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From delicate to sparkling - perfect to create your own ring stack. Made of recycled 925 Sterling Silver or recycled 14K Solid Gold.

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On sale Ring circonia curved sterling silberRing circonia curved vor gelbem Kleid
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Solid Gold diamantring diamond ring solid golddiamantring diamond ring solid gold getragen
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Solid Gold schlichter Ring satiniert goldschlichter Ring satiniert roségold
Solid Gold schlichter Ring glänzend recyceltem 14k Echtgold fejnschlichter Ring glänzend roségold 14k Echtgold

Sustainable rings make your look perfect - jewelry with a strong character that suits you

Whether clean or striking, bohemian or classic - a ring highlights your style in a special way. At fejn jewelry you will find your new accessories for every day or for special occasions. We design jewelry for urban fashion heroines, for whom it doesn't always have to be the biggest thing - minimalism instead of big glitter!

In our studio we create small pieces of jewelry with big meaning for you: daily companions, noble and sustainable. Our sustainable designer rings made of silver, gold and rose gold are eye-catchers. Strikingly inconspicuous. The perfect finishing touch for any of your outfits. But which ring is the right one for you?

Handmade rings made of silver - classically elegant for your outfit of the day

Did you know that there are different skin types? If you've been wondering whether gold or silver sustainable rings suit you, here's the answer: silver sustainable rings are fabulous for your complexion if you have a cool skin tone. Silver rings will really make your complexion glow on your hands. Sustainable silver rings from fejn are true all-rounders for your everyday life. They harmonize especially beautifully with garments in muted, cool colors. Lilac, dark blue, gray and pink can be combined wonderfully.

Sustainable rings of gold shine with you around the bet

If you rather have a brown or olive complexion, you belong to the warm skin types, then our sustainable rings of gold make your skin shine especially beautiful. Especially on sun-kissed skin in summer, gold jewelry looks fabulous. In combination with orange, brown earth tones or even black, the sustainable ring on your finger really comes into its own.

Rose gold - the mixture of gold, silver and copper combined in a sustainable ring

You have certainly seen rings made of rose gold. While it was still rather unknown a few years ago, the shimmering material is now indispensable in the jewelry box. The advantage of rose gold: no matter what skin tone or what clothing - it just always comes out perfectly. While jewelry made of rose gold stands out sparklingly against dark clothing, you set delicate accents with a light outfit.

Wear what you like - sustainable rings from fejn are always a suitable accessory. And - which material do you choose? Whether you're a warm or cool skin type, you can buy sustainable rings online that are just the way you like them. Do you prefer to go classic or do you sometimes like it a little more restless? Because instead of just wearing rings made of one material, you can also go for a bold mix. Combine the sustainable rings with each other and develop your own fejn style.

Pure minimalism or extra sparkle - gold rings & silver rings are your statement piece

Did you know that people have been wearing rings for thousands of years? While they were once even considered a means of payment, they have since become a symbol of permanence. The ring that never ends - endlessly. Made of silver, gold and rose gold, it looks fabulous on your fingers. You're spoiled for choice - but not only when it comes to the material. The design is also crucial for your new favorite ring.

As long as there are rings, there are also different trends. Large, cut stones, wide settings, special shapes - there are actually no limits to the design of our rings in the studio in Cologne. Nevertheless, we at fejn prefer to stick to minimalism. But who says there can't be a few extras?

Sustainable rings bring color into your life. Because they are not limited to gold and silver and underline your individualism: besides rings made of precious metals, you can order zirconia ceramic rings from us. The bold colors of the sustainable material stand out from the classic jewelry and are a real eye-catcher on your hand!

Gold rings with diamonds provide sparkling moments on your fingers! No matter if gold or silver rings - with gemstone every sustainable ring gets a unique sparkle. The special cut catches the light and reflects it. We enhance our silver rings with sparkling or black opaque cubic zirconia stones, and the real gold rings with lab-grown diamonds. Let's sparkle!

Extraordinary rings made of silver and gold with design elements. They are simple yet eye-catching. Knot elements, twisted, braided or an open design make every slim ring an eye-catcher.

Handmade rings with special structure- classic can anyone. In addition to the typical smooth ring, we also have many models with a hammered or satin finish. They bring variety to your fingers!

