones shine here. Or are you more of team “all black”? Then classic diamond or real pearl earrings in gold will surely complete your look. Take a look at our pearl stud or the bar diamond stud at. You're gonna love it.

Buy sustainable gold earrings

Admittedly, it is not easy to maneuver your way through the jungle of sustainability labels. However, at fejn you can be sure: Sustainability is very important here – across the board. This means that we rely on a completely sustainable choice of materials. So we don't just use recycled gold for our fine gold earring we also pay close attention to their origin when choosing pearls, diamonds and semi-precious stones. All of our processed pearls come from sustainable farming Diamonds are in the laboratory The semi-precious stones grown and used are clearly tested for their origin. We were able to convince with our efforts and are even considered sustainable jewelry brand RJC certified.

And that's not all. At least for us. Because in the production of the fine gold earrings we value ethical working conditions and transparency right up to the end. Our favorite pieces are therefore carefully manufactured in Thailand under fair conditions. By the way, our founder Dagmar regularly checks that the high standards are being adhered to.

Real gold earring damaged? No problem!

No matter how carefully you handle the piece of jewelry, sometimes damage or defects occur. Then the only way is to throw it in the bin? No, not with us. Is your fine gold earring damaged, we will do all we can to repair it. Simply contact our Repair service, have the order number, a photo of the defect and a short description ready and we will take care of the rest. In doing so, we are declaring war on the throwaway mentality and honoring the high-quality materials of the real gold earrings.

Caring for real gold earrings

Fine jewelry earrings (gold) for a lifetime? That works. However, even the highest quality materials require regular care and some attention. If the earring is slightly dirty, a gentle soapy bath and gentle treatment with a toothbrush is usually sufficient. For more stubborn contamination or oxidation, some home remedies can help. We tell you how to use baking soda or vinegar to remove discoloration etc. in our guide article: This is how you should clean your gold jewelry.