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Diamond rings

Is your wedding just around the corner? Or another important occasion where you want your finger to sparkle more than ever? With a diamond ring from fejn, you are guaranteed to make the right choice. Our handcrafted diamond rings are minimalist in design and timelessly beautiful. This means they can not only be worn for special celebrations, but also skilfully round off everyday looks with their clean elegance. Which diamond ring will it be for you?

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Solid Gold diamantring diamond ring solid golddiamantring diamond ring solid gold getragen
Solid Gold gedrehter Diamantring aus Echtgoldgedrehter Diamantring aus Echtgold fejn
Solid Gold Diamantring aus Echtgold mit 15 Diamanten gold fejnmemory diamond ring | solid gold
Solid Gold Made to order bezaubernder Verlobungsring mit 11 Diamanten 14k Echtgold glänzendbezaubernder Verlobungsring mit 11 Diamanten 14k Echtgold glänzend fejn
Solid Gold Made to order the modern engagement ring | solid goldthe modern engagement ring | solid gold
Solid Gold Made to order klassischer Verlobungsring mit Diamant glänzend gold Echtgoldthe classic engagement ring | solid gold
Solid Gold extravaganter Diamantenring von fejn jewelryDiamantenring schwaz weiß von fejn jewelry
Solid Gold Made to order the trio engagement ring | solid goldthe trio engagement ring | solid gold
Solid Gold Made to order the eternal engagement ring | solid goldthe eternal engagement ring | solid gold
New Solid Gold Mandala Ring aus Echtgold mit DiamantMandala Ring mit Diamant aus Echtgold
mandala ring | solid gold Sale price€399,00

Diamond ring – engagement and important occasions

Of course, we wish that your loved one will without hesitation says "Yes. But beware: The sight of our beautiful diamond rings could still make you gasp for a moment when you propose. Especially if you decide on our extravagant iconic engagement ring. Here, 11 wonderful diamonds are sparkling in competition with each other! What does your perfect gem look like on the corresponding Diamond ring? Big and eye-catching appeals to you the most? Then take a look at the engagement ring! One more small note: We need around four to six weeks to produce these two unique pieces - after all, we make the sparkling diamond rings especially for you. With lots of love, we promise!

For those who like it simple and pure, we recommend the classic engagement ring, the trio engagement ring and the engagement ring. These more discreet models are perfect if the Diamond ring to be worn even after marriage. Thanks to their minimalist design, they can be perfectly combined with a wedding ring on the same finger or shine on another finger.

Diamond ring: gold, silver or rose

You want to buy a Diamond ring, but are still unsure about the color of the precious metal? At fejn we offer you a great selection of gold, silver and rose gold pieces. For the classics, the gold and silver pieces of jewelry, the following rule of thumb applies: Gold goes particularly well with people with warm complexions, while silver flatters cooler skin types in particular. But you know what? Every urban heroine has her own style and taste. That's why you can ignore the styling rules and simply choose the variant that makes you feel most comfortable and authentic. Or do you prefer rose gold? The warm, shiny precious metal is known to flatter all skin types brilliantly. The clean classic engagement ring and the striking iconic engagement ring for example, are available in all three variants.

Diamond ring by fejn – timelessly elegant sparkle

Diamonds are a girl's best friend! And we at fejn also love diamond rings more than anything. That is why we pay attention to a minimalist and clean design when manufacturing them. This makes our diamond rings true all-rounders. Whether as an engagement ring, a wedding ring, for a trendy event or for everyday use: A real Diamond ring by fejn can be worn for any occasion. It is an eye-catcher in any case! And that's not all: All the diamonds we use were grown in a laboratory using fair and sustainable methods. The sparkling pieces of jewelry are therefore exactly the right choice for stylish heroines with a strong environmental awareness.

Diamond ring – capture wedding and memories

She said yes? Or was it he who accepted your proposal? Either way: Now the big celebration is just around the corner. And you need the right wedding ring, of course! For this you want a beautifully sparklingbDiamond ring? Nothing better than that! At fejn you will find timelessly beautiful pieces that will not only shine at the wedding ceremony, but will sparkle on your finger for your entire life. A subtle and narrow Diamond ring, such as the diamond ring, or a playful, delicate variant, like the diamond ring, are perfect. The two minimalist pieces can be easily combined with other pieces of jewelry and also shine incomparably with everyday looks.

Anyone looking for a memory ring will also find what they are looking for at fejn. To wear a symbol of your most important memories on your finger, we offer you two different diamond rings. The diamond ring adorned with 14 clean diamonds. The black and white memory ring on the other hand, shines in brilliant black and white: in addition to our beautiful diamonds, wonderful black spinel stones are also used here.

Diamond ring: simple and clean for every day

Diamond rings are something very special. However, that does not mean that they can only be worn on special occasions. Quite the opposite: At fejn, we focus on stylish and minimalist designs that also set beautiful accents in everyday life. Because let's be honest: The sparkling piece simply looks much nicer on your finger than hidden in a jewelry box. A subtle and small diamond ring, such as the diamond ring, or a playful, delicate variant, like the diamond ring, suits every occasion: whether in the office, in the bar or in the park. It's always time to shine!

fejn diamond ring: modern and sustainable

A fejn Diamond ring: round, modern and sustainable. That is what our pure pieces stand for! That is why we only use Diamonds from the laboratory. In this way, we exclude unethical and unfair diamond procurement in advance. The same applies to the precious metals used: Here we only use recycled precious metals: After all, why should we burden our planet further when everything we need is already in the cycle? With our glamorous diamond rings, you, as an environmentally conscious and modern heroine, are clearly on the safe side. Our rings simply sparkle with responsibility and environmental awareness. You can rely on that! And we probably don't even need to mention that all of our diamond rings are lovingly and highly professionally handcrafted, do we?

Buy diamond rings online at fejn jewelry

Would you like to buy a Diamond ring, then you have come to the right place at fejn. Our chic pieces impress with their minimalist design and sustainable production. Whether for an engagement, a wedding or the highlight for everyday life: In our shop we offer you a wonderful small selection of high-quality diamond rings: from subtle to extravagant. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to choose the perfect piece of jewelry. We know that! That is why numerous pictures and detailed product descriptions help you with your choice. In addition, you have a 28-day right of return with us. So nothing can go wrong. And now: off to our Online shop. Our diamond rings are already waiting for you there. Let it shine!