Which design will you choose?

For women like you - sustainable, fair rings

Not one is like you in this world. And that is fabulous! You are so pure, so strong and so real. And we design jewelry that perfectly showcases you and your lifestyle. With fejn's sustainable rings, you highlight your individual brilliance.

Our sustainable rings adapt to your urban look and stand out when you want them to - or stay subtly in the background. A black jumpsuit - and the gold ring on your finger sparkles brightly. A pair of jeans with a light blouse - and the ring adds an elegant touch to the sporty outfit.Whether it's an elegant evening look, casual for work or lazy for a movie night: fejn's sustainable rings put your fingers in the spotlight in an impressively simple way at any moment.

Which sustainable ring is yours?

Whichever ring you choose, you can be sure that it was made sustainably and with a high level of environmental responsibility. Sustainability is talked about everywhere these days - greenwashing is not for us. We mean what we say. For us, sustainability starts with the choice of materials: we use fully recycled 925 silver as well as 14 carat gold. The gold plating of the silver rings is done with partially recycled 18 karat gold. If you're looking for 585 gold rings, you've come to the right place: because the percentage of 58.5% corresponds to our sustainable, handmade rings made of 14 karat gold. If you want sustainable rings with gemstones, you can rely on us here as well: The gemstones are fairly sourced and our diamonds for the diamond rings are lab-grown. Although the sustainable rings are inspired by minimalism, there is greatness in them and they make a difference.

Our rings make you shine in the Urban Jungle ...... because the city, the women, the emotions - all these serve as inspiration for our designs. Instead of size, we focus on clean elements combined with high-quality materials.

Hello, minimalism! In our store you can buy your new favorite ring online - and best of all a matching necklace to go with it. Our collections are fantastic to combine with each other. Thanks to the chic designs, you can even combine the different materials individually and create your own look. Because you are not like the others - why should your jewelry be? Our modern rings in gold and silver are designed in our studio and handmade in the workshops. So every piece of jewelry is unique at the same time.

A unique gift: modern gold and silver rings from fejn

Manchmal muss es einfach etwas Besonderes sein. Gerade, wenn du einem
ganz tollen Menschen ein persönliches Geschenk machen möchtest, sind
nachhaltige Ringe ein individuelles und vielsagende Geschenkidee für
Freundin oder Partnerin. Du zeigst damit unendliche Verbundenheit –
egal, ob in Liebe oder in Freundschaft.

Du brauchst keine großen Sätze – denn unser Schmuck sagt mehr als tausend Worte.

Bei uns kannst du einfach nachhaltige Ringe online kaufen
und deinem Lieblingsmenschen eine Freude machen. Du kennst die
Ringweite deiner Freundin nicht? Hier geben wir dir Tips um die richtige
zu bestimmen. Du möchtest die Freundschaftsringe nachhaltig
verschenken? Dann bestelle auf Wunsch noch ein Furoshiki dazu. Dieses
Tuch stammt aus dem japanischen Minimalismus dient als wiederverwendbare

Du möchtest etwas besonders Persönliches verschenken? Dann schau dir unseren personalisierten Schmuck an.

Der perfekte Ring für deine Partnerin: nachhaltig, schick, echt…

… so echt wie eure Liebe. Möchtest du deine Freundin zur ewigen Partnerin an deiner Seite machen? Dann ist ein nachhaltiger Verlobungsring oder
Ehering perfekt für die Frage aller Fragen gemacht. Das urbane Design
spiegelt den Stil deiner Partnerin wider und das beständige Material
bildet die perfekte Basis für eure gemeinsame Zukunft. Bei uns erhältst
du nur nachhaltige Verlobungsringe aus echtem Silber oder 14 Karat Gold.
So kannst du sicher sein, dass der Damenring über lange Zeit ein
schönes Schmuckstück ist. 

No off-the-shelf rings – instead: real, minimalist statements

Buy a ring off the rack online? Leave that to others - as a true urban nomad, you're entitled. And we fulfill them in a timeless way. Our sustainable rings are modern, today and also next year. Because for us, sustainable also means not making collections for a single season. fejn's designs are made so that you don't have to rely on current trends if you don't want to. Get inspired on our site and create your individual design set from sustainable ring, necklace, foot jewelry and bracelet.