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Solid gold rings

Plain and simple or would you rather be playful? At fejn you will find the perfect solid gold ring for your individual taste! Each piece is lovingly handcrafted and made from recycled material. This means the good piece can shine on your finger for a lifetime. And the best thing about it: You not only wear timeless beauty, but also a sustainable statement that can be seen on any occasion. Perfect for urban heroines!

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Solid Gold diamantring diamond ring solid golddiamantring diamond ring solid gold getragen
Solid Gold schlichter Ring satiniert goldschlichter Ring satiniert roségold
Solid Gold schlichter Ring glänzend recyceltem 14k Echtgold fejnschlichter Ring glänzend roségold 14k Echtgold
Solid Gold dezenter gedrehter Ring aus Echtgolddezenter gedrehter Ring aus Echtgold fejn
tiny twisted ring | solid gold Sale priceFrom €129,00
Solid Gold gedrehter ring 14k Echtgoldgedrehter Ring 14K Echtgold fejn
twisted ring | solid gold Sale price€169,00
Solid Gold gedrehter Diamantring aus Echtgoldgedrehter Diamantring aus Echtgold fejn
Solid Gold memory Dimaond Ring VogueDiamantring aus Echtgold mit 15 Diamanten gold fejn
Sold out Solid Gold farbiger memory ring fejnfarbiger goldring fejn
Solid Gold Made to order bezaubernder Verlobungsring mit 11 Diamanten 14k Echtgold glänzendbezaubernder Verlobungsring mit 11 Diamanten 14k Echtgold glänzend fejn
Solid Gold Made to order klassischer Verlobungsring mit Diamant glänzend gold Echtgoldthe classic engagement ring | solid gold
Solid Gold Made to order the modern engagement ring | solid goldthe modern engagement ring | solid gold
Solid Gold drei filigrane Ringe in einander verschlungen fejndrei filigrane Ringe ineinander verschlungen
trio ring | solid gold Sale price€229,00
Sold out Solid Gold extravaganter Diamantenring von fejn jewelryDiamantenring schwaz weiß von fejn jewelry
Solid Gold Made to order gehämmerte eheringe goldgehämmerte Trauringe gold
Solid Gold Made to order the trio engagement ring | solid goldausgefallener Verlobungsring mit Diamanten Echtgold glänzend nachhaltig gelbgold
Solid Gold Made to order gravierte gebürstete trauringe goldmatte eheringe gold

Solid gold ring from fejn - stylish, high quality and sustainable

From the simple Solid gold ring to the model with a rather playful braided look: at fejn you will find the perfect accessory to adorn your hand. The minimalist design of the pieces gives every outfit a subtle sophistication and emphasizes your individual look. Our solid gold pieces are made of radiant 14-carat gold. The gold-plated favorite pieces, on the other hand, are refined with a high-quality 18-carat coating. In both cases we rely on recycled precious metal. In this way, we keep our ecological footprint low and do not waste any unnecessary resources. We also approach the production itself consciously and carefully: every solid gold ring comes from a manufactory and is made with love. You can see that!

Delicate gold rings or a playful version?

Do you want to make your individual look shine with a small but beautiful piece of jewelry on your finger? Our real gold rings are the perfect accessory for every taste and occasion. A striking solid gold ring, such as this twisted ring or the trio ring, sets a great accent, especially with clean outfits. Are you looking for a minimalist accent to your bright dress? Then a simple gold ring like that single ring or the timelessly beautiful satin single ring a great choice. Or do you want to spice up your look according to the motto "Diamonds are a girl's best friend"? Then the single diamond ring will look particularly good on you!

The best thing about our ring selection: Even our more playful models impress with their clean and minimalist look. So you can be sure that your solid gold ring will suit every occasion – no matter which one you ultimately choose. And in the end: your own style is all that counts!

Modern gold rings for cool looks

Why limit yourself to just one solid gold ring, if you can wear several at the same time? Of course this is not a must. But it can be a great way to emphasize your individual style in a particularly creative way. Combine different designs to create a truly unique look! How about a colorful ring like this colored memory ring on the one and the cool black & white memory ring on the other hand?

And because urban heroines know no rules when it comes to styling, we wear our rings not only on the ring finger, but also on the thumb or index finger. Sometimes even twice! Because wearing two rings on the same finger is absolutely trendy and looks really cool! A thin gold ring like that single satin ring in combination with a striking variant, like this tiny twisted ring is particularly suitable for this eye-catcher. So just be brave! Go wild and create your very own ring style. Go girl!

Sustainable gold ring: Ladies, that's the spirit!

Every solid gold ring from fejn stands for sustainability and the highest quality. Whether solid gold or gold-plated: all pieces are made from recycled precious metals. Our ecological footprint is happy! The diamonds that adorn one or two pieces have also been carefully chosen: without exception, we rely on Diamonds from the laboratory. The production of our rings also takes place in carefully selected Manufactories in Thailand instead of. Here, thanks to the loving handwork of our team, every accessory becomes a unique work of art. A solid gold ring from fejn is much more than a sparkling accessory. It is a symbol of environmental awareness, appreciation and authentic craftsmanship.

On top of that, we have an in-house repair service: This is always there for you should something happen to your favorite piece. Because if we don't like something, then it's an irresponsible throwaway mentality. We'd much rather just get to it again and iron out any damage for you. If that doesn't work, the good piece will be melted down again and we'll conjure up a new treasure out of it! Not bad either, right?

Real gold rings for engagements and weddings

A solid gold ring from fejn is the perfect choice when it comes to engagement rings and wedding rings. All models are lovingly handcrafted and sustainably produced. They basically stand for love and connection. Urban heroines like that! Our solid gold models are particularly ideal for special occasions. The satin single ring and the shiny single ring are particularly delicate gold rings for everyone who prefers things subtle. But it can also be more extravagant! The modern engagement ring and the iconic engagement ring are set with beautiful diamonds that sparkle. If you can't miss the engraving on the wedding ring, you should definitely take a look at ours satin wedding band, the shiny wedding band or that hammered wedding band throw. You can't help but say "yes"!

Buy a gold ring: it's easy online

It doesn't matter if you have one solid gold ring for everyday life, for your business outfit, for a cool event or for a big wedding: at fejn you will find rings for every taste and occasion. Thanks to the wealth of information on the product pages, we make online shopping particularly easy for you. You can read exactly what the rings are made of and our product images will help with the final selection. Also pay attention to the care instructions and clean your gold jewelry regularly. Then the beautiful pieces will never stop shining for you!