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Recycle Sign This jewelry piece is sustainably manufactured with recycled precious metals.
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Color: Silver
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Elegantly braided ring - gently and beautiful. You perfect fit for summer days & nights, easy and playful!

Did you know matching designs are available in our the delicate collection.

Each of our jewelry is made by hand and from recycled precious metals - learn more about it here.

  • 925 Sterling Silver (recycled)
Yellow gold or rose gold
  • 925 Sterling Silver (recycled)
  • 18 carat gold plating (mostly recycled)

Freshwater pearls: our genuine pearls come from a sustainably managed farm in the Andaman Sea.

Semi-precious stones: all semi-precious stones used have been carefully selected and sourced under fair conditions. We use them in round or facet cut.

Cubic Zirconia: the high quality gemstones are artificially produced from the mineral zirconium, which occurs frequently in the earth and can be procured without conflict.

We offer all ring models in our standard sizes S / M / L. Selected designs are also available in other sizes.

Size EU UK USA Inner
XXS 48 I ½ 4 ½ 15.3mm
XS 50 K 5 15,9mm
S 52 L ½ 6 16,5mm
M 54 N ½ 7 17,3mm
L 57 P ½ 8 18,1mm
XL 60 S 9 19,2mm
XXL 63 U ½ 10 ½ 20,2mm

Don't know your ring size? Here we have a few tips on how you can easily determine your size.

Upon request, we can also increase or decrease your favorite ring by 1-2 sizes.

Our fejnen jewelry pieces are handmade with great attention to detail. So that you can enjoy it for a long time, please follow our care tips:

  • Store the jewelry as airtight as possible, for example in the small jewelry box that we include with the purchase of most products. The real silver will oxidize (turn black) when it comes into contact with the air. This can be easily cleaned: with a special silver or gold cleaning cloth you can quickly make your jewelry shine again.
  • To avoid other chemical reactions and discolorations, please do not bring your jewelry into contact with creams, cosmetics and perfumes. It is also better to avoid contact with water for the longevity of the products.
  • Especially our gold-plated jewelry requires careful handling. Because, unfortunately, gold plating wears off over time, so we strongly recommend following our care instructions for longevity.

Has your piece of jewelry has a defect, faded or broken while wearing? No problem, here you will find all information about our repair service.

Customer Reviews

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Einfach schön

Ich finde den Ring super schön und viel filigraner als ich ihn mir vorgestellt hätte. Und dazu noch so eine tolle Qualität. Ich würde ihn sofort wieder kaufen.


Ich habe mir den Ring in Silber bestellt. Als Größe L passt er bei mir um den Daumen. 100% Handarbeit und tolle Qualität.

Toller Ring, tolle Qualität!

Super schöner filigraner Ring, der zugleich aber super stabil ist. Er passt perfekt (Ringgröße kann einfach ermittelt werden).
Würde ich wieder bestellen.

schön & filigran

bin sehr zufrieden; gerne auch noch in kleineren Größen anbieten

Ron Reichart
Schlicht und schön

Ist hervorragend als Geschenk bei meiner Freundin angekommen.

last seen

Braided ring in a delicate color scheme - by fejn Jewelry

Braiding is only for the hair? Nothing there! Because accessories like oursbraided ringare right on trend. And not without reason: thanks to the particularly curved and filigree design, thebraided ringevery look and gives it an elegant touch - summery light, playful and simply lovely! It doesn't matter whether you're a fan of silver, rosé or gold jewelry: you can find finger jewelry with a special braided look in all three color variants at fejn. And how can he braided ringbest to combine? Well with others fejn Ring designs with swing!

You can also find more pieces of jewelery that go perfectly with the braided ring in our the delicate collection. Playful and summery designs await your discovery there. How about ours, for example summer pearl necklace as a perfect match for yoursbraided ring?

Filigree ring: braided design meets sustainability

The design of our braided ring may be convoluted - but our production methods are not! Did you know that each of our jewelry is made sustainably? The braided ring is no exception. At fejn we not only use recycled precious metals for the production of our pieces, the creation of fair working conditions is also important to us. We convince ourselves of this in our Production facility in Thailand regularly ourselves. In addition, we are certified member of the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC). Urban heroines, their braided ring If you want to wear it not only with style, but also with a clear conscience, fejn is the place for you. Pretty sustainable!

Braided ring: gold, silver or rose gold with a twist?

No matter what colour.Braided Ringsare always an eye-catcher. Whether it's a braided gold ring, a sterling silver braided ring or a braided ring in rose gold: which color variant of the braided ring you choose is of course entirely up to you. But if you are wondering which braided ring coloring suits you and your skin type best, we have the answer!

Abraided ringin gold, for example, is particularly effective on hands that have a darker skin tone. Would you describe your skin tone as fair and maybe even pale? Then a braided silver ring is the right choice for you. The cool silver tone underlines your skin type in an elegant way and can even visually reduce redness. You're not a silver fan and don't want to do without gold jewelry despite your light skin? Then the braided ring in rose gold is the right choice. This warm metal tone suits all skin types perfectly. Yay!

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the braided ring also has a symbolic character. Because the intertwined strands of precious metal stand for durability and a reliable connection. A great symbol when it comes to showing love to a very special person. So why not opt ​​for a braided engagement ring as well?

Braided ring - this is how you care for it properly

Proper care is crucial so that you can enjoy your braided ring for as long as possible. Due to the many windings, the hand accessory is not only particularly beautiful, but also prone to dirt deposits. Therefore, make sure to clean your braided ring regularly in a lukewarm water bath with a little mild washing-up liquid. Then you can simply rinse it off with clear water and let it dry on a soft towel. To avoid damaging the surface of your braided ring, you should also keep it away from cosmetic products such as perfumes or creams. When it's not about cleaning, the braided ring is also not a big water fan. It is therefore better to take off your braided ring before your daily shower or a dip in the pool. Also important: Are pieces of jewelry made of gold or silver like the braided ring frequently exposed to air, they can turn black over time. This process is quite normal and is called oxidation. The silver it contains reacts with the air. But don't panic: if you spot discoloration on your braided ring, you can usually easily remove it with a gold or silver polishing cloth. To ensure that such discolouration occurs as rarely as possible, it is best to store your braided ring airtight. This works, for example, in our jewelery box, which we simply supply with most orders.

Braided Ring: Repair silver or gold jewelry

And what if the braided ring breaks despite all care? We live and love sustainability. That is why we are committed to ensuring that your jewelry lasts as long as possible after you have bought it. If you discover a defect in your braided ring, we will take care of it repair service happy about it. To do this, send us an email with your name, your invoice or order number, a photo and a brief description of the defect. Our team will do everything to make your braided ring shine in new splendor. If we don't manage to do that, we still focus on sustainability: instead of that braided ring to dispose of it, we simply melt it down again. A new piece of jewelry can already be created. Smart right?