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Article: Our sustainability promise is now RJC certified!

nachhaltiger schmuck zertifiziert

Our sustainability promise is now RJC certified!

Flawless: fejn promise is RJC certified!

Good news for all sustainability heroines: fejn jewelry is one of the first German jewelry labels to receive RJC certification for its sustainability promise! Why is this a reason to be happy? This certification is proof of our corporate responsibility and includes a comprehensive examination. This officially confirms our commitment to ensuring more decorative sustainability and fighting unfair accessory manufacturing. Yay! You can find out more about the background and why our certification is a reason to celebrate in the article.

What is the RJC?

The Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC) is the jewelry industry's nonprofit standards and certification organization. As a leading international institution, the Council is committed to ethically, socially and ecologically responsible manufacturing processes. The most important thing for the RJC: respect for human rights. The organization's mission is to promote responsible supply chains worldwide. The aim is to strengthen trust in the global jewelry industry in the long term.

That doesn't just sound really good, it is: RJC-certified members like us at fejn are officially recognized for their commitment to a sustainable jewelry business. So fejn customers can be sure: A fair tomorrow for future generations is the highest priority for us and other manufacturers involved. This is great for the environment, the jewelry industry and also speaks for the quality of your favorite individual pieces. A classic win-win-win situation!

These are our sustainability promises

Every day we work to create delicate jewelry designs that are manufactured under fair conditions and in an environmentally friendly way. Our sustainability promises give us orientation – they are the guidelines for our actions. And what you promise, you should keep: This is exactly what is now officially RJC certified. We'll now tell you what's behind it:

We rely on recycled materials

Almost all fejn products are made of completely recycled 925 sterling silver, which - depending on the product - is 18 carat gold-plated. The gold used for this is partly recycled. Good to know: Pieces of jewelry from our Solid Gold collection are made from pure and completely recycled 14-carat gold. Would you like to find out more about sustainable materials and how we use them? We have summarized everything you need to know in a blog article about recycled silver and gold .

recycled precious metals

Fejn offers eco-friendly packaging

We use 100% environmentally friendly materials for our packaging. From the jewelry boxes and bags to the shipping boxes - everything is ecologically degradable. By offering a zero-waste option for packaging and reusing return boxes as much as possible, we further reduce waste.

We are committed to climate neutrality

Wherever possible, we minimize our carbon footprint. Our products are therefore only shipped in a climate-neutral manner. In 2021, we were able to offset almost 7.55 tons of CO2 through DHL shipments alone - crazy! And the (climate-neutral) journey continues: We compensate for some of the CO2 that we produce over the course of the year through reforestation projects. We have been able to donate over 1,000 trees in the last two years , which corresponds to around 14 tons of CO2 compensation per year.

We stand for responsible jewelry manufacturing

Sustainable jewelry production is only possible in the factory around the corner? Certainly not! fejn works with sustainable production facilities in Thailand . Why? Because Thailand is not only traditionally known for its know-how and a long tradition in jewelry making, but our manufacturing partners are also committed to responsible manufacturing. In addition to high environmental standards, this also includes, for example, respecting labor and human rights. Tracing the supply chain plays just as important a role for our partners as it does for us. How do we know this? We can ensure this using the documents and information that fejn requires from all production partners . The business practices of our partners are also certified and are checked through regular visits by our founder Dagmar Kraemer .

Why is RJC certification relevant?

Talking is silver, proving is gold! In the jungle of sustainability promises, some people rightly ask themselves how they can check the truth of sustainability claims. Does that sound familiar? RJC certification can help. It is internationally recognized, creates clarity and serves as a guide if you choose sustainable jewelry. Questionable production conditions have no chance in the Council Check.

Through certification from the Responsible Jewelery Council, fejn jewelry creates
Transparency, provides clear answers and continues to fight against inhumane manufacturing conditions. Would you like to know more about sustainability at fejn? You can find detailed information in our sustainability report .

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