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Article: GOLDEN WEEK - we are committed to the sustainable use of gold as a resource

GOLDEN WEEK - wir setzen uns für einen nachhaltigen Umgang mit der Ressource Gold ein

GOLDEN WEEK - we are committed to the sustainable use of gold as a resource


That is the slogan of the Earthbeat Foundation, which was founded by Guya Merkle in 2013 with the aim of creating a future-oriented, sustainable and environmentally friendly use of the raw material gold.
We think that's great!

Gold mining is a highly damaging process - for the environment but also, and above all, for the miners. With your help, we would like to take action against this and draw attention to the situation in the small, mostly illegal gold mines worldwide on Black Friday.

We are donating 10% of our sales to the Earthbeat Foundation from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th November 2022 !

The fact that we at fejn jewelry use fair and sustainable methods is a principle in our work. But we also want to contribute to fairer trading worldwide in the long term and to improving the effects of our consumption on people and the environment at all levels.

Around 25 to 30 million people, including children, work in small, mostly illegal gold mines around the world under conditions that violate human rights. A lack of occupational safety is also a problem, as is the permanent exposure to highly toxic chemicals. In the absence of alternatives, mercury and similar toxins are diverted to local rivers and bodies of water, for example. The resulting damage to the environment and the human body mostly has fatal consequences for the workers as well as the local residents. The yields of gold that are achieved in the year are so low that they are hardly sufficient to survive.

The Earthbeat Foundation offers the perfect holistic approach to close small gold mines in the long term and to offer the miners an alternative!

It supports the detoxification of the soil and the environment and helps to establish new sources of income, such as agriculture and, above all, beekeeping. A special focus is on the training of the workers so that they can also trade economically with their new company and make a living from it in the long term. In Uganda, the Earthbeat Foundation has already achieved great success.

It is particularly important for us that no long-term dependencies are created here, but that all projects can be managed independently after three years.

Our joint donation gives the workers and people the chance for a better life and supports a global rethink in the jewelry industry.

We are incredibly proud to support here!

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